Government says its climate change curbs inadequate

Government says its climate change curbs inadequate

1/17/2022 10:10:00 PM

Government says its climate change curbs inadequate

Ministers say coping even with low levels could cost the country billions of pounds a year.

For example, it notes, unless the UK takes further action, the cost of flood-related damages for non-residential properties is expected to increase by 27% by 2050 and 40% by 2080.That's with a temperature rise of just 2C - and even that relatively low figure is looking very hard to achieve.

If temperature rises to 4C – which the government’s science advisers say is possible - this increases to 44% and 75% respectively.The government says it’s already investing to adapt to climate change.It mentions:£5.2bn for 2,000 new flood defences by 2027

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Channel migrants: Military set to take over English Channel operationsThe change would free up Home Office officials to focus on asylum reforms, a government source says. This will go down well with the Rightists. Military doing the Home Office’s job, military helping ambulance and health services. Still they haven’t worked out the problem is Johnson’s incompetence. It is such a shame that the Royal Navy Auxilliary Service (RNXS) was scrapped when efficient volunteers crewed and commanded patrol boats all around the coast for expenses only (£5M at closure). Crews came from all walks of professional life.

Covid in Wales: Restrictions worth it, minister saysMore people would have come to harm without Welsh government measures in place, Vaughan Gething says. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡 You'd think only 70k cases today would be headline news but nope.... nonewslikebadnew thefearsendinghelp notlonguntillthebbcgoespop whosgoingtopayyourwages 😂 Labour in Wales need not to be just beaten but obliterated. Every govt, every council, every institution anywhere that backed this assault against society needs to be literally wiped out.

Ukraine says Russia is behind cyberattack that defaced its websitesUkraine accused Moscow of continuing to 'wage a hybrid war' and said the cyberattack was part of a plot to 'destablise the situation in Ukraine'. It should have better cyber security then Sure...I mean how could anyone not believe the US and Ukrainian neo Nazi regime eh? Nazis never lie do they? 🙃 paranoid!

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Don't Sell Your Fossil-Fuel Stock If You Want to Make a Climate-Change Difference in 2022'In 2022, investors who want to address climate change should focus on one simple but essential goal: active stock ownership,' writes Chris James Hi, I am a structural engineer from Iran who have many ideas. I have summarized some of my ideas on my twitter. I want to work with companies and investors. Do you want to cooperate? Sounds like a headline a worried oil executive would write The power to reduce climate change lies in the hand of the consumer. We must stop consuming so much.