Government orders 10,000 ventilators from Dyson

Coronavirus: Government orders 10,000 ventilators from Dyson


Coronavirus: Government orders 10,000 ventilators from Dyson

The engineering firm developed a new type of ventilator in response to calls on behalf of the NHS.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Getty Images The government has ordered 10,000 ventilators from Dyson to help deal with the coronavirus crisis. The firm, headed by British inventor Sir James Dyson, said it had designed a new type of ventilator in response to a call on behalf of the NHS. The order is still subject to the devices passing stringent medical tests but that is expected to happen quickly. Dyson has had hundreds of engineers working round the clock to design the ventilators from scratch. Blitz spirit It hopes to build the ventilators at scale from its UK base in Wiltshire - using aircraft hangars that were used to stuff parachutes in the second world war. However, the blitz spirit the company is keen to channel will not produce immediate results. It is thought that even if regulatory approval is forthcoming, it could take many weeks to move from prototype to the device being made in significant scale. What is a ventilator? A ventilator is a machine that helps a person breathe by getting oxygen into the lungs and removing carbon dioxide Ventilators can be used to help a person breathe if they have lung disease or another condition that makes breathing difficult. They can also be used during and post-surgery A tube, connected to a ventilator machine, is placed in a person's mouth, nose or through a small cut in the throat (called a tracheostomy) Dyson is not the only game in town. In the meantime, the government has told the BBC that is"picking the low-hanging fruit" by buying as many existing models as it can. Currently, the NHS has just over 8,000 ventilators, the government thinks it can procure a further 8,000 from existing domestic and international suppliers. However, it estimates that the NHS will need at least 30,000 to deal with the potential flood of virus victims. The race is on By way of comparison, the state of New York has targeted the same number of 30,000 required ventilators, even though it has a population one third the size of the UK's. The race has been on for weeks to produce tens of thousands of ventilators to keep people with Coronavirus-related breathing difficulties alive. In one corner is vacuum and hairdryer maker, Dyson. In another is a consortium of manufacturing companies including Airbus and GKN, which makes parts for cars and planes. The approaches of these two groups are very different. Dyson insiders have told the BBC they have a working prototype, designed and built from scratch, which has been tested on humans and is"ready to go". Meanwhile, the consortium of medical, military and civil engineering companies - which includes Airbus, Meggit, GKN and others - is working to ramp up the production of an existing design. Usually, these processes would take months or even years. It is a measure of the current emergency that the decision making process has been reduced to days. Share this story Read more: BBC News (UK)

Rather worrying and smacks of a Tory deal for all the wrong reasons right now. Just hope I am wrong Why when his company hasn't the experience and UK based companies who do this are ignored? Meanwhile UK based actual manufacturers of ventilators and European procurement schemes were ignored to give the contract to Brexit and tory supporting Dyson BrexitOverBreathing

Well done to Dyson for the quick development. Dyson We at Code A Weld were overwhelmed to see what you are doing for our NHS and Country and we would like to offer our services to you, free of charge, to support you in any way we can, whether that is WPQR’s or support testing. Please get in touch DysonUK AskDyson NHS

Why are all Tory donors getting contracts for NHS equipment when normal manafacturers can produce them quicker.Also EU support has been ignored.When will the great Chris Grayling release the Russia report? Jobs for the boys alive and kicking even during a pandemic! That seems to have taken a long time to order.

Once again it comes down to money over life. Dyson with his wealth should be producing them and distributing them as fast as he can for free. What kind of humanitarian's are these people? Is that Dyson as in moved their production to China Dyson? TBH, if they are like their vacuum cleaners, you're dead. Can't see one working for an hour, let alone 20 days. And plenty of other decent companies have already risen to the challenge.

Why not increase production from existing companies ?

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Our grandkids will be paying for these for many years to come. I’m sure he’ll be charging the NHS top dollar for them. The old boy network! Government props up Brexit friend with bung,to build untested ventilators in Singapore. Seriously,if this backfires or has delays more people will die. Great, so when you're on a Dyson ventilator you can live for another 15 minutes until the battery dies judging by his vacuum cleaners? ShortLived Dyson

If the government was actively trying to kill people, they would buy Dyson, given the terrible reviews for their vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, etc. Is that the same Dyson who pissed off to another country when funded with public money night Seems the govt could have bought 5,000 ventilators from stock, rather than having to wait... Newsnight

A better headline would be that against all expectations Dyson donates 10,000 ventilators to the UK. However They will suck instead of blow and break at the end of a week They can’t ‘order’ ventilators, they’re not off the shelf from someone who doesn’t and has never made them. Have the govt seen working samples, pre production samples, approved certified samples? Unlikely.

I hope Dyson does this at cost and it is not making money at the expense of people’s lives.....

