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Haegue Yang embarks on a surreal multi-sensory space odyssey in Seoul

Haegue Yang embarks on a surreal multi-sensory space odyssey in Seoul


Haegue Yang embarks on a surreal multi-sensory space odyssey in Seoul

They say art is abstract. But wait until they see the works of Haegue Yang. Even this broad term doesn\u2019t fully encapsulate the creations of the Korean artist, who is taking abstractionism to a whole new level. Drawing from historical references, personal experience and other sources of inspiration, she weaves...

Installation view of Haegue Yang’s solo exhibition ‘When The Year 2000 Comes’ at Kukje Gallery K3, Seoul.

Yang’s recently opened solo exhibition ‘When The Year 2000 Comes’, her first at Kukje Gallery in Seoul and her fourth in Korea, brings abstractionism sans logic or consistency to its pinnacle. The Seoul and Berlin-based artist typically refers to a ‘piece’ as a ‘body of work’, but this exhibition is full of ‘elements’ that cannot be declared as ‘pieces’ which, she says, is what differentiates this from her other shows.

by Hae-kyung Min, a Korean singer famous in the 1980s: ‘When the year 2000 comes, we will head to the outer space. We will climb on a rocket and fly among the stars. There will be no war.’ The song wasn’t a favourite of Yang’s but one day, she became conscious of its words. ‘I’m surprised why I’m struck by the lyrics of this song,’ says Yang. ‘Time was folded in the song, time as a concept – casual but significant in social, political factors.’

Paradoxical to the environment when the song was released in 1982 – Korea was still under military dictatorship then – the song wishfully dreams of a peaceful, utopian future in the year 2000. Similarly, the sound of birds chirping, recorded during the historic Inter-Korean Summit between the North and South Korean leaders in 2018, also contrast with the tense political environment at the time.

(c 1977), painted by Yang and her two younger brothers and one of the few pieces that survived from their childhood. The four walls of the interior of the gallery are covered with wallpaper created in collaboration with German graphic designer Manuel Raeder – an eclectic arrangement of motifs such as garlic and onions, rainbows and lightening, surgical robots and straws and bells.

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