Harry and Meghan did not ask Queen to use Lilibet name - Palace source

Harry and Meghan did not ask Queen to use Lilibet name - Palace source

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Harry and Meghan did not ask Queen to use Lilibet name - Palace source

It had been reported that Prince Harry had spoken to the Queen about using her nickname for his daughter.

The name "Lilibet" is heavy with personal history for Her Majesty.The nickname was coined when then-Princess Elizabeth was just a toddler and couldn't pronounce her own name properly. Her grandfather King George V would affectionately call her Lilibet, imitating her attempts to say her name. It stuck and came to be used by close relatives.

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She signed her name as Lilibet on the funeral wreath for one of her closest friends Earl Mountbatten. The Queen's late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, also called her by the nickname.image copyrightGetty Imagesimage captionThe Queen, pictured here with her grandparents in 1932, was called Lilibet by her grandfather King George V

Following Lilibet's birth, it was widely presumed that Harry and Meghan had first spoken to the Queen about the choice of name.There were subsequent stories in the press quoting "friends" of the couple who strongly suggested that Harry had sought permission from his grandmother. headtopics.com

The Times also reportedthat it understood the Queen had been informed by Harry about the name.And a source close to the Sussexes also told the BBC that Harry had spoken to the Queen before the birth - claims the Palace has since disputed.image copyright

Getty Imagesimage captionThe couple's first son, Archie, was born in the UK before they moved across the AtlanticLilibet is the Queen's 11th great-grandchild and younger sister to Archie, who is now two years old.Her middle name, Diana, is a tribute to Prince Harry's late mother. Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William and Catherine, also has Diana as one of her middle names, as well as Elizabeth.

After her birth, Buckingham Palace said the Queen and other senior royals had been informed and were "delighted with the news".During the interview with Oprah back in March, the couple said they would be done after baby number two.Additional reporting by Francesca Gillett

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Thats why they left the UK, they were tired of asking permission to breath, permission to sleep and mostly they were tired of pretending like everything is all lovey davey in the Palace God really that is family WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT? A FAMILY PERHAPS WANT TO SURPRISE great-grandmother, ... FAMILY, THIS FAMILY NEED LOTS OF WORK TO BE A LITTLE RELAX, OR BETTER TO SAID THE FIRM OR PALACE ARE THE REAL QUEENS IN THE PALACE let it be, the little one got a name

They need permission to use the name?🤷🏽‍♂️ they named their daughter after her, isn’t that an honorable thing to do😑 What is wrong with England? This obsession with Harry and Meghan is pure evilness. Vicious nation from the Head down. Is that really what passes for news in Boris’s Broadcasting Corp?

A palace source? As in 'I'm just some random person who doesn't know shit'? I feel it is an insincere move from Rachel and Henry Markle, almost a jibe at our Queen. I feel it is very wrong to use a very personal form of nickname as a name for their own child but I have come to realise everything that pair do is for effect and publicity. Stop reporting.

Well that certainly has some disturbing implications - you mean the Queen normally determines what each new royal baby will be named, and the fact that she doesn't this time is unusual to the point of being scandalous? OMG let it go. Maybe, just maybe, they wanted to surprise her.

Queen will be 'unhappy' at Harry and Meghan naming child LilibetAngela Levin told ITV's Good Morning Britain that Her Majesty will be concerned it is a 'ruse' - but others claim the Sussexes' tribute is an olive branch to the monarch. Who cares. Tell that old lady to go suck it up. Queen will be desperately unhappy or is she desperately unhappy? Be specific..

They could pick any name in the world but they chose a name which has significant meaning to the Queen and the family, I think if this is a tribute to the Queen then it should have been discussed first especially after the way Harry has behaved recently So what? If it was the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, it would be more positive news-no matter what the subject was! All bias. No substance. Shameful, really.

Is this supposed to make us think the queen is mad a them or something? Who stirs up stories like this about someone's grandchild. Disgraceful bbc Oh do shut up and leave them alone! Boring now. Why should they? Need to ask to pick a name for your own kid now? It’s the old deflection scenario don’t actually report what’s really happening in the UK and with this totally corrupt and inept Government why won’t you hold them to account report real news

Why do these two have such an oddball Press Secretary? So what. What’s to ask?

Meghan Markle and Harry may have 'cursed' Lilibet Diana with name choice, expert warnsTHE names Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have chosen for their baby daughter may turn out to be 'more of a curse than a blessing', according to a commentator.

I didn’t ask my parents to name my kids either! Ummm. Pretty sure you can name your baby whatever the hell you like…😳 I don’t think they asked Diana either! 🙄🙄 Who gives a shit!! They are just using their daughter's names --definitely offensive to HM's privacy but too ignorant to realize it-- to get forgiveness from HM The Queen and the royal family. If they all fall for it, the monarchy is doomed. They must be banned altogether.

If you asked anyone’s permission before naming your child raise your hand. Thought not! Leave them alone! They’ve gone to live on another continent to get away from you! What more can they do? Shame BBC, this is not NEWS. Now get back to journalism, or change your name to BBCTabloid so I can permanently block you.

...... boring BBC yawn yawn So FaQ’g what. The Queen doesn’t have copyright on the English language. We don’t care. The source can go kick walls

Meghan and Harry couldn't keep baby gifts for Archie - but could for LilibetRoyal Family protocol prevented Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from accepting a number of baby gifts following Archie's birth, but this likely won't be the case for their daughter Wow. Thank you. I'll sleep better tonight Would these gifts be the “donations” to their “charities”? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

I Don’t believe any of these source if you are telling the truth give your name or shut up. UK media has zero credibility. Same with These Royal leaks ….they are the worst. Who cares Used only by close family? Um, both King Albert II (Belgium), a third cousin, and King Felipe VI of Spain call the Queen “Lilibet” or “Aunt Lilibet”. Felipe did so as recently as 2 months ago in his condolence telegram sent when Prince Philip (his mother’s cousin), died.

Typical BBC, looking to make the mundane sensational.

Harry and Meghan broke royal tradition again with newborn daughter Lilibet DianaThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex have broken tradition again in the way they shared the news of their second child. So what? I can’t get my head round Why ? Oprah’s name isn’t on the birth certificate I mean the Queen of talk hosts shows and she is so like Megain and Harry all had traumatic upbringings and Ophra has been there right from the wedding come on why not ? Wat an insult

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry opt for 'booming' tradition with royal baby name LilibetMEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry have welcomed their new royal baby daughter to the world, with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex deciding on the beautiful name Lilibet. The couple opted to join a 'booming' tradition with their choice of baby name, it's been claimed. Idiots

William and Kate send gift for baby Lilibet as Queen receives first photosMeghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly called the monarch after their daughter was born and also sent her some photos of the newborn. Kate and William sent the baby a gift, an insider has said Let's hope that all gifts sent to this child have no strings attached. It is implied that gifts are a way of saying, 'I Love You', 'Thank You', 'I hope this helps you feel better', all words without expecting anything in return. Gift givers should never expect anything in return. Megan markle and Harry know how to get sweet with the royals the Queen and William and Kate sending photos of their new baby to the queen I wonder if she’ll ever meet the new baby lili she’s going to be eighth in line to the throne I thought kate wanted another baby to make it even another girl