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Princeandrew, Homes Under The Hammer

Homes Under The Hammer star Lucy Alexander wades in on Prince Andrew 'Is he for real?'

'Is he for real?' Homes Under The Hammer star Lucy Alexander's scathing attack on #PrinceAndrew


'Is he for real?' Homes Under The Hammer star Lucy Alexander 's scathing attack on PrinceAndrew

HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER presenter Lucy Alexander - who fronted the BBC property show for 13 years - took to Twitter and hit out at royal family member Prince Andrew after his “uncomfortable” interview with BBC Newsnight's Emily Maitlis on Saturday.

He strongly denied having any sexual contact with US born Virginia Guiffre (nee Roberts), who claims she was forced to have sex with him aged 17 on three occassions.

Lucy Alexander took to Twitter and said the interview was 'uncomfortable'

In view of her 27,000 followers, the property expert tweeted: “He doesn’t recollect much really…#PrinceAndrew”.

Lucy then followed up with another tweet as she claimed Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip must be “cringing” at the television broadcast.

Lucy Alexander used to present Homes Under The Hammer

It seemingly appeared the former Homes Under The Hammer star could not take much more of the Prince Andrew interview as she said “I’m off to bed”.

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