Hairdresser screams with terror as rampaging deer smashes its way into her salon

A deer literally jumped through the window & smashed the glass 😯


A deer literally jumped through the window & smashed the glass 😯

The deer even managed to injure a woman sat on a sofa next to the window, before making a hasty retreat

She was giving a male customer a haircut at the time, but quickly stepped away from the deer.

A hair stylist was left screaming in fright after a deer crashed through the front window of her salon while she was cutting a customer’s hair (Picture: Hair Salon)

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Deer smashes through salon window'I'm here for my 12 o'clock appointment…' 😂🦌via ViralHog Check out more videos like this here: ViralHog EllaMonaghan2 Milly_o3 ViralHog 😂😂😂😂 Omg New York... not enough home as well ? We need more forest

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