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If they are priced anything like his vacuum cleaners we'll be penniless!!! night They could have used existing manufacturers but Tories must make money out of a crisis. nulasuchet This is dodgy as f. They will be free, right “A new type of ventilator” - those words ring alarm bells - surely using a known existing design tested in a clinical setting of very sick people with those trained with already familiar equipment is preferable - the consequence of novel design hiccups would be horrendous

Hes a wanker.. can't anybody else make them. He pays no tax and moved his headquarters abroad AFTER encouraging we leave the eu. No mention of the 10,000 Ventilators placed with Dyson. Well I hope he’s back on shore paying tax as a uk business!!! He should build prototype first and prove to meets requirements or better build parts for existing companies like Smiths Medical .

If these dyson ventilators are anything like other dyson products then I wouldn’t bother. Hoovers that don’t suck, fans that blow like an asthmatic, and we’re all familiar with those hand dryers that take forever with you putting your hands in and out like doing the Hokey Cokey.

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Fabulous a company both reputable and reliable- perhaps Mr DYSON will reconsider moving his production abroad now . Certainly the MANUFACTURERS of Europe need to move out of CHINA and distribute their plants better . We may have to pay more but at last we can access products . Dyson wins again! Does that mean they’ll be overpriced and stop working within a year

Will they be cordless? night Why no mention of Gtech, who had a ventilator design of which they could manufacture 1000 units per day ? If there anything like their other products, they'll be the most expensive ventilators ever made 😁 I saw Gtech in Worcestershire were also doing this. Lets hope the advertised 20 minute battery life is a bit longer than the four minutes you actually get.

If they're anything like their vacuum cleaners they'll all be broken in 6 months I wouldn’t want the short straw!! Just hope they’re more reliable than his hoovers

Coronavirus: New hand sanitiser plant 'to be operating within 10 days'The race to give NHS staff greater protection from COVID-19 will see a new hand sanitiser plant operational next week.

Made in China? night Did anyone watch the interview on newsnight on BBC 2 with the Minister for Business & Industry?.. The f**king fella will not answer a straight question!.. It infuriating!..🤦🏼‍♂️😡😡🤬🤬🤯 Isn't Dyson a tax exile. He stand to make a fortune out of hand working taxpayers. Who said crime doesn't pay?

Hope hes not charging for them Clucking Bell. I hope they are more reliable than their hoovers. Bought one and it broke, bought a Miele and it is great. James Dyson is worth £5,900,000,000. He can afford to donate these and should after years of offshore tax avoidance, practices that bleed public services like the NHS.

Amazing stuff...all the technological innovations people come up with quickly in times of crisis..watched how a group of Oxford students came up with a wired model from 1980s to save lives and now this one...brilliant! Blitz spirit... Not the only game in town... In one corner.. in the other... Jesus, what crap is this?

Overpriced and won't last then Except they won't be ready until early April by which time many will already have died due to a drastic shortage of ventilators

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Dyson.. made in Singapore ! Shipped to the UK for .. how much profit Perhaps cheaper to buy from South Korea... Will they be a shitty anodised colour and battery powered ? If they need help they should speak to this guy : Simplest Ventilator Prototype? | 555 timer! via YouTube I hope they're better made than Dyson's bloody vacuums 😂😬

Will have BLOCKED FILTERS in no time. 😡'They should be free' night Presumably, the NHS can net this cost off the £350mm per week promised by Leave ? Would that be Dyson in Singapore? How's that going to work out? What a shambles! Everything below is why design and manufacture of ventilators for health care should not be left to the market.

You are actually joking.

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And where are the critical care nurses coming from, oh wait my 90 nan who used to be a baker is now an NHS volunteer maybe she can look after a critical patient. Made in the uk? Next year when they are put into a store the public will be complaing about the wast of money with all the equipment gathering dust and fastly going out of date.

night I now carry a card saying Do not ventilate with a Dyson What about this option? We’re really headed into something here. I’d rather suffer the fear and wake up to the reality, than suffer anything worse. Time to wake up now. Dont do what you can to keep distance - do the MAXIMUM you can to keep distance.

That'll cost 20 billion by Dyson profit margins. This is very serious if they ordered that many and more Must be overpriced like their vacuum cleaners

night I bet they suck. night If they are like their vacuum cleaners it won't be long until bits fall off Can you confirm that Dyson will need to prove all costs & will only be paid at cost for this order? Only I know for a fact that at least one engineer firm near me was asked by the government last week to reconfigure production on that strict basis.

What about the 30000 gtechventilators night They've just ordered them? Good job we're not in a rush for them then! RealBristolNews For clarity; Dyson doesn't make ventilators. night It's encouraging this effort is going on but I'd like to hear more about when they will realistically be in service given the peak in UK may be a fortnight away

night £600 each when they could be got for £100.. followthemoney

night Why should dyson do this for free? Staff are being employed to make them and need paying; materials cost. I’m reassured a well engineered brand like this is involved Hope they work better than my Dyson Vac. How much will he charge for every completely unit? ToryFibs Dyson cannot get any ventilators out there till... April whenever that is and the peak is in two weeks.

