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'He's ours now!' Prince Harry's US fans claim Duke as their own after charity appearance

'He's ours now!' Prince Harry's US fans claim Duke as their own after charity appearance

5/14/2021 11:33:00 PM

'He's ours now!' Prince Harry 's US fans claim Duke as their own after charity appearance

PRINCE HARRY has been claimed by his American fans after appearing at Global Citizen's Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World.

"This made huge headlines. Somebody was quoted in the crowd saying, 'he's ours now'."I don't know if that is necessarily true but they're definitely unified together."It comes as royal expert Angela Levin has claimed Harry did not need a Green Card to work in the United States due to his"special talent".

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READ MORE: Prince Harry has been claimed by his American fans(Image: GETTY)Prince Harry received a huge applause when taking the stage in LA(Image: GETTY)Speaking to talkRADIO, Ms Levin said:"He doesn't need the Green Card, he's already got the ok.

"He got the ok which is reserved for people who are a unique, incredibly special talent."It's done for a couple of pop stars before him and now he can easily go into that and not worry about a Green Card because he's a senior member of the Royal Family.

"That is using the royals to make money because otherwise, he wouldn't have got the job."Prince Harry: Bond questions why Duke keeps 'banging on'As the spouse of a US citizen, Prince Harry would also be automatically eligible to receive a Green Card.

It comes as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Archewell Foundation has announced a long-term global partnership with American multinational corporation Procter & Gamble.Harry and Meghan's collaboration with the consumer goods company will focus on gender equality, more inclusive online spaces, and resilience and impact through sport.

Procter & Gamble was the firm Meghan wrote to when she was 11 to complain about the sexist language it used in a national television commercial. Read more: Daily Express »

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The Americans are welcome to him, as well as his passport hunting, attention seeking money grabbing wife. Neither are wanted, nor welcome in the UK now. Reap what you sow. Prince Harry has a habit of blatant disrespect. He has disrespected the Queen, his grandfather, Prince Philip his father, Prince Charles, his royal privilege of birth. Now, he comes to America and is disrespecting the Constitution of the United States.

Feel free to keep the spoilt, hard done by little boy !! Used to think he was great - sad how people change and show there true selve !! Nope! We all want him to get out of our country....he can take his wife with him! Seriously... 'a spectator' is supposed to have claimed 'He's ours now' And, that is a headline?

Remember USA puppies aren’t just for Christmas,their for life Ok if he is renounce his and his wife's Royal titles .. You're welcome to him U know whats ironic? They get bashed weekly in US tabloids also- yet say nothing... Why do people ask if he’s been brainwashed cause he’s speaking up, Charles admitted that his childhood wasn’t great, Diana was treated badly, Williams in-laws have more input with the grandchildren because of the past, but it’s negative cause Harry is with someone of colour 🤔

Good ya can bloody well keep him thanku

Please keep him best of luck You can keep the ginger mug Keep him ! Good...they can keep him too. You can have him!!!! They’ll drop him like a brick when he loses his titles! Good riddance. Treacherous whinger! Fantastic news, now can we have the titles back!!!!! Married to a American is not a green card. Hollywood is not the department of immigration.

He’s theirs 🇸🇻 alright - bought & paid for like an organ grinders monkey 👉

Yep, he’s 🇸🇻 theirs alright Keep him he's all yours 😂 You are welcome to him Goodbye 👋 Excellent news You are welcome to him! 😂 👋 Keep him and his lying, husler wife Good keep the traitor,you're welcome,but don't send him back when she dumps him Yesssss! Let him stay there. Now stop writing about him and both of them for that matter in the U.K.

Keep him They are welcome to him .! You're welcome to them. That's good news. Flipping welcome to him too. Your welcome to them. There is no way back for them now anyway! By the way you can pay for their security too! Good riddance! He is expired just like his over used product he calls a wife. Look at that smacked arse face😆😆😆😆

USA you can have the loathsome traitor Welcome to him

You are welcome to him. You can also keep all their news on your side of Atlantic. If they are happy they can have the ginger idiot and the cost that comes with him They can have him. Can't believe what he has become. Hope he lives to regret all this. I think most of the UK will be happy about that 😄 They're quite welcome to him. I so hope he is removed from the line of royal succession and that his HRH title and Dukedom status are also stripped from him now after what I've heard about his last escapades. Centuries ago he would've been executed as a traitor to the crown 👑😡.

You can have him, Americans! We don’t want him back! Crack on You van have him and Markle. They are no loss to the UK Please keep him, then The Americans are welcome to the ginger whinger! He and his wife have the right profiles for the US media gossip columns and half wit tv interviewers.

