Health experts warn 'flesh-eating' STI is on the rise in the UK

Cases of the infection are on the rise in the UK

10/20/2021 2:57:00 AM

Here's what you need to know about Donovanosis, the 'flesh-eating' STI

Cases of the infection are on the rise in the UK

after almost two years of being in lockdown."Though cases are extremely rare in the UK, they are on the rise. We know how quickly STI infections can spread so this causes concern for many people," explained Parvinder Sagoo, Superintendent Pharmacist and Clinician at

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SimplyMedsOnline,"This particular STI is worrying because if left untreated it can cause permanent genital damage, scarring and discolouration."Despite the dangers of the infection, it's easy enough to protect yourself from contracting it. As the pharmacist points out:"The best way to protect yourself is to ensure you use condoms during any type of sex and avoid having sex with anyone who has visible ulcers around the genitals."

If you are concerned you've contracted Donovanosis, Sagoo says that"Symptoms will generally occur between 1 and 10 weeks of exposure to the bacteria." The expert added,"The main symptoms are red bumps and sores on the genitals or around the anus, sore or worn skin from ulcers, discolouration around genitalia and genital and groin tissue damage."

Luis AlvarezGetty ImagesAs with any STI, Sagoo recommends seeking help from a medical professional as soon as possible."If you think you might have Donovanosis you should see your GP immediately so they can diagnose and prescribe you a course of antibiotics to treat the infection," the pharmacist stresses.

You can also visit your nearest sexual health clinic, where you often can turn up without an appointment. According to theNHS website, at a sexual health clinic"you'll often get test results quicker than from the GP."If you feel uncomfortable sharing information about your sexual activity, the NHS highlights that"no information about your visit to the clinic will be shared with the GP or anyone else outside the clinic unless you ask for it to be."

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Health experts warn 'flesh-eating' STI is on the rise in the UKCases of the infection are on the rise in the UK

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