Thought Gtech were making some to Aye .. end of April early may before they be ready .. too late .. smell the coffee people Don't drop them down the stairs. My Dyson went from top to bottom when I was hoovering. Completely buggered. Although maybe it was buggered in the 1st place as it was a crap hoover.

Another billionaire riding on the bandwagon to get richer. Hope they work better than the DC08 vacuum which was crap Suppose they'll be 10x the price of a normal ventilator, like everything else Dyson makes. 🤔

Where is the government going to order the 20,000 ITU nurses from? It really isn't clear when these machines will actually be properly up and running. They are needed in the next two weeks but it is difficult to see how a company that is starting from scratch can produce and properly test so many machines in the space of 14 days.

As everybody knows, Dyson vacuum cleaners only last around a year. 18 months at most. So how long are these ventilator is going to last? Don’t forget, most of these will be made in China instead of the United Kingdom! Guess where the virus started It seems they’ll be ready after the peak of the virus has passed. Yes that makes sense ...not! Manufacturer on newsnight said had government concentrated their efforts to help those already making them that would have made much more sense but he’s heard nothing from government

Will be like these ones made in Ireland, no need to go to buy stuff made in Indonesia? What does the government know that we don't , strikes me we have been hit with a bio weapon , to order that many ventilators they must have concerns another counrty have launched the virus BorisJohnson The only problem with the Dyson ventilators is inserting the patients head vertically and then moving them up and down before the thing turns off after five seconds...

Can’t believe UK Gov is so blatantly favouring cronyism over life when there are manufacturers already able and willing to mobilise, e.g MEC I find the fact that we will need all of these ventilators and more far more worrying than how they're paid for or where they're manufactured. Procurement via EU?

That's bloody amazing For some losing money and jobs and other making money 💰 nice hope Dyson they will think twice before charging the government and not just thinking about profit Perhaps these fantastic British saviors can also help our American friends as well 🙏🤗 There are so many miserable complaining gits on twitter.

Dyson? What a fucking joke, but no surprise. Watch the exchange rate tho matty, Singaporean dollars ain't cheap. Surely Sir James will be donating the ventilators? Blitz spirit, patriotism and all that We are lucky to have such leading companies in our country. The Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners in the hour of your need it will now save your life

Good news but hasn't that billionaire heard of something called altruism? Must be an unknown concept. Tory Donor?

Well done Dyson! ToryFibs Why Dyson? He took tax payer funding then buggered off, much better businesses could have been used. Thought Dyson were pulling out of Europe? ? Oh, a money tree now in UK. I hope you have some humility and charge at cost price ! What a surprise - arch Brexiteer gets millions from Government for ventilators we need now that they haven't even designed yet. It's like the No-deal Brexit ferry contract handed to firm with no boats. Was this Grayling?

ToryFibs Vowed never to buy a Dyson. I'll be furious if I have to die on one of his ventilators. ScouseGirlMedia “It hopes to make them in Wiltshire” = production will be outsourced to China as soon as it becomes clear this will make Dyson and his Tory friends more money. Do they think he’s going to rethink his Brexit strategy with this? DO NOT AWARD THIS MAN THE CONTRACT.

How much is he charging for each 1? ScouseGirlMedia Will they have the digital motor? Another Tory party donor gets the gig and makes cash out of misery, way to go HanCOCK...

jpublik Let’s hope they don’t suck. 'Orders ' ? Surely these are given freely ScouseGirlMedia not a word about others? those in Wales? those put forward by ex army engineers? ScouseGirlMedia Can you remember how his products built up dangerous bacteria....I hope other people haven't forget. Making medical equipment isn't making hoovers.

BBCWalesNews All the Brexiteers sticking together!! I love that the government has listened to scientists about a real threat and invested in solutions while changing policy regardless of economic result because of the need. When this is over can we do climate change next. NHS have 13000 now, not 8000

It sucks corona out of your lungs then sprays it around the room, like their hand dryers sprays dirty water everywhere and their vacuum cleaner is impossible to empty without developing dust lung Just got to wait for them to be made out in the far east and get shipped over. I wouldn't go near a dyson hand dryer at the moment, those things spray dirty water all over the fucking place and are very difficult to not accidentally touch. The bagless vacuum is a step backwards, trying emptying one. Expensive shit

Everyone shagging dyson off .... There not made yet and it doesn't mention money at all in article Do they break just before the warranty ends? Good news for Malaysian business Another scandal to be disclosed later. Dear JamesDyson , Donate them or be buried with the likes of Branson, Martin and Ashley . coronavirus COVID19 dyson

冠状病毒:政府从戴森公司订购10,000台呼吸机 The melts posting their collective bile on here, some of you really do need to get lives. Totally useless without enough qualified nurses to look after patients on these Dyson that campaigned for Brexit then fucked off to Singapore? That bellend? Bet they cost 10x a normal ventilator.

ToryFibs Does that mean the battery is going to go flat halfway through the job?

And expects them to be on the front line when? Anyone else feeling that the billionaires are making decent money out of this crisis?

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