You're welcome to him You're welcome to him! And her! By the way; there's nothing Royal about him. His real name is Harry Hewitt. son of James Hewitt, the part time uk gardener. USA youre very welcome.... 🤣🤭😂You're MORE than welcome to our sloppy seconds 🤣🤭😂 We're cool with that😆 They're welcome to him.

Great have him but give the titles up And the yanks are welcome to him Yes!!! Good,he is not wanted here.

Your welcome to him! Where is snake when you need him? You're welcome to him Good! They can keep the toss pot lol we don’t want him. You can have our sloppy seconds 😂 (no offence to the Americans who have a brain and think he’s a pillock 😁) They are welcome to him Will they be funding him to, because for the last 37 years everything he has has come from the taxpayers.

Good! You are welcome to him!!!! Sure, they can have the whinging, complaining, loser! You can have GingeAndWhinge they're gold digging misfits They are welcome to him

Please keep him KamalaHarris JoeBiden 🙏 Hurrah. Good riddance to the sulky brat Best news I have had in a long time. No returns. I think the cult claim him. Non cult folks think there is something seriously wrong afoot He’s all yours! No return, no exchange! 😂 We've got the future King William, Thankyou. You can keep the moaning Minnie.

Please, you can Keep him for life!! Didn’t they want Andrew too? Best news! Keep they can keep the donkey🕳 away Keep him. Hardly expect that most US citizens would want to keep him though. Disgraceful

Said no sane American ever Give it up Harry! Return the titles, stop using your family & selling out your mother & you're as free as a bird. Even a delusional crowd is willing to take you in... till they see the real you 😉 Good luck! Prince Dimwit may start poking around and telling you how to do things!

America is a very large place with lots of people. Most Americans hate his 'woke speak' and even more haven't given him or his wife a second thought. This American for sure wants them to STFU! I wish we could send him to a third country like Monaco. Heck no! We don’t want him here!!! 🤮 ReturnToSender

Good luck 😉 we don’t want him

Lucia68871359 Your welcome to him 👍 Oh please keep the little Ahole he's all yours. Excellent news !! You can keep him Thank God somebody wants him cause uk and Commonwealth sure as 💩 don't....please tell the Americans we have a 'no returns' policy. WE don’t want him Your welcome too him !! He comes AS IS. This is a FINAL sale with NO REFUNDS. We are not responsible for any DAMAGE OR DEFECTS now or in the future. Direct inquires to 2F'

They’re very welcome! Maybe they’re not really US citizens, maybe they’re not grown up, maybe they’re bots? Oh please take him ...take him all you want...He is all yours....dont send him back No!! We don’t want him! Go back to Britain.

Oh gawd, keep him ffs🙄 Never has someone shown so little class whilst talking about HIS pain and suffering … whilst selling himself and living in a 14 million dollar mansion. Not selling himself cheap… is called overrated Netflix contract Good luck...we dont want him...hes a vile individual...just like her..

Yay America!!!! A British Royal who wants to rule🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼, thought you fought for that not to happen🤔🤔🤔 What?! This American doesn't WANT him! Im an American and I want harry and Meghan out! Meghan markle has not paid her US taxes in years and costs California millions in local security - she loves to call the cops on pretend intruders for attention. If you see prince Harry call ICE and deport him cancelharry megxit

OH NO , what WILL we do ? He was such a good Prince 🙄 No, please. He needs to go back to England. You are VERY VERY welcome to him!!! He’s nothing but a traitor and a disgrace in the UK! Have him. He’s all yours. Enjoy! You’re welcome to him

Nah. We don't need him dissing our Bill of Rights. Take him elsewhere- I don’t want his arse here SabirahLohn They can have him 😂😂😂😂 go ahead and make him your pâtè chinois ( Shepard’s pie ) 😂😂😂 No not all of us want him They can keep him Could he have brain washed ? You’re most welcome, ENJOY🤪🤪🤪

SabirahLohn Please keep him he is a liability 🤡 Wonderful news!

Good luck Your very welcome SabirahLohn SabirahLohn Is this before or after he said that he couldn't understand their first amendment, but thought it was bonkers anyway? USA you can have him Well u can have him . You can have him all served up on a silver platter 😂😂keep him please. You’re very welcome to him and, the copyright is all yours!!

Bravo!!!! Perhaps they can discuss the constitution with him ! . Please please keep him !

You’re welcome to the moron and you can keep the Smeg too thank you! They can keep him . He can have the bloody idiot! Great. Then strip him and his wife of their titles they can have them Ugh, no thank you. I know it’s not polite to return gifted items but I would like to return the dolt known as Prince Henry to his natural habitat. We are already overwhelmed with narcissistic, woke, preachy millionaires. It makes being poor look good! 😂

Keep him If he keeps mouthing off like that your welcome America Americans love millionaire celebrities and believe everything they say. The British are more intelligent. Poor Harry needs psychiatric help Plenty in the UK will be pleased with that