Hammersmith Town Hall: Two badly injured after scaffolding collapses

5/12/2022 2:01:00 PM

Their injuries were initially assessed as 'potentially life-threatening' but have since stabilised.

An investigation is underway after two men were badly injured when scaffolding around Hammersmith Town Hall collapsed yesterday.

Their injuries were initially assessed as 'potentially life-threatening' but have since stabilised.

Google Image caption, The men were taken to a major trauma centre "as a priority" following the scaffolding collapse at Hammersmith Town Hall Two men were badly injured after scaffolding around Hammersmith Town Hall collapsed on Wednesday.Former Norway international, local football legend, great-great uncle to Erling Braut Haaland, and farmer of pigs and potatoes, Gabriel Hoyland is sitting on his blue 1961 Super Dexta tractor telling a story about the goalscoring prodigy about to sign for Manchester City.Wed 11 May 2022 20.Google Image caption, Gökyüzü Walthamstow, Seaborne Road, had no written risk assessments, training or other safety procedures in place The director of a north-east London Turkish restaurant has been fined £70,000 after an eight-year-old boy's hand was trapped in a mincing machine.

Dozens of police, paramedics, firefighters and an air ambulance were called to the site in King Street, west London, at about 17:45 BST.The men were taken to a major trauma centre "as a priority" but their condition has since stabilised.The smell of pigs is in the air, the chilly white sand beaches are just a few miles away and from Gabriel’s farmhouse, you can see the floodlights of Bryne FK, the club at which he and his famous young nephew played.The Metropolitan Police said the case had been passed to the Health and Safety Executive to investigate.Dozens of police, fire and ambulance vehicles were at Hammersmith town hall in King Street after being alerted to the incident at just before 5.A police spokesman added the pair are still being treated in a central London hospital.He has a yacht in Marbella.⚠️ROAD CLOSURE⚠️ King Street (W6) is temporarily closed to motorists between Dalling Rd and Hammersmith Broadway.Guard removed In a statement, the council said: "Officers found that the in-built fixed guard to the mincing machine had been removed with a mechanical angle grinder, which caused the child's injuries when his hand became trapped in the cutting mechanism in the restaurant's kitchen.

Emergency services are attending to an incident in the area.His roots are here in Bryne where he moved, aged three, when his father’s playing career in England ended in 2003.A London ambulance service spokesperson said an air ambulance was among the resources sent to the scene, and the men were taken to a major trauma centre “as a priority”.Please avoid King St and the surrounding area where possible.We will update once King St reopens.“While I was away recently they told me that they were taking the tractor out,” Gabriel says.— H&F Council (@LBHF).” Hammersmith and Fulham council said the incident occurred at a construction site ran by Ardmore Construction Ltd, where work is taking place.

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