Holidaymakers forced to spend night in cars amid Channel Tunnel chaos

Not a nice holiday at all.

10/24/2021 2:59:00 PM

Not a nice holiday at all.

They are still facing waiting times of up to three hours.

Eurotunnel has apologised for the delays, caused by a power failure yesterday (Picture: Stephen Lock/i-Images)Frustrated motorists were forced to wait overnight at the Channel Tunnel terminal after a major electrical fault triggered severe delays.Half-term holidaymakers and lorry drivers were stuck on the M20 near Folkstone, Kent, for several hours, and some are still facing a three hour wait this morning.

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Eurotunnel has apologised for the delays and confirmed they had been caused by a ‘technical fault with the overhead power supply’.It is thought the outage caused a train to break down inside the tunnel, which had to be evacuated.People who were forced to spend the night in their cars have slammed the operator for its ‘disorganised’ and ‘chaotic’ handling of the situation.

One traveller tweeted that they had been waiting for 10 hours and were still waiting to board.At around 6pm yesterday, Simon Moseley added: ‘We left premier travel inn channel tunnel at 9am…Still waiting to board!To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that

Aerial photographs show a long line of cars and lorries snaking along the M20 (Picture: Stephen Lock / i-Images) Read more: Metro »

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No doubt Insulate Britain will make it worse tomorrow...