Hillary Clinton 'concerned' about the future path of the UK

Hillary Clinton 'concerned' about the future path of the UK


Hillary Clinton 'concerned' about the future path of the UK

Mrs Clinton is a former US secretary of state who lost the 2016 US presidential election to Donald Trump.

Mrs Clinton, a former US secretary of state who lost the 2016 US presidential election to Donald Trump, was in London on Sunday night to launch a new book.

She added:"I am, as a great admirer, concerned because I can't make sense of what is happening.

Regarding next month's election, she said:"We really do count on you coming out of this in a smart and effective, successful way, however it turns out."

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Not secret email accounts that’s for sure I'm concerned she couldn't beat the least qualified presidential candidate in decades. As a show of goodwill, please keep her over there. Thank you 'It was all going to shit so well. At this rate, it might actually recover some semblance of dignity.' Im concerned for the whole world.

Please don't suicide us Hillary! We'll behave! She should be more concerned about where SHE'S heading. US prisons aren't holiday camps. The irony of Hillary Clinton expressing concerns about foreign interference in UK elections ......... whilst she herself interferes in UK elections! Corrupt as they come.

She is spreading propaganda. No surprise there. I'm so glad about this......she might like to tell us why but I feel I have a notion of what it'd be......shed really like the hard core Marxists wouldn't she? B**ch needs to go.

'US creates monsters': Trump talk of war on Mexico cartels echoes past failuresAfter the massacre of a US family, the president offered to help ‘cleaning out these monsters’ but previous interventions have brought little peace Are you stupid or what ? Since our leaders can't be arsed practising universal values & supporting universal freedom, at least Putin's values are fully universal, for the West as for Syria, Ukraine, Chechnya etc - we'll all get monsters, which is far fairer really. Trump zaboravlja kako su Mexiku ukrali Texas. Dok su se borci poput Travisa, Bowiea, Crocketa...i stotinjak drugih borili na Alamu, veliki Sam Huoston je navodno odjahao po pomoć. Kukavica! Al ima grad...drugi su samo legende. Santa Ana se povukao, karteli neće.

She is more than welcome to comment. Is she planning a visit to Benghazi whilst this side of the Atlantic? Guaranteed no bullets at the airport & she could pay her respects to some special Americans. It’s what a Gutsy Woman would do! She ought to focus on resolving her own issues. You're a nothing in the UK, keep your bloody nose out of our business...

Stop feeding her delusional 'relevance'. America can only apologize for producing clintons. Send her home. Oh wait. Please don't. Send her to hell Has the UK woken up with 7 bullets in the back of its head yet? Who gives two sh1ts what the self serving criminal thinks, given her hatred of trump and now the connection to Farage/ Johnson means she can't be seen as an open commentator, no doubt peddling a shitty book deal

Lock her up Hahahahaha Mind your own business. She should be me concerned how long bill has been gone with her secretary

General election 2019: how to send us your stories and viewsWe want you to help us report on what’s happening across the UK during the election campaign. Here’s how you can take part Love the well balanced 'British' 3-party pic that accompanies this tweet... General election 2019: how to send us your stories and views By pigeon? General election 2019: how to send us your stories and views By pigeon? Now, now, don’t forget the third biggest party.

Tremble before the witch. Go make Bill a sandwich you pickled old decrepit lush As long as it's not UKLabour running things Don't worry about our country worry about where yours is going Cos they dont have walls ? lol Free for all theUKdidNotKillitself I'm sure she still has clout at the Pentagon, from whence bombing missions to bring us to our senses (a la Serbia) will be despatched should Brexit look like happening in any meaningful sense. Only joking. They're already on it. Money-bombing.

Why doesn’t America join the EU then? Good God. UK gave this corrupt woman air time knee deep in corruption.. boy oh boy MSM ARE shameless . In that case, you know we're on the right track.

Billionaires fear Warren and Sanders – but they should fear us all | Robert ReichWealth tax plans make sense but proper regulation could also cut Bezos, Dimon, Cohen and Neumann down to size Why fear at all? Just wondering This is a reptile fellows. I bet its a speer surpremacist. Look at him get mad. He will crack the pill trust me on this Dimon’s a billionaire?

