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Government launches new 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign

Government launches new 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign

7/10/2020 9:27:00 PM

Government launches new 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign

Businesses will discover details of customs regime after Brexit on Monday

Fri 10 Jul 2020 18.51 BSTThe government is set to launch a multi-million pound “Get Ready for Brexit” campaign on Monday, aimed at informing businesses of the complex customs regime they will face.Details of the campaign, which will be partly aimed at Britons living in the EU, will be confirmed by Michael Gove in TV interviews scheduled for Sunday. The controversial Brexit border plans –

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which were criticised this week by the international trade secretary, Liz Truss– will be published on Monday along with fresh detail on post-Brexit immigration.A 90-page draft of the new border arrangements, “The Border with the European Union, Importing and Exporting Goods”, seen by the Guardian, lays bare the complicated new paperwork facing all businesses from 1 January, whether there is a deal or not.

Sources say a later draft runs to more than 100 pages and will give businesses the first confirmed details of the scale of the challenge they face in less than six months’ time.The draft version features flow charts and “process maps” instructing businesses on the steps they will need to take in future and needs a three-page glossary to explain some terms relating to importing and exporting.

Draft infogram of new trading arrangementsPhotograph: Draft government documentIt notes that from January, all businesses trading with the EU need to prepare for customs declarations, which have not been required since 1993, when the single market brought down trade barriers.

A series of new inland customs clearance centres and border control posts are expected be built to alleviate congestion in ports including Dover, Portsmouth and Holyhead. New VAT and excise duty arrangements will also apply, with checks to confirm the ID of the driver and that the cargo matches the paperwork provided.

Hauliers will be warned that if they bring in goods for personal use such as alcohol and cigarettes, they will have to be checked even if their cargo is cleared by customs. “When traders return to the UK, if they bring goods back in their baggage, they should go through the red channel at customs,” it says.

Under a phased-in approach lasting six months, the government will hope to get tens of thousands of businesses familiar with the new system, but some fear the IT needed for the so-called “Goods Movement Vehicle Services” will not be ready in time.It will be trialled in Northern Ireland in November, according to an

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11-page HM Revenue and Customs document seen by the Guardian.Last year, the government launched its first “Get ready for Brexit” campaign ahead of Britain’s planned departure on 31 October, urging businesses and individuals to prepare. It was haltedthree days before the UK was supposed to leave

, as the EU granted another extension.It is believed that there will need to be a further campaign by the government if no trade deal is agreed with the EU. From 1 January an extra system would be in place involving tariffs on food, clothing and components in addition to the customs, VAT, security and health checks on animal and plant products.

Checks will be phased in over six months, starting in January,a decision that led to conflict in the party, with Truss writing to Gove and the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to warn that this could leave the UK “vulnerable” to smuggling and to a legal challenge by the World Trade Organization.

While most of the communications will be aimed at businesses, the Foreign Office will also be launching a new advertising campaign on Monday to reach as many as possible of the estimated 1m Britons living in Europe to remind them of Brexit-related changes that will affect them.

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Get ready by stockpiling. What the fuck else is there to say? A dangerous spiv? Good and relevant quote from Thucydides today “Where desire leads hope follows, desire develops the plan and hope suggests that fortune will be generous; and both can be ruinous, as the invisible influence is more powerful than the dangers in plain sight...

Can you please not to put his photo when you write about Gove, it make me want to puke when I look at his sleazy face. 'You voted for it' johnson 'got brexit done'... what's to get ready for? ...ooohh, I see. It was bollox they talked at me. More like, now there's no chance of going back, undoing or mitigating the brexit shitshow, we're gonna finally tell you what brexit means. What part of 'bait & switch' didn't you understand?

Get ready to rumble Michael Gove you are a joke! Will it say how much food and toilet paper to panic buy ? Ahhhh yes the next shit show To summarise, 'brace for impact.' 'Get Buggered by Brexit' Get ready for the final nail into what’s left of the broken UK thanks to twats like this who represent nothing in the World of the average British Man, Woman and Child. We’re all doomed Captain Mainwaring unless the helmsman is relieved at the 24th hour. 🙏🏼 🇪🇺

Has the oven conked out? 🙄 We allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked by the same people who owned Fox News in the USA to make Trump and Brexit possible. The media convinced to believe that bad was good and good was bad. Now what? If Scotland breakaway, we will be as good as the afterlife. Hope, but not logical

Brexit without a deal is coronavirus lockdown 2.0. They sold us a paradise but are preparing us for a Stalin’s USSR. We are fcuked. Literally and figuratively 😤😤😤 Shambles of a government. We could’ve given you more time literally just by asking but PANIC STATIONS PANIC STATIONS Not another one!! 🤢 Who do you think you are kidding Michael Gove? The Minister for untruth only ever sent out to lie to and mislead the Great British Public.

