Hero's send-off for NYPD officer shot dead on duty

1/28/2022 8:41:00 PM

Officer Jason Rivera was killed while responding to a domestic disturbance in Harlem alongside his partner, Wilbert Mora

Crime, New York City

📷 Thousands of police officers lined the streets of Manhattan as Officer Jason Rivera was laid to rest on Friday Read more:

Officer Jason Rivera was killed while responding to a domestic disturbance in Harlem alongside his partner, Wilbert Mora

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One of two New York police officers shot dead was laid to rest Friday, in a case that has crystallized a rise in gun violence that new mayor Eric Adams has vowed to tackle.TV and film star Jason Momoa appears to be living in a camper van after his shock split from wife Lisa Bonet.Listen to this article Loading audio.While police believe the shootings may be linked, details of exactly what happened are yet to be confirmed.

Officer Jason Rivera, 22, was killed while responding to a domestic disturbance in Harlem with his 27-year-old partner Wilbert Mora, who also died this week of his gun wounds. Under a light snow and somber sky, thousands of officers along with Rivera's family, the police commissioner and Mayor Adams, himself a former cop, gathered at St. In their announcement the couple said they were "parting ways in marriage" after "feeding and growing from the seismic shifts occurring". Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan for the funeral service that was held in both English and Spanish. Henry "Michael" Williams was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm after authorities found that he sold a weapon to hostage-taker Maisal Faisal Akram. The state's Governor Kathy Hochul and Senator Chuck Schumer were also in attendance. Despite this, Jason still managed to look every inch the Hollywood hunk in a pair of dark-rimmed glasses, a ripped T-shirt and distressed jeans. "He lived his dream, although too short a time," the priest said of Rivera. Gunshots were fired at a property in Hawthorn Grove, Leigh at about 5.

"He made a difference. Speaking to The Sun, a source close to the star said of Jason and his RV: "He stays in it quite often and has opted to sleep in there instead of getting a hotel on set so he can be by the beach. prosecutors said." An organist played "God Bless America" to close the ceremony, and the blaring of bagpipes filled the streets outside the cathedral, as is traditional in New York police funerals. "Through pain and sorrow, this is exactly how he would've wanted to be remembered." Fans of the actor will be familiar with the luxury campervan. Like a true hero," said the officer's widow, Dominique. The childhood sweethearts were newly married. He first met Lisa in a jazz club in 2005 - just before the 6ft5inch hunk found global fame thanks to his role as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. Det Supt Jamie Daniels said: “We are in the very early stages of our investigation into these incidents but we believe they could be linked.

One police officer in attendance told AFP in Spanish that "I'm in a lot of pain" following the shooting of the man she called a friend, with whom she said she graduated. Another officer, who also would not give his name, said, "We are sad. Jason and Lisa married in 2017. Sad for him, for his family. Unfortunately, he won't be the last. Prior to his split from Lisa, Jason's friendly relationship with rocker Lenny was often praised, with the two stars even referring to each other as family at times." Keechant Sewell, the city's police commissioner, gave Rivera a posthumous promotion to the highest rank for a detective, first-grade, a traditional promotion for officers killed while working. Anything said can be done so in confidence or anonymously.

"The NYPD will never give up this city," said Sewell to the congregation.. "We will always prevail." 'We are New Yorkers' The shooting on January 21 was the latest flashpoint in Democratic mayor Adam's nascent rule, and it prompted him to release a new plan to rein in the crime he has long decried. Calling Rivera a hero, Adams delivered a eulogy to the slain officer, saying that "his journey by our side has ended. He takes another path.

" He vowed to combat the "senseless violence" that resulted in the deaths. Honoring the officer's family, Adams told the cathedral, "We are New Yorkers. I believe in this city with all my heart." "We care about each other. That's what makes this city possible, along with the courage of officers like Jason Rivera.

" The shooting deaths are seen as part of a broader, national trend of gun violence fueled by the accessibility of firearms, against the backdrop of the social and economic toll of the Covid-19 pandemic. Adams' plan includes restoring a controversial anti-gun unit that was cut in 2020 amid the mass social justice protests that followed the police killing in Minnesota of George Floyd. The plainclothes police units had become notorious for targeting Black and Latino New Yorkers. This time, the teams would be equipped with body cameras and wear a piece of police insignia, but would travel in unmarked vehicles. Adams is also calling for changes to bail laws and a tweak to another law that would allow prosecutors to charge children in adult court if they're arrested with guns, although it is unclear if either of those proposals have necessary state support.

The mayor's blueprint has rankled lawmakers on the left, many of whom advocate for more investment in community initiatives, health care and education rather than approaching crime issues through more policing. The largest American city has suffered a spate of violence in January, not only shootings but also the deadly shoving of an Asian-American woman onto the subway tracks as a train entered Times Square. Gun incidents in New York - far from the violence the city was suffering decades ago - ticked up slightly in 2021, up 4.3 percent from the 2020 numbers. In a sign that Adams' tough-on-crime line is garnering political backing, President Joe Biden is expected in New York on February 3 to discuss his strategy against gun violence nationwide, according to the White House.