Government urged to change advice to 'stay local'

Coronavirus: Government urged to change advice to 'stay local'

6/1/2020 8:02:00 PM

Coronavirus: Government urged to change advice to 'stay local'

Coastal areas have been overrun by tourists since travel limits were lifted, the government is told.

Coronavirus guidelines on travel should be changed to"stay local", Dorset's two council leaders have urged.Thousands of people flocked to Durdle Door beach on the Jurassic Coast at the weekend and Bournemouth beach was also packed.Dorset and Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole (BCP) councils warned crowds could lead to a rise in Covid-19 cases.

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Current rules state that households can drive any distance in England to destinations such as parks and beaches.In a statement, Dorset Council leader Spencer Flower said there had been"extremely disappointing behaviour" by members of the public at beaches in the county.

On Saturdayafter tombstoning from the limestone arch at Durdle Door Beach.Media playback is unsupported on your deviceMedia captionThousands of people flocked to Bournemouth beach on Sunday'Second wave'Mr Flower said:"My plea to the government is to review the unrestricted travel guidelines currently in place and require people instead to 'stay local'".

"The current guidelines have a disproportionately negative effect on areas like ours which are popular with visitors but do not have the infrastructure to cope right now. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Are they looking to limit movement from high R areas to low? or vice versa ? The more I see of this, the more it makes me wonder how humans ever got to the top of the food chain. Sad, depressing and inevitable. Telephoto lense, foreshortening, optical illusion. Gobsmacked how crazy Brits are as restrictions ease slightly the public take it as ‘let’s go back to normal’. Most shocking is the youth (18-26) & Asian communities. Just observed shocking scenes in Suffolk with these two groups this week. Zero distancing and big groups 12-40

Angel2EU 10 mile radius from your own home ,would make more sense Exactly please stay home!!!! I see TyphoidDom is still spreading his cloud of corruption and death. notmovingontildomsgone What's the matter with people?! Why the hell would you want to go anywhere & be packed in like sardines?! Absolutely zero common sense!!! And where are they all going to the loo?!

I would like to stay in my local but it's been shut since March. They want people back at work so employees and employers can carry the financial and virus burden🐓 They lie. We die. Thank you for voting conservative. They can change whatever they want... unless it’s law it’s not enforceable. Advice is just advice.

bbc5live When the weather changes this week the numbers will drop Should have done that in the beginning As much as I would love to go to the beach with my family, I know this is wrong.70-80 mile drive to our nearest is not acceptable . Just close ALL beaches and stop people travelling 100s of miles. Impose fines. I honestly think that we are a laughing stock to rest of Europe.

Another u turn...😂😂😂 Cobblers stay local plebs if you live in an inner city. That’s the usual selfishness from coastal and countryside dwellers They must put a limit on travel 5miles unless emerg like hospital How can you catch a virus, out In the sunshine with the sea breeze? This is hype. We’re allowed to go where we want. People are literally fighting against their own freedoms & basic human rights! 🤦🏻‍♀️These are the real “COVidiots” If you’re so terrified, you’re free to stay home.

And form a previous tweet. All these people Flocking to the beaches and other places. Are also do not want to go to work or send their kids to school. Incase they might catch covid. Lockdown has been a mockery. The government stop relatives going to funerals. Yet allow this It's not a fuckin holiday Government what fuckin government. Who is governing all of us.

Well, how does that fit their agenda? That should have been the case all along. Why wasn't it? Perhaps because the Cummings Chaos was coming towards the Conservatives. With football soon to return, this chant suddenly seems very apt. You don’t know what you’re doing You don’t know what you’re doing 10DowningStreet Yes, please, change it to stay local. I'd like to visit mt local beach but it is starting to get too busy now.

Only worried because of the MSM hysterical headlines day after day The lockdown is over. Time to stop the bleating All the time whatever they say remains as 'advice' it will make bugger all difference anyway, either make it law or don't complain or act surprised when nobody does it. That would fair enough, serves the weekends morons right

Too late, there is no going back. And We will not see a spike in the numbers. What’s the definition of local It’s too late now. The damage has and is already being caused with all the relaxation and changes 😢 10DowningStreet Government urged to stand with the public and not the Media! Even the president of the United States is making the world aware of the Fake Main stream Media. Come on Boris Man up BorisJohnson

Local is what 260 miles ish? We arn't moving on from Dominic, neither should the BBC. bbc5live Should be 30 miles max This gov just opened their own tinderbox wider attracting the virus inviting them to attack the most vulnerable, it seems Mr. Boris, his chancellor concerns more 4 themselves fearing the economy is collapsing, its already on the verge of collapsing well b4 Covet19...

Don’t be silly. They need people spending money on petrol!!! 😏 I do not support the lack of social distancing at the beaches, although it shows the frustration with the restrictions. Hope that this was just a spike and general people will follow WHO advice regarding the 2m rule and hand cleaning. back_the_BBC Far too late. Half the countryside and coast has been massacred over the last 2 weeks. I have given up trying to understand the morons of this country. We don’t deserve the planet and this virus is the result of our utter disregard for nature.

