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Has Trump declared war on the US to save his own skin? | Arwa Mahdawi

Has Trump declared war on the US to save his own skin? | Arwa Mahdawi

6/3/2020 1:37:00 AM

Has Trump declared war on the US to save his own skin? | Arwa Mahdawi

In a speech on Monday, the president made clear that he will not disappear without a literal fight. Terrifyingly, this may win him another term, writes Arwa Mahdawi

with governors and law enforcement officials. On the call, Trump told participants that they were “weak” and needed to “dominate” the protesters. “You’ve got to arrest people, you have to track people, you have to put them in jail for 10 years and you’ll never see this stuff again,” Trump said. In other words: lock up a lot of people who might not vote for him. That is one way to win an election.

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There is another school of thought, however, that reckons this moment will harm Trump more than it helps him. He may be trying to ape Nixon, but there are enormous differences between 1968 and 2020 – not least the fact that Nixon was not trying to win a second term. Trump is

doing his best to blame Democratsfor the unrest, but he can’t get around the fact that he is the president. He is the one who is supposed to be in charge. Read more: The Guardian »

He does not care about anything but himself. Trump does what JFK tried and got killed Ha ha. He will be back as president, America's big-wigs, NATO, WHO and other world organisations need him as a diversion tactic so that they can pursue their agenda of control. No he's trying to stop criminals, thugs and Antifa wrecking citizens lives.

Errr....yes he has. Duh. Whenever I need a good laugh then I turn to the Guardian. Totally out of touch as ever They have converted the country in a Banana Republic No Doubt About It Trump knows what he is doing - from a South African FakeNews He's failed all of his marriages. He's failed his daughter Tiffany. He's failed with his fake College. He's failed his fake Charities. He's failed his investors. He's failed his supporters. He's failed his Country.

Waiting for him to declare war on China, so he can avoid paying back the loan to BANK OF CHINA I don’t think so - no one declares war unnecessarily. War was declared on the American people. Trump exists only for Trump. Planned riots to get White's vote Liberal News Media is reporting 'Peaceful protesting' while violent liberals are practically beating up old ladies behind them on TV.

Despot's playbook : Hitler flooded the subway that was full of refugees to stop the Russians from entering Berlin. Did you know that Governor Cuomo of New York blasted mayor Deblasio for not agreeing to National Guard help? Did you know that Maryland officials and Obama sent in the national guard to Baltimore in 2015 when there were riots, there?

mhollis51 Don't underestimate what this guy would do to prevent losing a second term. It 's like the guy whose wife threatens to leave, so he kills her rather than 'lose her'. He may just put his finger on that button. He should be physically removed from office immediately. The White House finally got the fence I’m sure Mexico was gonna pay for it they finally put up a fence to protect us from Trump around the White House

The odds were that he would win again I think. If so, no saving of his own skin. Just wants to stop the thieving scum destroying their own country, jobs and businesses. Please read. Good question raised by ArwaMahdawi You tell me after watching this. And another Act that you forgot to mention was the First Step. And endeavor under Trump's administration to undo all of the damage that was created by Biden. Regardless of what you think, you might be surprised. Remember 2016, No one saw that coming.

The Guardian... no longer newsworthy You missed the Insurrection Act. Not everything has to do with the upcoming elections It's typical that you politicize the destruction that's happening in our country right now. Biden thru his legislation contributed to the demise of the black family. He has yet to admit it

Uhhh, yeah. Read the Mueller Report. If he doesn't win another 4 years, he can be prosecuted for a multitude of crimes. If he wins...statute of limitations...home free. We've known this for a very, very long time. Yep. how many journalists are working in the gardian who belonging to iran and russia Yes. Obviously.

Yep! Come on! We know he only dislikes brown and black Americans. He declared war on minorities. No he did not declare war or threaten to deploy the military against Americans. You are so disingenuous it is laughable. The military would be called in to protect Americans from the criminal scumbags looting and destroying.That is what it is there for and Trump has the authority

Your headline is inflammatory and irresponsible. The Americans you talk about are criminals who are destroying, burning, stealing and assaulting innocent people. He is asking the governor's and Mayor's to take responsibility to enforce law & order. Shame on you. Yes. worse is these cowards are allowing it! realDonaldTrump gop LindseyGrahamSC SenateMajLdr SenateGOP GOPLeader HouseGOP VP POTUS PressSec WhiteHouse GOPChairwoman KellyannePolls FoxNews foxandfriends Jim_Jordan SecPompeo DevinNunes RudyGiuliani

The media started a race war. Of course. Has he ever shown any sincere interest in the welfare of any other American but himself? No. Also no need to read the article. Title alone bollocks. Used to love the Guardian. All gone tits up. No. Are you full of shit? Yes. YEP!! How much more obvious does it need to be? Hmmmm?