Since she's a warmongering corporatist that must mean the UK is headed in a good direction She can shove her concern where the sun don't shine.. What the F--k has it got to do with her What's the clinton body count now ? Why? cant she and her lounge lizard husband make $ billions from it. Then move there and leave the US alone!

Well, she is a globalist so... Is she going to bomb London and assassinate Boris? Oh piss off H.

Will Instagram's Ban On 'Plastic Surgery' Filters Make Us Accept Our IRL Looks?Growing disquiet about the relationship between social media, appearance and mental health has prompted the platform to ban filters that mimic plastic surgery. But is it enough to actually change beauty ideals? No because it isn’t social media see to f these ideals, it’s purely just a way to push them onto society, change has to come from the beauty industry, designers, advertisers etc

I’m truly saddened to hear about the UKs imminent suicide. Ignore every word that shrill harpy says. Oh my God. She's going to assassinate the whole of the UK. Who cares about what a sore loser has to say The UK will be fine. It will become an Islamic Republic and all non-Muslims will have to convert or be killed.

I want to go on record early: The UK did not commit suicide. Always sticking their noses in around election/referendum times. Butt out, none of your business. And OH NO! PLEASE DON'T KILLARY US! We don't have any dirt on you, promise!

Michael Bloomberg signals run for US presidencyThe ex-New York mayor files paperwork to take part in the Democratic primary election in Alabama. Does every asshole with money think he should be president? All the best 🙄

Keep up the good work, UK. Long live the Quuen👸 Why is this even news? No-one cares for her opinion. The UK is now on suicide watch. The UK needs to immediately announce that they are extremely happy. Also Epstein didn’t kill himself. She says the same about her own country too, so it may say more about her than about us

She is a lunatic that lives in a bubble of idiocy and vain Why is she even relevant here? She is corrupt and should never be paid 1 cent/pence for anything. Why is she concerned she should be worried about being prosecuted in the emails idiot Not this grown up male

How a US Mormon family ended up dead in MexicoNine people, all American citizens, were killed by gunmen in an ambush this week. Build that wall!

Don't worry Hils-UK will be fine.... At this point what difference does it make Laughs in Bengazi Is the UK about to be 'Epsteined'? H Clinton is criminal trash. Who cared what he thinks She’s not on her own We are concerned what's in her deleted emails Please take Hillary UK , cause she has worn out her welcome here in the United States !!

What business is it of hers? She’s a washed up corrupt wannabe! I concerned where she's heading😂 Does she think Epstein killed himself? She needs to knit. I’d me more worried about the direction Bill is going ! What difference, at this point, does it make? Was she concerned when she blatantly lied about Benghazi amongst a myriad of other things or is she attempting to blame trump again

Who gives a hoop what the old hag thinks....Clinton is has a much relevance as yesterday’s none eventful news. this makes me unconcerned.

She's the reason for Trump winning. Who cares? She’s a nobody. What’s it got to do with Hilary Clinton. She should be more concerned that she doesn’t end up in Jail TAKE HER!! PLEASE!!!! Oh dear... Who cares 🤷🏻‍♂️ And absolutely nobody and I mean nobody gives a flying shit in the UK. Be sure to tell her Now I know we are on the right track

If Clinton is saying that, we must be be heading in the right direction.

That means it's good lmao Damn. The UK will disappear soon. Or, end up destroyed. Killary. She is not the only one If she's concerned than I'm extremely pleased, this vile crook has no right to even have an opinion about the UK's future. Holbornlolz Should be more worried about where Bill’s headed Hilary Clinton should be concerned about where she's heading.

JoeMandava Aren't we all! Like we give toss what that corrupt commie has been thinks. Must be doing something right then cheers Hillary She stayed married to a sexually exploitative man. MeToo generalelection2019

Who gives a fuck. Of as much as me! She should be more worried about where her husband is. Crooked Hillary Is she still a ‘thing’ ? Hillary for president!! If SHE is concerned then the UK is doing well. Coming from a woman who threw away the US presidential election because of her own arrogance! Opinion matters not one jot!

Donald isn't and hes the one in power Fortunately, it's none of her business.

UK is now officially on 'suicide' watch..... Aren’t we all! Who gives a shit? WWG1WGA! Q sent me 😎👍 What the UK does or doesn't do is of no concern to that horrible woman. She needs to worry about things closer to home, namely the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein 👻☠👻☠ TheClintonBodyCount LOL. Who cares! 🤣🤣 Does she know? Because the Brits dont!

