Harry and Charles 'have barely spoken in 8 months' and are 'at an all-time low'

Harry and Charles 'have barely spoken in 8 months' and are 'at an all-time low'

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12/7/2021 8:10:00 AM

Harry and Charles 'have barely spoken in 8 months' and are 'at an all-time low'

Harry's recent comments have left Charles 'deeply shocked and hurt' and the pair have had only a few 'fraught' phone conversations since the Sussexes quit as senior royals, it is claimed

Harry and Meghan left the UK last year after a growing rift with other members of the Royal Family and they have been critical of The Firm in a bombshell chat with Oprah and other interviews.Now it is claimed Harry's recent comments have left Charles "deeply shocked and hurt", and the Prince of Wales is "keeping a dignified silence" amid fears a public spat could damage his reign.

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It is alleged the father and son have had only a few "fraught" conversations on the phone since Harry and Meghan quit their roles as senior royals and moved to Los Angeles in 2020.It was reported at the weekend that Harry met with Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz in 2013 after the Saudi tycoon gave £50,000 to the prince's charity and hinted he would give millions more.

Mahfouz later donated £1.5million to Charles’ Prince’s Foundation and received an honorary CBE months later. The Charity Commission has launched an investigation.Mr Mahfouz denies that has done anything wrong. Clarence House has previously said Charles had “no knowledge” of the alleged cash for honours scandal. headtopics.com

Following the Times' report, Harry denied involvement in cash for honours claims and said he “severed ties” with the Saudi billionaire six years ago.In 2015, Harry “expressed his concerns” about Mahfouz, a spokesperson has claimed.A friend of the Prince of Wales told the Sun: “Charles is deeply shocked and disappointed by Harry’s latest statement which effectively threw his father under the bus.

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“There are fears that this episode with Mahfouz could even be a chapter in Harry’s autobiography. This attack was more damaging than the swipe at Charles’s parenting skills because this was a challenge to the way he conducts his business which is far more damaging to the future king."

The friend added: “These constant barbs about his father from America could be very damaging to his reign. Attempts have been made to clear the air but they have barely spoken since the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral."Harry claimed in an interview with the actor Dax Shepard that he needed to leave the UK and “break the cycle” by bringing up his family in a different environment.

He also claimed to Oprah in an interview last March that he had since been cut off financially. He received £2 million from Charles in the 2020/21 financial year.The Mirror has attempted to contact Clarence House for comment. Read More

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Totally understandable. If my child treated me the way he treated his father and the way he treated the entire royal family, I probably wouldn't talk to him either... Harry doesn't care! What do u expect when he's not his dad It's the flying saucer hat dispute. Doesn't Meghan look like she is about to lick her chops?

Not really his son anyway Does Charless have any teeth in die Royal Family. Why not bring his son Harry back into nobility as Prince and make his wife a Princess and stop the drama. The monarchy is doomed but it must just hold until us Boer people can sue the crown for Boer Concentration Camp crimes

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Prince Harry cut ties with Saudi at centre of 'cash for honours'Prince Harry 'expressed concerns' about Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz six years ago, whom it is claimed was promised honours in return for donating to the Prince Foundation. You served your purpose Pardon us if we don't take this hypocrits word on it. Dreamer Hewitt