Let me I tell you and all the world 🌎 today. Donald Trump for me is the worse human beings as President in USA 🇺🇸 TODAY. About the protesters that's not the right way as the constitution teach us how to claim for our human rights. That's terrorism not peace protests as should be Or is it more accurate to say, The Guardian has declared war on Trump?

Come on, you all know better! 🤣😉 This article doesn't even make any sense If he declared war on anything it was disorder. Trouble makers were arrested and as far as I've seen everything is going smoothly sending a positive message for their cause No but you lot obviously 🙄 have ! WeChargeGenocide That headline does not need the question mark.

Remember me something... you are the ones who endorsed Jeremy Corbyn, aren’t you? No Yes. Please sign! Suspend U.K. export of Arms and Riot gear to US Gov blacklivesmatter Don't re-elect that racist Trump in November - he's a bad, bad egg !! The collapse of the Guardian into hysterics is hilarious. NO. He's doing what JFK tried to do which is save the USA from the mega rich elite.

Errrrrr, yeah! Why don't you address this message, To all the Lefties ? Lol antifa is a group of communists who are exactly doing the terrorism stuff right now Really stupid take. But not surprising from the guardian So the premise of this is that Trump might win in November because he has 'declared war' on the US? Are Guardian articles getting even more stupid?

Yes he declared war on you fools and you deserve it A profoundly stupid opinion. Worthless news! He did not declare war on innocent people, he's declared war of these poor peaceful rioters responsible for several deaths now and countless destruction in businesses and families and untold billions in dollars. Report the truth scum media!

'Declared war' What a laughing stock this once fine newspaper has become. That is his mission. It's been pretty obvious. Why are we asking these questions? Isn't it obvious? Why do I pay you to ask such banal questions? Isn't it time to consider sanctions? Silly question. Yes. 105,000 dead American and counting without a Covid plan didnt give him enough photo ops.

Viva Putin yes Aye not really, Antifa just guaranteed a November victory Our problems are great but the heart of America is greater. And Guess what? The heart of America is neither White nor Black From Syria It’s always about his own skin. What sort of mischievous question is this? It's always been about his own skin!!

Opinion: Trump just declared war on the American peopleThere is no subtext here. There is not even a warning. This is a vow. The president is promising violence, anticipating it, and sending out a dog-whistle to a white supremacist fan base about their 'Second Amendment rights' If anyone thinks the GOP & Trump won't do anything to remain in power they are fooling themselves. If they lose they won't leave quietly too much is at stake. Trump will tear down the country if he has to & the GOP will help him do it. The Independent hates the American people. Media declare this war - not Trump :)

Trump declares war on 'acts of terror' with threat to deploy military to stop protestsDONALD Trump has threatened to deploy the military against protesters in his latest attempt to stop the violent riots across the US over the death of George Floyd . Good. That's what it needs China has got an active interests in these protests. They are seeking retribution for the Hong Kong protests. Rioters are using George Floyd as an excuse to do looting and vandalism.

Australia's drug regulator launches court action against church touting bleach as Covid-19 cureGroup’s US arm wrote to Trump peddling ‘wonderful detox’ to ‘rid the body’ of coronavirus Wtf?!! Damn I didn't know they had members of the Die for Donald Club in Australia Shush! Let natural selection do its thing.

Bishop 'outraged' after Trump had protesters tear-gassed before posing with bible at her church‘We need moral leadership and he’s done everything to divide us’, said bishop on Donald Trump the way he is presenting the bible ... how creepy The man is just cringeworthy No performance can ever be worthy of teargasing the audience on the way to the stage.

This viral Tik Tok sums up exactly what white privilege isWhite privilege needs to be accepted by everyone in order to address the ingrained racism in society

Tanker truck drives into George Floyd protesters on Minneapolis interstateHundreds of protesters are seen swamping the tanker as it comes to a stop, with the driver having been arrested during the incident in the US Hmmm 🤔