Gran loses eye after wearing contact lenses in shower

10/6/2022 4:34:00 PM

UK news: Gran loses eye after wearing contact lenses in shower

UK news: Gran loses eye after wearing contact lenses in shower

Marie went through a variety of medications, operation, and procedures before doctors were forced to remove her left eye

A gran lost an eye after it became infected while she wore contact lenses in the shower.By Nick Eardley & Brian Wheeler BBC News The new transport secretary has said train companies must be prepared to make compromises to bring an end to the strikes that have crippled the network.Andy Burnham has urged the Transport Secretary to demand increased Avanti West Coast train services between Manchester and London or remove its operating contract.The death of a 'fantastic' nurse who took medication which matched that from Royal Preston Hospital where she worked has been described as 'tragic and avoidable' by her family.

Marie Mason, 54, contracted the infection in her left eye after a microscopic amoeba in tap water managed to get between her contact lens and cornea.She began to notice something was wrong in 2015 when it constantly felt like there was something stuck in her eye."I want everyone to come round the table and find solutions and make compromises where we need to.Soon after, her vision began to deteriorate.READ MORE: 'You don't go from sitting in a pub to being shot dead by police in 10 minutes' He called for the operator to provide a consistent, two trains per hour service by the end of the month.After visiting the opticians, she was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was told that a bacteria known as Acanthamoeba Keratitis was living inside of her eye.Mick Lynch, head of the RMT union, said last week that his meeting with Ms Trevelyan had been a "good start" but "concrete change" was needed.Read more: 'You don't go from sitting in a pub to being shot dead by police in 10 minutes': Heartbroken family of Manchester-born man, 24, desperate for answers Before the incident, Marie wore 30-day contact lenses, which meant that she showered in them.At an appointment with her GP in March 2018 she described how she had been left feeling distressed and upset by the incident.

Because the infection can commonly be found in tap water, that is believed where the infection stemmed from." She said it was ultimately up to the companies and the unions to settle their differences but as transport secretary she had an "important" role to play, adding: "I'm here to make sure our trains work.Without this commitment, I will be unable to support a new contract for Avanti.Over time, the infection grew and began to feast on Marie's cornea, causing her vision to rapidly deteriorate.For five years Marie was on a variety of medications as well as a number of unsuccessful operations - including three cornea transplants."You can have chateroo if you like," he added, but it "would not change the outcome".Eventually, doctors were forced to remove her eye.I urge your officials to study Avanti’s performance metrics which demonstrate this."I had to stop work, because at the time I worked in a kitchen in a school, and I was having to put eye drops in every half an hour so it just wasn't going to work because it's so painful," she said.The unions are in dispute with the government and rail companies about pay, job cuts and changes to terms and conditions, saying salaries should increase to reflect the rising cost of living.The inquest heard that through her job Katy would have had access to the medication which caused her death.

"I also had to go to the hospital two to three times a week, and sometimes even more.I was also in eye casualty a lot because something would flare up, so with all the times I had to go into hospital, I couldn't have gone to work because it wouldn't have been worth it anyway.The RMT says this is a "paltry sum" and represents a real terms pay cut.Seat double bookings remain a significant issue, leading to arguments between passengers and people having to stand for long journeys."There was just lots of hospital visits, lots of eye drops, lots of operations and procedures and lots of pain." Now Marie, of Leicestershire, is hoping to raise awareness and call for better warnings on contact lens packs over the risk of contamination."Wear contact lenses, that's absolutely fine, but you've just got to be careful - it's the water thing more than anything." What do you make of the ongoing situation? Have your say in our comments below.Towards the end of October in 2019, Katy had sought help from the NHS trust's well-being team but faced a lengthy waiting list.

I would just like the manufacturers to put more warnings on the packaging about water and contact lenses."I just don't want anyone else to go through it really." Fortunately, after two years of having her eye removed, Marie is now living a normal life again.The timetable change, however, sparked fierce criticism from the travelling public.She has returned to working as an admin assistant, working for her husband Jonathan, 50, and volunteers with her local church."My life is alright now, I haven't gone back to work to the place I left, but I now work for my husband.She also highlighted Katy's future planning and recent improvement in mood.

"I'm also heavily involved with the church where I do a lot of voluntary work so my life has changed, but it's a nice change, and it's different.But services were reduced in early August as result of drivers being unwilling to sign up for the overtime upon which all train operators rely.The only thing I've not gone back to is driving, I stopped driving quite early on in the journey because I wasn't comfortable with it, and I haven't got the confidence to go back to it, so that's the main thing that's changed for me."I do struggle sometimes because my vision on my left side is rubbish, well it's not there.It's quite hard walking down the street when you've got people whizzing by you, and it makes you jump a bit because you don't expect it.Avanti said it would use the national timetable changes in December to relaunch a 'stable and deliverable' three trains an hour service that wasn't reliant on rest day working or overtime, saying it now had more drivers 'in the business than ever before'." Read next:." Read next:.

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You've put '30 days contact lenses which meant she showered in them' - There are no lenses which are suitable for showering, swimming or any kind of water to be near them. You take them out & clean them in a solution. I've worn lenses for years they tell you this at EVERY appt

Train firms must compromise over strikes, says transport secretaryTransport Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan says all sides need to get together to find a solution. I thought Liz wants high-paid jobs? The offer that's been put forward is an insult to workers. 8% over 2 years(actually 5 years) and only actually 6% unless Mass redundancy and closures happen. The tories are making the railway unsafe and inaccessible in the name of profits for the rich franchises. Surely its train workers and management (As a company) not Gov to get involved. That just says they want Gov handouts for private firms which should be; NO. Sort your own firm out. Let us know what you have decided.

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