Gunman kills five people at Milwaukee brewery

'Multiple people dead' after shooting in Milwaukee


'Multiple people dead' after shooting in Milwaukee

Five people have been killed in a shooting in the US city of Milwaukee, police have said.

US President Donald Trump said:"Our hearts break for them and their loved ones.Milwaukee's mayor Tom Barrett.said:"What has happened is there was a horrific shooting that has occurred.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Pity these disturbed peeps didn’t elect to shoot themselves first, after explaining to his co-workers his decision to leave the planet MatthewKeysLive Six families are mourning tonight. The only way to stop this is more guns and thoughts and prayers He did not go for his piss up instead. Just sell more guns.

What’s new If them poor folks hadda been carrying firearms they never woulda gotten shotten

Milwaukee: multiple people killed in Molson Coors shooting, mayor saysMayor Tom Barrett says shooter among dead at brewery campus while police say exact number of casualties yet to be confirmed 😥😓😥😓😥😓 🙏❤️ Very civilised country the USA ... or as my relatives say colonies.

Dozens arrested across north of UK in raids on county lines drug gangsOperation by five police forces results in 46 people being held on suspicion of drug offences Solo atraparon a los que no le pagaron la cuota a la reina. Northern England .. only One in Scotland ..the rest in England

Supreme Court rules parents can't sue US border patrol agent who shot dead teenage son in MexicoThe court's five conservative justices held that the parents could not use American courts to sue the American agent who killed their unarmed 15-year-old son in 2010 Did anyone expect any form of justice from these gun-happy idiots?

Pilot arrested after plane skids off runway, killing three peopleHe's charged with ‘involuntary manslaughter and causing injury’ First time hav seen pilot got arrested, may it have happened before after investigation progressed.

DWP destroyed reports into people who killed themselves after benefits were stoppedUp to 50 reviews into deaths following harsh social security cuts and sanctions have been shredded, officials admit Heartless place staffed by heartless people representing a heartless system 🙏♥️🌍 What bright spark imagined this would never be uncovered.

Delhi sees third day of deadly religious riotsTwenty people have been killed, and nearly 200 injured, as armed mobs clashed in the Indian capital. The religions of peace. Proof religion of peace should never live along side other religions, wherever Islam is in the world there's conflict.. Its not hindu or muslim who r provoking these mobs r anti nationals

Coronavirus: South East live updates - BBC News

Swedish hospitals scrap trial of malaria drug for COVID-19 patients

PM 'responding to treatment' in intensive care

Air pollution plummets across UK amid lockdown

Coronavirus: 'Keep cats indoors', vets recommend

Coronavirus: 'Keep cats indoors', vets recommend

Government admits it has no idea when coronavirus peak will hit UK

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