Well at least the UK aren’t caught on audio laughing at freeing child rapists. HisNameWasSethRich BillClintonIsARapist

Circles 🤷‍♂️ Somebody tell the hag to stop trying to ruin other countries. If we do what realDonaldTrump has done for USA she Needn’t worry. 😊 Hillary Clinton the most corrupt woman in the world who let Benghazi terror attack happen, the woman whose husband disgraced the Oval Office while President, we will have none of her opinions thank you, She should be in an orange jumpsuit behind bars. along with the warmonger TB

She’s not the only one! RIP UK, you’re on the hit list Who gives a shit.. lynnBdalton She’s not the only one She should be more concerned about where she is going...

We've been concerned about where Hillary's heading for years Nobody cares. We must be doing something right then Does she wanna get her evil head out of our business and out of the UK. Sitting on BBC pedo central, on full moon, attempting to influence our lives. Nope see ya Killary..p.s what happened to Epstein?

It's she still free? I’ll bet , they are giving her up too 😂 Who doesn’t Love HILLARY being tortured from within all these years 😂🤣 Sort your own country out first love. Almost as bad as realDonaldTrump for being corrupt If we are successful as realDonaldTrump has made USA she needn’t worry. Nasha_10

I'd be more concerned about where she herself is headed . Hell .

I'm 'concerned' over how many people she's had killed off. Madame Please mind your business You have more than enough to deal with back home. Do you know where America is heading. Just go back and deal with Trump who has dumped you outside politics forever After walk in the long grass let's write a book Is Mr Clinton safe on his own

You and I both my dear, you and I both. Hillary want the US to give up sovereignity to the eu, lol. then thats a good thing as i always want to be going in the opposite direction to the clintons . If she’s rattled, that’s yet another sign UK is on the right track Wasn’t so concerned when we were fighting Argentina so why the fake stance now?

Down the pan...that's where... Is there anybody that represents 'the establishment ' more than Hilary Clinton? These people have had a grip on the world for too long. Hey Hillary ... Epsteindidntkillhimself !!

Shit, looks like we're all getting suicided then. That smelly fart can disappear like her election campaign She’s not wrong She is absolutely irrelevant. Always has been. Carry on! Nigel_Farage BorisJohnson realDonaldTrump SecPompeo UK on suicide watch thankfully not the way she want's it to head Who? Ha ha absolutely brilliant! Cheerio Labour 😂

Wait for it, she's gonna blame the russians any day now Tell her to mind her own business.

Does this mean I’m on “the list” by default!!! I am NOT suicidal in any way repeat NOT SUICIDAL!!! Here's a headline for tomorrow: 17.4 Million Britons Die in Apparent Suicide Pact. And after the Obama intervention went so well for Remain 😂 And no one in the UK could give a flying fluck 🤷‍♂️ Nobody cares what this loser as to say!

All this means is the UK is trying to leave the EU plantation. The masters don't like that. Is that because we won't be 'back of the queue' anymore? Don't worry, she can't suicide all of us She should probably worry about her own future. It seems to be behind her....

I would be concerned about Ll the people heading away from her. Killary Killer Mafia brexitdidntkillitself Haha typical media giving this person a mouthpiece. looooooooooooĺlllllllll I’ve been concerned over the family’s of Benghazi Y’all can have her. Tariff free. Translation: KILLARY is concerned that the U.K despise mass murders and terrorists like HAMAS & that Muslim brotherhood can F O.

If I were you I'd concentrate on finding out where your husbands cigars are heading.

😂😄😂😄😂😄breathe😄😂😂😄 This daft mare doesn't do irony does she. Who care what the murdering hag thinks . Excellent. Because that means it's probably heading in the right direction. I think her concerns should be closer to home....... Towards Russia under a Tory Government. ...and? One of George Soros's storm troopers is worried UK is leaving George soros controlled EU

Holbornlolz Sold. Brexit it is Holbornlolz She should be more concerned for the USA

And who gives a shit about what she thinks anyway. demonstrates they are going in precisely the correct direction. Which means we’re heading in the right direction. Who cares what a failed USA politician thinks HillaryClinton brexit BorisJohnson Conservatives Holbornlolz It's in the right direction then

What better endorsement could we have asked for? Thank you HillaryClinton - most sincerely! Holbornlolz Who gives a shit what she thinks ! Did she say the same of Monica Lewinsky’s mouth ? 😳 Do we really care what she thinks ? She is irrelevant to us, needs to be concentrating on her home country 1st.

