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Uk Coronavirus Lockdown, Boris Johnson

Government quietly changes law to give councils lockdown powers until July 17 this year

'Vaccinations will of course bring immunity from Covid, but they must bring immunity from lockdowns and restrictions too'

1/24/2021 3:38:00 AM

The Government has extended lockdown laws to give councils the power to close pubs, restaurants, shops and public spaces until July 17 this year

'Vaccinations will of course bring immunity from Covid, but they must bring immunity from lockdowns and restrictions too'

The news will be a major setback for those hoping that life might have returned to normal by early summer once more people are vaccinated against coronavirus.It comes after Boris Johnson admitted late last week that "it's too early to say when we'll be able to lift some of the restrictions".

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The Government had pledged to review the lockdown measures in the middle of next month.The changes to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No.3) Regulations 2020 were made as part of a review of the third lockdown by Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, earlier this month.

This law (originally introduced on July 18 last year) allows a local authority to close or limit access to premises or outdoor spaces in its area to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including stopping events.The regulation, which applies to England only, was due to expire last week but has now been extended until July 17, around the date when school summer holidays begin, as part of a slew of other measures.

Mark Harper, the chairman of the Coronavirus Recovery Group of Tory MPs which is campaigning against unnecessary restrictions, said: “The extension of councils’ Covid powers until July will be of great concern to those worried about their jobs and businesses.

“Given the limited time allowed for debate this change in the law was little noticed.“Once the top four risk groups have been vaccinated and fully protected by March 8, assuming the Government hits the February 15 deadline, the Government must start easing the restrictions.

“Vaccinations will of course bring immunity from Covid, but they must bring immunity from lockdowns and restrictions too.”Tory MP Sir Charles Walker questioned why the powers needed to be extended until mid-July when the hope was an earlier release of social distancing restrictions.

He said: "To start talking about opening days in July will cause many great concern.“The hope has to be that with the successful rollout of the vaccine, this summer date is only provisional with a spring opening being the preferred option.”Kate Nicholls, the chief executive of UK Hospitality, added: "It is surprising that they have been extended for so long when it remains uncertain what restrictions will be in place, and given that the large proportion of the population will be vaccinated by then."

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A Department of Health source pointed out that MPs had voted for these national restrictions earlier this month.The source said: “The regulations that encompass the measures – including local authority powers – automatically expire after six months.“As we are currently in a national lockdown it was necessary to renew the regulations, which means they are automatically extended for another six months.

"However, these measures are still subject to the statuary review point.” Read more: The Telegraph »

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Extenuating circumstances they said mitrebarnet Maybe we can also wake up NicolaSturgeon pls say yer lyin Wtf What about China? They crated the virus, they lied to us together with WHO. They are selling the medical equipments and vaccines but the Mainstream Press says that the problem was Trump. The next absurd is the great reset. Big China is watching you.

TsWichert ? Ik hoop zo dat dit niet waar is Ba tufi na bino messed up my summer Such a disappointing Govt and response to a bad flu. Everyone needs to calm down and relax a bit. These dictators need to be stopped May as well tell me to move to Korea since you are finitching my social life once again Boris

Council power means nothing. Especially when they dont do anything 🙄 Very little chance of councils extendeding restrictions themselves JULY !!! the way we keep finding out information like this at late hours or through burner accounts and leaks shows such disregard for the British public dbandz0 CRY BITCH

authbillahh until julyy Absolutely scandalous! They,are using this virus as an excuse to destroy our pubs and clubs and change our ways of life BorisJohnson You have no morals, what you are doing to my family is beyond criminal! Imagine if the british government had common sense and actually enforced a proper lockdown last year where they shut the borders off Imagine if the british public weren’t ignorant, selfish idiots, we’d be back to relative normality.

Not a big story guys I swear they publish stuff in the Telegraph because They know you have to have a subscription to read the article. In the current climate, how many people in the UK have the funds to subscribe to the DT? July 17!! These rules tun out every six months and a renewal is automatically a further 6 months, it needed renewing as it was about to run out stop scaremongering. It took me 5 minutes to find that out your supposed to be journalists. Doh

Sack boris johnson..Now!! Fucking bullshit policy there'll be no pubs left after the government has spent over a year destroying their revenue Unbelievable. Britain is being destroyed. julying? 😳 Extend theory test certificates This is the Conservatives & Labour's fault for created this mess, so let them lie on it

No pubs until July? I’m completely fed up. There is no end in sight. They have already started planting the seeds to ‘justify’ keeping us locked up for months and months to come. When/if they do let us out, there will still be countless restrictions. 2021 is a write off already. Guess that is a worse case situation ? Surely the vaccine will help reduce cases .

The local power won’t be needed, majority of independent restaurants, cafes and pubs will have already been wound up/closed permanently by spring No 4th July Covid Independence Day this year? Fuck my old boots Great move... Ah compañeros si hicieramos lo que los ingleses van a hacer tendriamos muchisimos menos casos de Covid en Mexico