'Horrific' scale of self-harm cases at hospitals in Northern Ireland

6/28/2022 11:00:00 AM

An MLA described the figures as 'horrific' and expressed concern over the absence of a Stormont Executive to help tackle the issue

Northern Ireland's mental health champion said the figures represent the 'tip of a huge iceberg of psychological pain, crisis and often, mental illness in our society'.

An MLA described the figures as 'horrific' and expressed concern over the absence of a Stormont Executive to help tackle the issue

Around 25 cases of self-harm are recorded on average at hospital emergency departments in Northern Ireland every day, new statistics show.the second reading of the government's Northern Ireland Protocol bill is expected to take place at Westminster on Monday.Image source, PAcemaker A portrait of Nobel peace-prize winner Lord Trimble has been unveiled at Queen's University in Belfast where he was once a student.Northern Ireland The row has created an impasse in efforts to form a devolved government administration in Belfast.

It amounts to more than 45,000 self-harm incidents presented at A&Es in five years, according to the latest figures from the Public Health Agency.Northern Ireland's mental health champion said the figures represent the "tip of a huge iceberg of psychological pain, crisis and often, mental illness in our society".Mr Lewis said the legislation would "resolve the very issues that have been detrimentally affecting people in Northern Ireland and indeed people in businesses across Great Britain who can't supply Northern Ireland".Read more:West Wellbeing looks to the future as they try to meet demand for mental health services Professor Siobhan O'Neill said: "People who self-harm and those who attempt suicide need to be treated with compassion and timely, evidence-based interventions.At a ceremony at Riddel Hall, the portrait was unveiled in front of Lord Trimble and his family.All too often this is not the case in Northern Ireland.DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has previously said his party's return to the Stormont executive would depend on whether Parliament backed the government's plan to ditch parts of the Image caption, Alliance MLA Kate Nicholl said Northern Ireland "urgently needs" an assembly "up and running" Alliance MLA Kate Nicholl said Mr Lewis needed to "recognise that the reason why the assembly is not sitting is because the DUP are refusing to attend and nominate a Speaker"."Self-harm is a way of coping with overwhelming pressure and pain, and is, for some, a way of staying alive."It is a treaty that we signed, ratified and even went through a general election in this country.

However it increases the risk of death by suicide and it is vital that services are equipped to meet the needs of these very vulnerable individuals."Alliance has been very clear that we think the DUP are the ones who should have their salaries' cut," she said.A speech was made at the ceremony by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, who described Lord Trimble as a "passionate and determined peacemaker"." A total of 45,168 cases of self-harm were recorded at hospital emergency departments between 2015/16 and 2019/20.The Belfast Trust area had the most cases with 12,677, followed by the Western Trust at 9,209, the Northern Trust at 9,207, the Southern Trust at 7,920 and the South Eastern Trust at 6,155.At the moment I am only able to do part of it, I shouldn't be paid my full salary.Independent MLA Claire Sugden, who received the figures in response to a written Assembly question, described the scale of the problem as "horrific".Image source,.She acknowledged the work of Stormont's health department but expressed concern over the continued lack of a fully functioning devolved government to help tackle the issue." What is the Northern Ireland Protocol? The trade deal governs how goods enter Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK and was agreed by the UK government and the European Union following the Brexit vote in 2019." Read more:.

She said: "I think it's indicative of the wider issues that we have in Northern Ireland that frankly only an Executive can fix."These issues will not be fixed overnight.The protocol led to the creation of new goods checks at Northern Ireland sea ports on some products from Great Britain, effectively creating a new trade border in the Irish Sea.It is a shame that we are finding ourselves in this situation."We really need to get back to focusing on the issues on the ground.Read more:." The East Londonderry MLA added: "It's too late to address the symptoms of it.

We have to understand why it's happening in the first place.It requires an Executive to do something." Health Minister Robin Swann last year launched a new 10-year mental health strategy for Northern Ireland.Prof O'Neill said the strategy is currently being implemented and includes actions to "improve crisis-intervention services, to provide a compassionate response and seamless access to interventions".But she said extra funding is needed to continue rolling out the plans, adding: "I am concerned that these funds have not yet been secured.

"I continue to call on our leaders to prioritise suicide prevention and mental health services and work to deliver the early intervention and prevention actions that will reduce the toll of suffering." Tom McEneaney from Aware, a charity which supports people with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, said: "This scale of self-harm in our community is of great concern and reflects the high rates of mental ill-health here in Northern Ireland." He urged Stormont leaders to put mental health "at the top of their agenda" by giving the 10-year strategy "the full funding it needs to be implemented".He added: "We would urge anyone who is experiencing low mood, anxiety or depression to reach out and talk to someone about it.Whether it's your GP, a friend or family member, telling someone is the first step towards getting help.

"You can call Aware for advice or come along to one of our support groups.Visit aware-ni.org to find out more." READ NEXT: For all the latest news, visit the Belfast Live homepage here.To sign up to our FREE newsletters, see here.


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