Hillary who? Did she also mention that Epstein didn’t kill himself ? Who cares what she says or thinks HRC belongs in prison Has she got a new book out? Lock her up. Frankly, Mrs. Clinton, I don't give a damn what your conerns are and neither should the voters in the UK. Not election interference 🙃 She should be more concerned about who's 'Heading' her husband 😁

Hillary Clinton is a liar

Suicide Sindy needs to keep her nose out. The hypocrisy is abhorrent. She gets a free pass but anyone else gets blasted by the enemedia.. Isn’t that socialist war criminal in jail? Britain: Take Bill's wife. PLEASE! We don't care what mad women think. Boris must be right then... She should worry about her own country and keep out of our country's business

Just like she cared about Benghazi? Just asking for a friend..... Worry about your own country love. Loser

No Hillary, see you’re using a child for cover because YOU can’t defend the science behind climate change. Foreign politicians poking their noses into our affairs during an election campaign? Again? Shouldn’t we be concerned about the behaviour of American politicians in this regard? Tell her oys got nothing to do with her. Also, we ruled the World for 300 years prior to joining the EU. Do people forget that part?

Hahah who gives a shit what this woman thinks, she wasn't fit to run her own country never mind try have a input on how our is ran. Plz don't epstien me Clinton's If I tried really, really hard I could possibly care a teensy bit less. Doubt it, though. Wtf has it got to do with her? Then UK is going to a good place

I'm concerned where she is heading, if it means she's coming my way I'll be swerving her init We must be doing something right then Great endorsement for the direction we’re heading

Isn’t everyone 😂 ...Her UK investments not working out So HillaryClinton wishes to be royalty, it fits should try living here She gonna be the new labour leader. GuyVerhoftwat aww ... bless ... and were her briefing notes on a dodgy server perhaps I wonder She says she's concerned...but not really Maybe she should run for Prime Minister then. HillaryClinton

If that’s the case keep moving in the direction you are going

😂😅🤔 She’s not the only one! 1,its none of her business 2,shes corrupt, 3she colluded with others to rig an election and in the event it failed they would try to impeach him. Finally your husband is as dodgy as you Aren’t we all! Anywhere away from her ideals would be wonderful. GuyVerhoftwat Im concerned about her husbands 26 flights to Epstein island

What’s it to do with her? Surely you could say that about any country in Europe right now- just more evidence of sky bias She should be more concerned we’re bill is going 😁 GuyVerhoftwat Good!!

GuyVerhoftwat Now where did I leave that mail server? None of her business‼️ As a private citizen, she should deal with her profound dishonesty, lies, transgressions, and ridiculous charges‼️👎🏻 GuyVerhoftwat Another piece of worthless tat reporting ... please report on something newsworthy What this Clinton. 😡

Who gives a fxxk Does any Brit actually care what she thinks LOL Her comments on the Falklands in 2010 show clearly she cares nothing for the UK! Oops a little election interference ahead! Worry about where your heading.

GuyVerhoftwat What's it got to do with her? And it's her business because ? Keep your snout out Clinton GuyVerhoftwat Well Hillary is a deranged narcissist 😂😂😂 Non of her business she’s a criminal, left Leto die in Libya, GuyVerhoftwat Should be more concerned about Bills 26 trips on the Lolita Express.

sadisticnurse Who cares what she thinks I'm concerned that she's concerned, a fair few people with alleged damaging information about her and her spouse suddenly died in mysterious circumstances, not to mention Bill's links with Epstein, the Clintons are filthier than an 80 year old prospector in 1865

EpsteinCoverup She should be more worried if she’s heading to jail. Epsteindidnotkillhimself You may be owned by the US but this is the UK let her worry about what Bill is up too If I were her I'd be more concerned where her own country is going end up. I’m ‘concerned my about where Hillary is heading None of her business .

