Age Gap

Age Gap

Grandmother marries her adopted son, 24, despite their 41 year age gap

Grandmother marries her adopted son, 24, despite their 41 year age gap

6/13/2020 5:57:00 AM

Grandmother marries her adopted son, 24, despite their 41 year age gap

Mbah Gambreng, 65, has married Ardi Waras after the happy couple met in South Sumatra, Indonesia, and she adopted him last year

The wedding between Mbah Gambreng and Ardi Waras took place in South Sumatra, Indonesia, 7 News reports.According to local media reports, Mbah adopted her now-groom Ardi last year and the happy couple have lived together ever since.The blushing bride, who also has three adopted daughters, says she had no intention of marrying him when they first met.

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But when she told him he should get married soon, he astounded her by proposing to her."To my surprise, he said he wanted to marry me," she said.Photos of the wedding, which have been shared on social media, show the pair smiling and holding hands.

It is understood that Ardi paid his wife-to-be a dowry of 100,000 IDR (£6) before the ceremony.This is typical of Islamic weddings in Indonesia, where the groom or groom's father often gifts money or possessions to the bride as a dowry.Ardi and Mbah aren't the only Indonesian couple to wed despite an age gap spanning decades.

Earlier this year, a man believed to be at least 100 years old married a young bride in her 20s - nearly 80 years his junior.Top news stories from Mirror Online The centenarian groom, Katte, is old enough to have been a fighter during the Dutch colonial era early last century.

The wedding took place at bride Indo Alang's home in Wajo, in the central Indonesian province of South Sulawesi. Read more: Daily Mirror »

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The broadcaster vows to continue campaigning after a suspected arson attack outside his home.

Violent protesters could be jailed within 24 hours of arrestSentences for assaulting emergency workers will also be doubled to two years under strict new rules similar to those used amid the London riots in 2011. Wonder if they'll double the sentences for Police beating black prisoners in hand cuffs... Hope thats for all, I remember passing by Whitehall and seeing ambulances being violently attacked by the extention rebellion protesters last year when they took over all the roads in and out of Trafalgar Square and the square itself, yet nothing was done. Two years in prison for traffic lights and equally serious sentences for traffic light sympathisers

Violent protesters ‘could be jailed within 24 hours’People could be jailed within 24 hours of arrest under new plans, according to newspaper Pity violent cops don't face the same swift attention This is a scam to defeat peaceful protests. Police go in heavy-handed and arrest anyone 'violent' enough to resist being beaten... Yes when your system is flailing and the cracks are widening....a revolution can be seen on the turning back now.

Robert Baden-Powell statue: Scouts founder monument given 24-hour protection as temporary removal is delayedIf you only read three stories... 🔴 Scouts founder statue given 24-hour protection 🔴 A third of COVID19 patients uncontactable by test & trace scheme 🔴 Cannons used in Pirates of the Caribbean stolen cape_eye What whole lot of old people know about how our young generation going to survive? I have a young family and they are so very concern about what is going to happen to their future!!! They are mentally ruined People must have better things to be doing rather than protecting or pulling down statue. No wonder why the country is such a state These people, many of whom do not belong in UK, should have been returned to ancestral homeland many years ago, need to understand they are minority The majority has had enough of them And that includes those Sikhs, Hindu, Black, Chinese etc who are sick of their protests!

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Baden-Powell statue gets 24-HOUR guard - as Guy's Hospital removes founderTHE statue of scouts founder Robert Baden-Powell will be protected by 24-hour security after a huge backlash to the council’s plan to pull it down. This comes as the statue of Thomas Guy, the… For how long people of England will tolerate the luxury lifestyle of parasite Queen , fake Prince n pornstar princess in Buckingham Palace We need to boycott this rag which is a criminal enterprise. TheSun Murdoch Fox You have to lift an eyebrow when you see middle age men in shorts🤣