Don't tell me. The campaign will be run by Johnson's second cousin and will cost 5 billion quid? 'Alexa, show me a picture illustrating Gormless'? get oven ready for the Brexit, you are going to be roasted. Yay!!! 👏👏👏👏 It’s been a long time coming!! 🥳 🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉 Brexit has already happened. This should be the 'Get Ready for Government Incompetence' campaign.

Get Ready for Brexit - aka all the reasons we really should have extended the transition but had to keep quiet until it was too late. Will it be “world leading”? Am I the only one who thinks Gove looks demented 🤮🤮 'Get Ready'? We were told it was 'Done' I thought we had already left I think they mean “get ready for the No Deal which we promised would never happen, but that will make us and our mates richer, and screw the rest of you!”

Carcrash. BrexitMeansBrexit Is this like an annual thing now? I am ready for Brexit. My company is on its knees with no income. No income means no additional unnecessary paperwork and cost to have to deal with. BrexitReality Silly grin put in Cummings throw in Boris the invincible and would you trust these Tories. Look what they've done so far a right mess back door Greece entry opticians not needed PPE mate perks contempt for the public. Soon a Buggered Brexit

I swear someone repeatedly mentioned frictionless trade with the eu. STAY ALERT vibes. It's their idea they can sort all the getting ready, I want the oven ready brexit.. Get Brexit in the bin. Get Ready to Get The Thing Done We Said Was Done And That We Banned Saying Another £100 million to be wasted? I thought it was 'done' and an oven ready deal waiting. More lies?

I see his last 'oven ready' deal has gone bad already. Presumably it will be a Cummings 3 worder? I’m going to guess “bend and brace” for Brexit? Can't see Ant & Dec releasing it though. Para. 2 'partly aimed at Britons living in the EU'. That was nearly all of us until recently, grrrr. That flowchart seems a lot more work is now involved (as well as costing more to get items). Hope it is worth it but with this government in charge I won't be holding my breath. I still don't understand why any country would want to make jobs more expensive and difficult?!

Is that a 'world beating' brexit? About time. Free at last to not be able to go anywhere freely. Yippie? Pity the tory fools Get ready to suffer a long and painful agony that is Thought it was done. Guess the oven was not ready for it That's strange I thought Brexit had already happened. I thought the “oven” was supposed to have gone “ping” already on this “brexit” thing? Was it not “ready” after all? They already warn us of the catastrophe it promises to be with their NoDealBrexit Yellowhammer report:

Get oven ready for Brexit looks like a advert for get ready for gormlessness R=1.5 ? Brexit is like being sent to the headmaster for a caning. For a tory it might be painful they still enjoy it. For others, it's just a bloody painful experience,an experience that they can't understand why they received it in the first place.

Brexit has already happened. Maybe Gove was in Coleridge mode, dreaming of Kubla Khan’s stately pleasure dome and the moment passed him by. The year is 2040 & another brexit campaign is launched 😆 Enough. Just do it. Tell us when it’s finished. Get ready...for what? not even they know what’s gonna happen

jpublik Tell us fucking how then, 4 bleeding years and we still have no idea on what is ahead. I thought it was oven ready or did they lie? ^^^^^ Get ready for brexit campaign, really? Is this it, after 4 years 'planning'? UKGov have just used emergency notice to purchase land near Dover for a lorry-park cum customs clearance area. And they want people 'back to work', covid or no covid. EU update:

More public money being shovelled into the pockets of chums in return for 'donations', no doubt. At last! 4 years later. Ye. Fuckin get ready Does this mean I need to start stock piling pasta and bog roll Lots of swear words. Every one. Pandemic Brexit and this Govt. Tories ahead in polls. 2020 is shite. Let's buy lots of wine and get pished.