Who cares what Clinton thinks? Pot kettle Should be more concerned with what your husband was doing on that island with JeffreyEpstein She should be more concerned about where her husband is heading LolitaExpress Epsteindidnotkillhimself

That’s good news for the UK. She should have been worried about Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan Who cares what she thinks? Does anybody Does anyone care what Hilary Clinton thinks? Why does this make news? Same hun. Its HRC... who the fu*k cares... Cue the things would have been so much different If i were president in 3...2....1...

once again trying to deflection attention from the ABC news whistleblower who recorded the TV anchor stating they had evidence of Bill’s Pedo activities. H Clinton is pure evil. Boverd. She needs to look at little closer to home

Is that the wonderful Mary beard Sort the mess out in your own country, we’ll be fine 👍 She should be more concerned with where here husband is going! Her Husbands pants headed in the wrong direction... keep us nose out of our business. You're irrelevant now treacle Thank god she’s not happy where we’re headed or we’d be absolutely fkd.

Mind your own business. At least Hilary we don’t run around with automatic weapons killing each other for no apparent reason. Grumpy old men trigger warning And!

She’s the reason Trump is President, She should get her own house in order Another American sticking their nose in British business Don’t be Hillary ! It’s a better place then where you would take us ! Keep your nose out of uk business Tell her not to be & worry about what her old mans been doing! MAGA Aren’t we all?

no one wants a Losers opinion. I think she should keep her nose out And worry about where she is heading ? Prison hear we come

From a woman who has no concern killing her own people. And it’s got what to do with her exactly ? 🤷‍♂️ You yanks have had Trump for a couple of years now Sherlock Holmes must be shitting himself. Maybe concentrate on the moron running your own country before making comments about the UK. Is it “ down the pan?”

Because it don’t flow with Americans ideals and it will harm the special relationship lol it’s only special when a America wants things No off cares what slippery Hilary or you leftist biased media puppets think SLYNOTNEWS She should be more worried about what Bill is up too .

Tht uk will be no more . The republic of Scotland is coming 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 United ireland is happening . 🇮🇪👏🏼 Wales wants out .. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Oh no, she's gearing up to 'suicide' the UK. That’s why so many voted to change direction. Hillary must be concerned rather where US is going She not in jail?

She is only relevant in her own imagination WHO ? It seems that rhere is no news on Sky News Don't you just love the way her and her cronies made a big thing about Russia influence in the election which she lost and here she is selling her book........ & trying to influence our election. Pot kettle. Whatever takes your mind off the clusterfuck that is USA I suppose 🤷‍♂️

For someone who failed to get elected up against Trump (missing the biggest open goal of all time!) don't think her views are newsworthy. Butt out Hilary.

I'm worried about her and her family and always wondering what the hell the USA are doing Hope she is not in the UK, she should not be allowed in, where is Khan and his crew with his blimp of Clinton She still here? Keep your nose out Hilary. Nothing to do with you Oh that changes everything 😂😂😂 Lol... only sky would peddle such shit!

How’s the charity going Look out Boris, for guys with big hands.. So what’s that got to do with the price of fish Sky News

And they want to impeach Trump for sticking his nose in the wrong place. Hypocrite. Like or loathe her,she has a point,on a political basis especially,we're in a complete mess in the UK,and we've really got to sort ourselves out now on many levels,this election actually fills me with dread,because whatever the result,it's going to be a nightmare.

Well, if Hillary doesn't like it then at least we know we're doing something. That horrible, corrupt witch should keep her irrelevant nose out of the UK's business. Are we really interested in what this liar has to say on the UK , hoping it will sell a few more of her books . She doesn’t appear to be squeaky clean and these comments are not beneficial to the UK

Aren't we all hen 🤷 I do wish these Yanks would stick to their own side of the pond, don't they have their own little problems? Is she planning on 'suiciding' everyone Must be the right path then Tell killary to mind her own business people die around her and that’s more worrying

Globalists hate Brexit. Good. Whatever you do UK, do not, I repeat, do not pay any attention to what Billary has to say Awful warmonger. One word. EMAILS!! She probably goes to sleep and dreams of being President and nuking us. This is the future. Seems familiar? For me it is Hong Kong version TiananmenSquareMassacre

The UK is concerned why all Hillary Clinton whistleblowers end up dead That jacket ...Looks like she’s advertising Cadbury’s chocolate 😂 as to the story who cares (other than Sly) what Clinton thinks ! Sometimes twitter comments is like hitting a rotten log and watching the bugs run out.

