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Haunted houses UK: The eight spookiest places to visit for Halloween

Haunted houses UK: The eight spookiest places to visit for Halloween

10/24/2021 8:19:00 PM

Haunted houses UK: The eight spookiest places to visit for Halloween

HALLOWEEN is nearly here and Brits are eager to come into contact with the supernatural on the spooky holiday. Here are the best eight haunted spots in the UK.

(Image: Getty)10 ghost stories made in UK’s most haunted cityBuckland Abbey, DevonHistorical figure and English explorer, sea captain and politician Francis Drake’s ghost has made itself at home in Buckland Abbey in Devon.The Abbey is a house that was built on a former abbey owned and lived in by Sir Francis Drake in 1580.

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The locals at the time feared him and thought he had supernatural powers or that he had only defeated the Spanish Armada because he had made a pact with the Devil.His ghost is believed to ride across Dartmoor in a black coach driven by headless horses, led by twelve chattering goblins and pursued by a pack of baying dogs.

This trip is sure to send shivers down your spy, but don’t bring your dogs! Any living dog that hears the barking of the ghost dogs is said to die instantly.The Castle Keep, Newcastle CastleRegarded as one of the city’s most haunted locations, a night-time guided tour inside Newcastle’s Castle Keep is among the creepiest walks you could ever sign up for, according to Langley Castle Hotel. headtopics.com

Once used as a gloomy and inhospitable prison, you will be able to explore the castle in small groups and see what lugubrious activities you can unearth in its dark rooms, including the King’s Chamber, the Great Hall, the Chapel and the Dungeons.Halloween is the day where spirits are most likely to show themselves, so you might witness the growling sounds and shady black figures that fellow paranormal investigators have experienced over the years.

Haunted houses UK: Buckland Abbey is home to Sir Francis Drake's ghost(Image: Getty)Corfe Castle, DorsetIf you’re anywhere near Corfe Castle in Dorset this Halloween, a quick drive is worth it if you want to see ghostly activity.The murder of 18-year-old Anglo-Saxon heir to the throne, Edward the Martyr, occurred around 978AD in this very castle.

Edward was killed by his stepmother Queen Elfrida because she wanted her own son Ethelred The Unready to be King instead.Later, in the thirteenth century, King John imprisoned 22 captured Frenchmen in the Corfe dungeons and left them there to starve to death.

Then In 1327, Edward II was imprisoned at Corfe Castle before he was murdered in Gloucestershire.During the Civil War in the seventeenth century, the Royalist Bankes family called Corfe Castle home and managed to prevent it from being taken by the Cromwell’s roundheads. headtopics.com

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However, they were betrayed in 1645 and the roundheads got in and seized control, and later blew up parts of the castle.Ever since a headless woman in white has been seen stalking the walls and battlements, and this ghost is said to be the woman who betrayed the Bankes.

TrendingHaunted houses UK: Think you're brave enough to go to Ham House?(Image: Ham House)Ham House, SurreyHam House in Surrey is well known for its ghost tours linked to the ghost of Elizabeth Murray, Duchess of Lauderdale.Elizabeth, a friend of Charles II and Oliver Cromwell, inherited Ham House from her father in 1655.

She was an ambitious and ruthless figure who desired to be liked but would always stand up for herself.When Elizabeth’s first husband died suddenly, she quickly married the recently-widowed John Maitland, First Earl of Lauderdale.Some people thought Elizabeth was responsible for killing her husband and the Earl’s wife.

When Elizabeth’s second husband died suddenly, she fell into financial problems and ill health and was confined in a single ground floor apartment in Ham House.This apartment still stands today and there’s an eerie vibe when you enter the room - dogs have been known to be reluctant to enter. headtopics.com

There is also a large looking glass dating from Elizabeth’s time that some people say they are too scared to glance into because they don’t want to see Elizabeth!Staff, on entering the room, say: “Good afternoon your ladyship” just to be on the safe side.

Even more scarily, a woman in black believed to be Elizabeth has been seen on the stairs near this room, so you might catch a glimpse of the lady herself! Read more: Daily Express »

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