Harry Enfield ignites uproar with racial slur and defending blackface on BBC Radio 4

6/11/2020 4:36:00 PM

Harry Enfield ignites uproar after using racial slur and defending blackface on Radio 4

Harry Enfield ignites uproar after using racial slur and defending blackface on Radio 4

HARRY ENFIELD has prompted uproar this morning after he defended blackface and used a racial slur live on BBC Radio 4.

(Image: GETTY) Little Britain was removed from all UK streaming platforms this week due to blackface use (Image: BBC) BBC's Nick Robinson loses cool as Tory MP fails to answer key question “I thought, who is my hero? Nelson Mandela - who I had the pleasure of meeting once - and what’s the stereotype of black people? "Well, at the time there was a lot of things in the papers about drugs, so I made him a drug dealer or a pedaller of alcopops for children and things like that, which I thought was so wrong that it was right.supports HTML5 video Harry Enfield has come under fire for using the word ‘c**n’ in an interview defending blackface.Harry Enfield has defended his use of blackface, saying he would like the opportunity to impersonate Rishi Sunak.Show more Fear of becoming homeless is one of the factors that stops women leaving an abusive relationship.

" He also admitted he had no regrets about the decision, adding: “And I wouldn’t do it now, but I don’t think I regret it.” Ava hit back, saying:"If you’re going to do comedy, why wouldn’t you subvert the stereotype, why wouldn’t you challenge it, why would you reinforce it? "Did he play Margaret Thatcher as a hooker? Why did he denigrate the black one?" The comedian later went onto use a racial slur, which prompted further fury from listeners, saying: “Let me tell you, Nick, obviously Al Johnson or GH Elliot, who played the Chocolate Coloured C**n in the 1930s – they perpetuated the myth of the happy negro who was just very happy to sing under the crack of the whip, the American whip or the British imperial bayonet and obviously that’s deeply offensive and always will be.And while arguing his stance with comedian and writer Ava Vidal, the 59-year-old used a racial slur when harking back to older, offensive comedy routines.” Harry Enfield used blackface to play Nelson Mandela in 2007 (Image: BBC) The comedian was most-recently seen on-screen portraying Prince Charles in Channel 4 series The Windsors (Image: Channel 4 ) The host stepped in and pulled Harry up on his offensive terminology.“If Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister I would find it difficult that I would not be allowed to play him because of the colour of his skin.He said: “Just to be clear, Harry, because there will be people offended by that term you just used.Obviously that’s deeply offensive.You’re using it in inverted commas.Lockdown may be lifting at different rates around the UK, but for some people it still may be a long time before they see others from different households and what's more.

Let’s not repeat it, but it’s a term that was used at the time.’ The comic then claimed that he wasn’t happy that he could ‘would not be allowed’ to satirise a non white Prime Minister.“And so I thought, well, who is my hero? Nelson Mandela, who I had the pleasure of meeting once.Harry replied: “Well that was his name on stage.But I’ve played Margaret Thatcher, John Major, Tony Blair, David Cameron – four prime ministers.Say if Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister.Say Rishi Sunak became prime minister, I would find it difficult that I would not be allowed to play him because of the colour of his skin.” Enfield said he had also played an Indian officer in the First World War for a BBC Two history programme.” The host responded:"It’s an interesting point.’ Vidal hit back: ‘I’m sure you can take the mickey out of the Prime Minister without blacking up, if there was a black Prime Minister.She offers hints, guidance and support.

If someone’s Prime Minister, Harry’s got a series, are we really saying he has to book a black or Asian or ethnic minority actor to join him to take the mickey out of the Prime Minister of the day?" DON'T MISS..Claiming he wanted to play his ‘hero’ Mandela by riffing on a stereotype, he said: ‘At the time, there was a lot of things in the paper about drugs, so I made him a drug dealer, or a peddler of alcopops to children and things like that, which I thought was so wrong it was alright.” Enfield debated the issue with Ava Vidal, comedian and writer...To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video ‘I definitely think there should still be a conversation about it.

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He's right . Good to see someone not pandering to the snowflake brigade! 👍🏼 Did any other millennials watch this classic?🤣 Well done 👏🇬🇧

Harry Enfield uses racist slur 'c**n' while defending blackface on Radio 4Harry Enfield has come under heavy criticism for using a racial slur while defending blackface comedy. Vidal sounds like a knob Of course they don’t like him because he is funny, if it was the unfunny as fuck Frankie Boyle there would be no problem

Harry Enfield: I have no regrets about blackfaceHarry Enfield has defended his use of blackface, saying he would like the opportunity to impersonate Rishi Sunak Okay... so is the film 'white chicks' racist?

BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour, Homelessness, Touch, CaringWhy the fear of homelessness is stopping some women leave an abusive relationship: I agree that housing & homelessness & unemployment is a very, very real threat for women when considering leaving an abusive relationship...😥 Yes, it’s chronic janegarvey1 most inhuman not to be able to. Something huge is missing. So envious of those living with others that still can stanchers I have. Very much.

Coronavirus updates: Reopening England shops 'must follow Covid guidelines' - BBC News'When it is safe to do so, we will see whether you can move to a shorter distance... we keep all of these things under review' Business Secretary Alok Sharma asked by BBCVickiYoung if two-metre rule will be reduced to help businesses Latest: BBCPolitics BBCVickiYoung Cannot believe the media, drives me crazy, didn’t go into lockdown soon enough, coming out of lockdown to quickly, why can’t we have 1m distance, must have a death wish. Government will tell us when time is right. BBCVickiYoung What a waste of time. If this man answers just 1 question it will surely be the first. The whole govt must think we’re fucking stupid BBCPolitics BBCVickiYoung Sharma and Whately wasted 40 minutes of my life today. Utterly useless.Why are we the tax payers paying these people to prop up Johnson?

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Woman's Hour - Rosamund Pike; Violence against grandparents; No-fault divorce; Florence Given - BBC Sounds'I have a lot more privilege... just because I exist in the body that I do.' Artist & author Florence Given talks privilege, race & not owing anyone your 'prettiness'. Listen to our podcast 🎧 👉 I was really surprised by the negative responses to this piece today. I thought she was excellent. For all those who are 'bored' of this messaging, you may have heard it before but the issues are as present as ever and thus the conversation needs to be had until they're not. I also thought she was very impressive for 21. I'm not sure I could have been so articulate, wise and focused at her age, which was of course a full 4 years ago now.....;-) What an honest truth from the artist&author, Florence Given. I can bet u that not many racially-advantaged placed citizens in her shoes who would have possessed such an uncommon or hard to find gut to have spoken out impartially in defiance of the so-called majority's interests.