I’m ‘concerned’ that she has managed to skate for all her crimes that anyone else would be in jail for.. twotieredjusticesystem That's very kind of her. What a lovely lady. Someone make her a cup of tea with a rich tea I really don't think we should be too concerned with the opinion of a woman who 'lost' to Donald Trump.

What's she selling? Aren't we ALL Hillary with the current state of our politics. We should NOT be leaving Europe, we are SAFER and MORE SECURE there so we're ALL hoping the LIB DEMS do well in the election on 12th December It's like getting dug out by a member of the Borgia family! Is that real or fake ? Is that interference in UK election ? Oh soz fgot that's allowed apparently Verhofstadt says

The progressives are the ones looking to have totalitarian/communism in place if they can. People won’t tolerate it. They are the ones playing identity politics, importing Muslims to garner votes . Hilary is a washed up political loser. She took all the donations from Haiti.

That's OK, we're all concerned about the future path of the US.. The state it's in is shocking Of course she is, she's a Globalist. Meanwhile from a padded cell somewhere in America sits the woman who LOST to Donald loony toon Trump!!! HillaryClinton realDonaldTrump Aint we all?!! Hillary is that-bought-and-paid-for she couldn't beat trump.

She should have been more concerned about her husbands needs in the bed department! Nobody cares. Be more concerned about her rapey husband She should keep out of the UK election, just because the left are falling into 3rd place, that's good for Boris.

You & the rest of the world Hillary, as the UK continues to be held hostage by a ConfederacyOfDunces. Here’s why: Don’t be darling, we’ll be just fine She needs to worry about her self big time She just needs sectioned under the lossing act 😂 Corrupt Clinton ClintonBodyCount Benghazi EpsteinCoverup

And so what of your opinion... That’s nice of her maybe she should be more concerned about bills future cum path as nobody wants a dry cleaners bill do they She’ll not the feckin only one. And she is right Hillary is just so lost at this point! Bill will be enjoying an “empty house” while the Clinton women are out touring

Why? She moving? She’s not the only one BigBrad1963 Astute woman So are we

So what? This corrupt woman is totally irrelevant & the UK is none of her business. Hillary and Bill Clinton should move in with Prince Andrew, and figure it all out. USA Will happy to fly them over. If Clinton is saying the UK's in a bad spot, then that is saying something. P1ss off you horrible woman.

What’s she concert about GB politics she have to concert about USA politics thats so corrupt on 20 Century with a book to sell... That means we're in great shape then. Golden rule guys. If soros or a Clinton say 1 thing, it guarantees that the opposite is true. that’s nice. and JefferyEpstein didn’t kill himself.

Dear Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice Thank you for your concern about the UK. Would the US please assist me and other republican revolutionaries to overthrow the 'concerning' UK monarchy and HM government? I asked this in my video in 2008.

Nice of her....but she's surely got enough on her plate fighting for democracy in the US with its minority-elected narcissistic sociopath of a president! I'm concerned she is still a free woman. 🙄 TRUMP 2020 Does that mean that she is no longer concerned about the future of the USA, or is this again just about her trying to justify her existence?

It's Corbyn love. Errr ... none of her business! Hilary needs to worry about her own path. Why, does she plan to suicide the UK?

That’s worrying Wtf get that woman out of our business she is Evil, check out the Clinton Foundation. She is going to Gitmo Blimey... this tweet is like catnip for Qanon Hey Hillary. We could probably do with some of them democracy bombs ya'll are so good at delivering all around the world. You just worry about what Bills getting up to girl.

This probably means we're on the right track.

TheClintonFoundation and it’s ties to Epstein Epsteindidnotkillhimself I don't know. The Chief Mammy seems to have learned a lot about e-mail management from Hilary. Ah, another instalment of who gives a fuck Why does that sound like a threat coming from her...? 😆 Us too. It's been tits up for the last 10 years.

oh fuk off Wow, the bots are out Is she, so are we. In fact, we are terrified. 😂👌

Well she is an expert on suicides... all leftist want to be ruled by something...they are desperate to be a slave to communosm or to the eu etc Hilary Clinton? Probably the most corrupt politician to have ever lived 🤣 Why? Is she going to murder Britain in it's cell? I think HillaryClinton should be concentrating on her own country instead of poking her nose into our affairs!

Hillary? Ha Is she.

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