Harry Dunn: US files motion to keep Anne Sacoolas job details secret

Harry Dunn: US files motion to keep Anne Sacoolas job details secret

7/24/2021 8:11:00 PM

Harry Dunn: US files motion to keep Anne Sacoolas job details secret

The US government urges a court to keep details of Anne Sacoolas' State Department job under wraps.

Mrs Sacoolas' deposition in the case is due next month.image copyrightAndrew Matthews/PA Wireimage captionCharlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, the parents of Harry Dunn, flew to the US for the hearingThe application for a protective order, filed on Friday, argues that "information concerning the United States Government has little to no relevance to an adjudication of any remaining issues in this case".

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It goes on to say: "The United States seeks protection ... because of the impact the disclosure of information regarding the Government in this litigation could reasonably be expected to have on national security."image copyrightAiken Standard Archive

image captionAnne Sacoolas, pictured on her wedding day in 2003, cited diplomatic immunity after the crash and returned to the USMr Seiger said: "We are analysing it and the family will be seeking legal advice from their US lawyers."It now appears that Mr and Mrs Sacoolas have brought in their employers, the US Government, to help them minimise what happened to Harry on the night he died in an attempt to prevent both the family and public at large from knowing the full truth. headtopics.com

"The US Government have asked the parents to consent to their application to court, who in turn have told them it will be resisted strenuously."Alexandria District Court in the US state of Virginia heard the couple's intelligence work was a "factor" in their departure from the UK - with the Sacoolases leaving for "security reasons".

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It’s only recently they claimed she had a ‘job’. Previously she was classified as the Wife of an Intelligence Officer, so technically, was not entitled to Diplomatic Immunity. Sounds like the 'special' relationship is a one way road. America doesn’t care about justice / USA leader of the Free World but not so free to everyone as the Harry Dunn R.I.P Case Proves !!!

BBC=bullshit baloney channel Yes....But we all know the Extradition Treaties are biased in favour of the Yanks..... Best part is Patels Border Force have no control over the Borders and Raab knows it. Another crooked American kills someone and get away with it. This is outrageous of the Americans American government....yet again not giving a shit about anyone but themselves. Rather like the Conservatives

Wake up people... the US are treating you like shit Thought Sacoolas lawyers had already stated her job role at an earlier hearing? Hey keep me top secret even if I kill a kid and do a runner.

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Like hell the UK has a 'special relationship' with the US; I've been saying for over four decades that the UK is nothing more than a landing base for US warmongering. The US has no interest in the UK unless it helps them strategically! And UK lame politicians perpetuate it!! File another to publicise her job

Only 'Special Relationship' that the USA have with is with Israel. Time to turn the screw on the Country that does not respect International Law dirty tricks of the usa, The US government helped their airforce pilots evade prosecution in Italy 20+ years ago when they killed 20 people by playing chicken with a plane and a cable car, so one more person is nothing to them. Appalling.

That special relationship ........... 🙄 Shameful 😔😔 Justice For Harry ❤️❤️ NATO ally, 'friend', Trans-Atlantic Partner! Bullocks! According to the US, there are no friends! Good Luck UK figuring out this diplomatic issue given the fact that its destiny is in the hands of the US after Brexit. 'In God we Trust, others we track!' annesacoolas HarryDunn

This is an appalling case and she should never have allowed to return to the US until after a trial. Having said that there may be national security reasons for not disclosing the details of her job. How relevant is this to bringing her to justice for the manslaughter of Harry? So she wasn’t covered by diplomatic immunity then?

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Her job 1) murderer, 2) unfit parent , Such a shame. Man slaughter is manslaughter. Nobody is above anyone. If the rule is wrong, change the rule! No justice will bring this boy back but at least something is better than nothing at all. Just what our closest ally and friend would do eh POTUS KamalaHarris 🙄 justiceforharry

So a blurry black and white photo wad the best the paper could do for the accused? The public might need to be able to identify a possible road pirate. It has always been clear that she or/and her husband is a spook. spook HarryDunn Pathetic usa Absolutely tragic situation I can’t begin to imagine how the parents feel but I feel it’s a losing battle they’re fighting. The USA ain’t never gone give the cow up I’m afraid

Is there an international arrest warrant out for her? Hey up.... here we go.... RIP Harry 😪 Why because that is why she was let to leave this country and why she has supported immunity?

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