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Headache and sore throat now most common Covid symptoms

Headache and sore throat are now the most common Covid symptoms, study claims

6/11/2021 9:00:00 PM
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Headache and sore throat are now the most common Covid symptoms, study claims

Scientists think the Indian variant is 'working slightly differently' to earlier mutations of the virus and causing the change, as infected younger people are showing milder cold-like symptoms.

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Victoria Covid update: masks to remain mandatory outdoors in Melbourne after four new Covid cases detectedThe husband of a woman who travelled from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast via NSW also tests positive to coronavirus in Queensland

Hancock blames scientists for Covid spread and says he should've overruled themThe Health Secretary said he wishes he 'stuck to his guns' over asymptomatic transmission. Regardless what is been said, majority continue not to social distance & not wearing facial coverings & those who do, many are rendered useless, so its no wonder numerous variants will remain! If what he said is true his right the scientists at who did get it wrong And so it begins, they were and are never going to admit they made mistakes, much easier to pass the blame on to the scientists who have no role at all to play in governing a country…sooner this shower of incompetents is out of power the better, only problem is who replaces them

Covid school closures in poorer countries could 'affect this generation forever'📚Covid-19’s mass school closures could “affect this generation forever”, according to emerging evidence from countries around the world

Covid watchlist names 25 'hotspots' as June 21 hangs in balance - see in fullManchester, Sunderland and Luton are among 25 places on a coronavirus 'hotspot' watchlist as the daily number of symptomatic infections is estimated to have soared by 110 per cent

Viral video shows the dangers of treating Covid patients on Mount EverestA viral TikTok video shows just how dangerous it is to treat coronavirus patients on Mount Everest.

Hydroxychloroquine and zinc could increase some COVID survival by 200%Hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug touted by Donald Trump as a preventative treatment for COVID-19, could significantly increase survival rates among severely ill patients. Better re-elect him, STAT ezralevant Suppression of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin treatments are a crime against humanity. Who will be held accountable for this fraud? So why big pharma is forcing us to be vaccinated? Because curing people doesn’t make money! Vaccination makes money!