Holly Willoughby, Fashion

Holly Willoughby, Fashion

Holly Willoughby’s styling tips from a full Spanx suit to zip lube

Holly Willoughby relies on these styling tips and some of them may shock you! *affiliate

9/25/2021 8:52:00 PM

Holly Willoughby relies on these styling tips and some of them may shock you! *affiliate

Holly Willoughby never looks less than perfect, so we were thrilled to hear all of her stylist’s top tips for keeping her looks in check…

Wylde Moon is a platform where Holly revealed she will “curate, create and share” the things that she loves and the blonde beauty has told fans that she still has much more to reveal.Collaborating with her usual glam team, makeup artist Patsy O’Neill, hairstylist Ciler Peksah and stylist Danielle Whiteman, on the newly created website, Holly’s team will be talking through techniques and recommendations to achieve the star's stunning looks.

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First up is Holly’s dreamy NTA look and it’s all about achieving the look from underneath and we may have learned a thing or two from it. Holly's stylist Danielle reveals that body tape is a must have for her kit bag, and even has every type of tape ready to go – especially for outfits where a bra is just out of question.

She says she uses it to tape anything "down, up, apart and together."Believe it or not even This Morning star Holly needs a little help with some tummy support and wears Spanx just like the rest of us!They’re a must have for anyone’s kit bag and according to Danielle, her go-to is the Spanx Thinstrincts 2.0 Mid-Thigh Short – they have a seamless finish and are perfect for that cinched-in effect. headtopics.com

For those ball gowns, the full length Spanx are the way forward and are a great way of avoiding VPL and will keep you in check for the whole event. No-one wants to get sewn into a dress after breaking a zip ahead of a red carpet, so Danielle has revealed that zip lube is key to avoid broken or stuck zips.

Another red carpet essential is anti-static spray, with Holly using it most days for her looks. There’s nothing worse than your dress sticking to you...Finally, forget the days of endless ironing, a steamer is a stylists best friend and can get out any crease on pretty much any fabric – Danielle revealed that she doesn’t leave the house without it.

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