Those guy on the beach safer than the supermarket fact! Dorset is Closed ! Tooo fucking late now! bbc5live When it came out,knew it was big mistake. Yes more than 1 hour,ok, but not far. I invested $200 with mr Nes vquez within a short period of time 7days i go back $5,500 i didn't believe this at first, all to you Sir, i appreciate your work👇👇👇dm him. vqueznes

You mean the Welsh Government are right? Yeah... That's going to happen... You would struggle to I'mplement this as much as another lockdown.. Or better yet to ‘stay indoors’. We're in the process of setting up sniper positions where I live. Not local goodbye. Enact the Royston Vasey protocol Too late, there are rampaging crowds of twats everywhere

Our thick as planks government ministers didn't anticipate this despite being told! A knee jerk reaction to a tsunami of people which should have been anticipated when lock down was lifted. Dorset belongs to the people of England and not just a lucky few who live here. The BCP Council is setting visitors and locals at odds and creating a bad atmosphere.

Seems such a simple but effective measure and many other countries have introduced a ban on travelling more than a certain distance from home. Why hasn’t it been done? Too many govt members with ‘circumstances’? Peoples advice. Sack Cummings Fake suggestive news. This government are far too arrogant to admit a mistake and back track they will hold out blame the public then make a change

And the south west R rate is highest in the country. We are all staying indoors!! Are people thick on here stop local full stop Why don't the government fuck off with advice they're causing nothing but death through mental health issues the sooner they end this lockdown and anti-social distancing the better

back_the_BBC It should never have been anything else but that wouldn’t suit the Cummings narrative. It's bloody obvious then if there's an out break you can pin point it easy. Does that apply to your staff So glad to see a sports journalist outside Newcastle racecourse, essential viewing!! So telling people they could drive anywhere for exercise wasn't a good idea after all?

Unless you want to go to Durham! Why on earth will anyone listen to this bunch of incompetent idiots is beyond me. So 250 mile jaunts banned then? * * Does not apply to senior Tories or their cronies. If they do, Cummings will be in trouble. 😂😂😂😂 It won’t be Cummings who will cause a second lockdown , just look at all the pictures of the crowds this weekend not social distancing.

The government will never allow themselves to loose face, they would rather put the lives of the public at risk than admit they have made a mistake. This is just an extension of the Cummings debacle, more will suffer as a result of their contempt for the people of this country It makes no sense to link people jumping off cliffs to social distancing measures. Might aswell just close off all beaches and cliffs forever and watch the the local economy collapse.

Too late! Well Dorset County Council is set to close its Beaches, and so they should Change it to 'Be omnipresent'. BBC doing its best to re-impose lockdown Good luck, hope you have fewer muppets than we’ve got over here... This was yesterday- a 3000 people rave in Berlin 🙄 The government have blown it. Tbh. It was bleeding obvious that that should have been the advice. It’s what happened in Spain and Italy.

Too late for that. Thanks to the shambolic way the PM and government handled the Cummings fiasco, a significant proportion of the public is no longer listening to them. So will this mean everyone stay local or just everyone except DominicCummngs ? Just asking for a friend !! bbc5live Bernard castle incident means lockdown finished 2 weeks ago - wrongly but our politicians have let us down - we should be in lockdown until June now numbers are finally in the right direction

Just tell people to stay indoors. Jesus fucking Christ. What if I want to go from Derby and visit London for an eye test, with my family in the car seeing as they can join me for the eye test? bbc5live i think they were all just 'testing their eyesights' by driving to the beach. no law against that. ;)

I think the advice was keep a safe distance when you get where your going Just like nicolasturgeon says! No people of this generation should not be stupid and use there common sense not the GOV holding there hand !! Too late. The government have lost the changing room. What on earth did they expect? Closed loos so people are using the beach, yuk🐀

How a decade of privatisation and cuts exposed England to coronavirusGovernment reliance on private contractors follows dramatic changes to local councils and public services Nothing to do with bats then. Totalitarian Tip: Privatise everything. Enrich your allies. And then when government fails, blame government.

Radical blueprint to save High Streets includes outdoor shops and a ban on carsThe plans, drawn up by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, is urging local authorities to heavily pedestrianise town centres, as well introduce marshals Banning cars will be the final nail in the coffin of the high street. People will choose out of town shopping centres for anything they can’t order online.

We will have learned a lot, including how to do it better next time - that is science'Science advice to Government needs to be direct and given without fear or favour' | Patrick Vallance uksciencechief uksciencechief ? uksciencechief Thank you uksciencechief The people giving the advice get paid - well paid - whether they say lockdown or open up. Most of us have no such safety net. That’s why we NEED politicians to balance many priorities. Medics only have one immediate focus. Most of us need a more nuanced response.

Government warns public after crowds flock to beachesA GOVERNMENT adviser today warned Brits not to “tear the pants out of” incoming lockdown freedoms after crowds flocked to beaches. England’s deputy chief medical officer Jonathan … Twaddle The Govt has lost control of current lockdown rules, helpedcin large part by Cummings. People will not listen now. BorisJohnson should be utterly ashamed. Appalling lack of leadership and now after months of being told we are following the science, politics has taken over. What did they expect

Coronavirus recession could see government change Bank of England's inflation mandateLord Jim O’Neill, who was commercial secretary to the Treasury in 2015, wants the central bank to shift from its current target of keeping inflation at 2 per cent to targeting a steadily rising trend of nominal UK GDP growth instead

Mapped: 18 councils are yet to see coronavirus deaths peak - is yours on the list?The UK as a whole is seeing a decrease in the number of people dying due to COVID19 Use our tool to find out if your local area is past its peak lockdown Anywhere we can see this for free? Where is this mythical land called‘England and Wales’? Different laws, different policies, different data. Get it right, you colonialist twunts.