Greta Thunberg’s defiance unsettles the patriarchy – wonderful | Suzanne Moore

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The 16-year-old climate-emergency activist refuses to kowtow to old men, and it has left them squirming, writes Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore

Sometimes you don’t realise how conditioned you are until you meet someone who isn’t. Sure, I may be blunt in my work, but I still say sorry when someone barges into me in the street. I smile when others are being difficult. After all, I am of a certain age, and was brought up, consciously or not, to be a people-pleaser.


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'we don't have time' is the pr company behind greta thunberg. That same pr company has links with the world economic forum. Greta is a pr campaign, gretathunberg is being financed by lobbies and the worst part is that she is hiding it. Sweden should be ashamed, they are evil.

'Climate strike is just a cute phrase with nonsense at its core, but the world’s media, timid as usual, don’t question its nature or its obvious quality as modern-day propaganda for one side of the climate wars.' Rex Murphy (an educated adult with nuanced opinions)

Unsettles the patriarchy

The old men remember the stupid things they did when they were teenagers. Greta Thunberg will also remember it when she grows up.

Or is she just privileged

The IT society has made the 50-year olds obsolete in favour of the 30-year olds. Now the ecological society makes the 30-year olds obsolete in favour of the 16-year olds. A rather dangerous political situation when life expectancy reaches 85....

She’s the latest in a long line of false prophets, proclaiming that “the end is nigh”.

The person you are mistaking for the new messiah is in fact a child with Asperger’s. Wonderful indeed.

no, she is used by your liberal guardian writers idiocy

Interesting how suzanne_moore , listing the fat, old, entitled white men threatened by Greta forgot to include Great Britain's own JeremyClarkson

More misandry from the Guardian and it's toxic talk.

What exactly is the patriarchy. Can someone explain?

But what exactly is her 'defiance'? Plenty of criticisms with nothing constructive. I know the media and fanatics are trying to portray her as the new Messiah, but really, she's just chosen easy targets to mouth off against. Almost idolatry, the way her 'followers' are behaving.

Yes believe it or not Suzanne, autistic girls and women who do their own thing really get up the patriarchy’s nose. Shame when other women can’t see that at all or only selectively .


These liberal oafs who take their lead from an adolescent are the problem.

On expressing opinions age shouldn't be a Barrier, Campaigners like Greta hover over her targets like a watchful Harrier, Thunberg has brilliantly used the Mainstream Media as her Message Carrier, Greta Thunbergs genius & global success has made her 100% confident & Merrier!

What makes the Guardian sure it only men who feel uncomfortable at a child being used as a propaganda weapon? Lots of women don't like young girls being used in this way. Any excuse to get 'patriarchy' in.

Not a first:

No no no

These comments are perfect.

indeed, wonderful

She is a hero for our times.

No Suzanne, you and your cats haven't got a new ally against your imaginary enemies, Suzanne, because you are your worst enemy, Suzanne. ShutUpBoomers

most patriarchy does not deal with antifa raised..Soros paid..autistic children who should be in life skill programs

That should get you a netful of angry trolls and bots......

You're reaching.

She can refuse all she like’s’’ but if she is going to criticise’’ she must grow up and be able to handle it ‘’to be an young adult

I don’t think it does.

Everyone derives their own lessons from Greta, it seems, some plausible, some far-fetched.


How much crap can the guardian push down American people's throats lies and regulations pushing out a propaganda girl of a hoax

I just don't get this 'grown men having a pop at a 16 YEAR OLD GIRL!!!!', she's an activist her age is immaterial. If some new Nazi part started out and had a 16 year pig tailed girl saying twatty things would they be inviolate?

😂 Funny 😁

“Patriarchy”... you’re becoming a parody of yourself it’s actually unbelievable.



French “philosophers” LMFAO. They get paid to spew this bulls¥&it, they are bull()¥& academics nothing else. They are not philosophers. There are certainly no philosophers to come out of France since Foucault. Philosophers Greta FrenchAcademia : Pretentious bullshit.

She is a tool promoted by a pr company based in sweden called 'we don't have time'. And the fact that mainstream media is 100% with greta is because she is working for the establishment. She acts like in a cult.

What patriarchy 🤷‍♂️ Is Bangladesh under water ? NO! United Nations AP report a similar narrative from ((1989)) ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Yup, she did.

Trying to give shame, and thereby creating conflict is not how this thing is going to get done. If there is success in giving shame, don’t be surprised when they behave in a shameful manner...

There is no such thing as an old man.

Keep going, Greta. 💪

If she popped over to China and told the government there to stop building / close down their coal-fired power stations, and to stop dumping plastic in their rivers... maybe the puppet will have achieved something. Making some western politicians squirm is fun but pointless.



The beauty of this...people are taking notice.If you listen carefully to some of Greta's comments you can hear emotional upset behind the force of delivery.This is a girl who genuinely cares.I hope she knocks the infrastructure for a six.Well done girl.❤

Send her back to her school and allow her to live her childhood

She's wrong.

Is there a need to see everything though the prism of a guardian sponsored gender war?


Feminism.. pure sexism which is wrapped in pretty paper called feminism. What a purely sexist opinion.

Why in the world everything needs to revolve around feminism 🤦‍♂️

Telling the truth to patriarchy isn’t defiance it’s what they fear most.


PaulGauci10 We need to be more than unsettled, we need overturning

She says what most of us have been thinking for 30+ years.

I'm sure one issue is that she is a 16yr old female and the old white men and some women who are attacking her in public and on social media cannot stand the fact that anyone under 45 dares to have an opinion or challenge the view of their 'betters' A change in the power dynamic.

The main weapon of the Green movement is shame. Shame is very highly correlated with anxiety, depression, addiction, violence and suicide. Is it any wonder that there is such a high number of suicides among young men?

This girl deserves a Nobel prize

It’s not defiance’s a tantrum

What BS from 'The Guardian'.

The stupidity of her followers unsettles the patriarchy. We at the patriarchy were hoping we would be able to retire and put our feet up but it looks like we are going to have to stick around for the foreseeable future.

thank you for this article

No one is against her, it’s wonderful when such teenage girls come up with such ideas, this is a new force but everyone understands that this is the weapon against Trump and the oil elite and after the election everyone will forget about her

I've come across about 10 videos on YouTube of white, middle aged, conservative men ranting about Greta and not a single one of them understand the science, she's certainly uprooting tree's.

MargotSaville Yup -- she's doing great work, mainly by simply pointing at the science.

She might be unsettling the 'patriarchy', but she is annoying the bejeezus out of me with her misplaced histrionics and her scaring kids witless.

The trouble is the centrist women like Suzanne Moore and Marina Hyde at the Guardian are using Greta's influence for their pretension whilst propping up that patriarchal system. Otherwise she wouldn't be defending the neoliberalist system and establishment all the time.


She is a handicapped little girl who brings no expert knowledge of the topic. Just a shrieking underdeveloped pawn.

What an in depth opinion collumn. I've read the ingredients on a toothpaste tube that were more enlightening.

100% zero-carbon on a carbon fibre racing yacht defiance

Good for GretaThunberg. I love her personal strength. Her awareness. Her resolve. She does not buy in to the BS of a title. She judges, sums one up by their deeds. We all will hear the name Greta Thunberg in the future -- mark it.

Here we go, 'Patriarchy' etc. 100% Leftist propaganda with a child puppet.

Well, she is well compensated for it

She needs to go back to school and real some respect for her elders far too young ?

Many of her attack dogs are gammon women,

Nope nope it doesn’t

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