Is it something along the lines of 'everything will be great, don't worry' as that's what was promised. Brexit is done. They told us so. Yup And how much will they be wasting on this version? Get ready for Brexit II - the revenge. Out of the frying pan into the fire. It is now official Government Policy to meet every practical & intellectual Brexit problem with a phrase that must include the term ‘World Beating’. Failure by ministers to follow this line will result in them being sent to the Intelligence chair for 30 days without any supper.

I feel as if I’ve been getting reading for Brexit for about 4 years now. O ffs sake, just when you thought it can't get any worse. Johnson told us Brexit was done in January so why are we wasting more money on ads? Or “Stay Alert For Brexit” Get Brexit ready and get done ‘Oven ready’, is it? Also why does Michael Gove have such a punchable face?

Wait! What? Didn't they say they already delivered it? Handing out cyanide pills? Oh that face is just SO punchable Oh god as if we’ve not had enough to cope with, we’ve got to go through this nonsense again 😫 Get ready for brexit.... remember when there was nothing in the shops? it will be just lie that only this time they wont be getting filled. remember when you couldn't go abroad? it will be like that only worse.

Get ready cuz were going off that cliff over there! Trust this guy. At long last, good news! Another monumental waste of money... Brexit 50p... Track and trace app... Plane paint job... Out of date PPE... out of date satellites from a bankrupt company...I The list could go on! Everyone seems to have forgotten how much Boris wasted as mayor of London!

Timw to start the Brexit stockpile again then... How about the government launches itself off the island. Rent Free in the Guardian newsroom!! ScumMedia Wonder what all the nodding donkey Tories will say when the effect on their personal finance and pension plans become apparent, a no deal Brexit, who knows what the unforeseen, unintended consequences will be, certainly not Gove & co. not that they care.A future founded on lies.

Hey, you got ratioed: 2.12 at the time of this response (127 replies, 60 likes). Always getting ready but never already done 🙄 Fuck them all I'd rather take this advice... Limbering up for the food riots as we speak Brexit is done, they are confusing it with preparing for their shambles of a negotiation.

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Can we just focus on the one catastrophe for now, please? Disgusting pants down feet in the air Get Ready to Horde Turnips It sounds like “get ready to be our slave” by the government. Does it say 'man the ramparts!' anywhere? Some governments are so out of touch. Small businesses will be pissed off with the paperwork on top of everything they have already been doing. Mainly the ones where the manager or owner does that stuff.

Why do we need to 'get ready'? You told us everything was going to be better. Would much prefer *they* get ready for Brexit, frankly. Does this mean the government are organising themselves finally getting ready to deal with the brexit mess.Oh nope dont be so silly. How about “get ready for No deal” cant believe tories are still pretending in public that they are trying do a deal when PM cummings is for no deal

Or operation red hot poker as it’s colloquially known jpublik Is this an internal Tory party campaign? I guess that’s like preparing a guneral plan. Do we all get a Parker pen? But this time for reals! Wow, this shit show just gets better and better. No Another economic disaster for the poor&vulnerable. Brace ,Brace !

JohnDoh40281930 🙄 bored, bored, bored. In conjunction with the friendly folk at disaster publishing who have brought you such amazing leaflets what to do when the captain announces brace! If HMG chose StayAlertForBREXIT, they could have saved on the artwork and reused the COVID-19 daily briefing yellow and green signs.

Sounds like another rouse to spend a lot of money with Gove or Cummings mates with no receipts. Christ not another launch I think the first couple of months of lockdown would help us get ready for Brexit. Or at least understand what it’s going to be like 🤯 If brexit is going to be as beneficial to Gove & Cummings (they're making money with company that didn't go through standard bid & vetting procedures) as COVID19, then it will be a repeat of one rule for the elite & fck the people. Rich brexiteers will benefit, poor ppl won't

Please stop posting images of that cretin. He puts me off my food. Whilst trying to absorb all of this self inflicted pain, please don’t forget we are likely to still be in the middle of a global pandemic - but no doubt Great British *common sense* will see us through ? With that coke head leading it of course doomed to total failure, he nor anyone in government have a clue disastrous

Stockpile, stockpile, stockpile, stockpile, stockpile............. Thought they'd banned the word.... Why do we need to 'get ready' for something with 'no downsides, only considerable upsides' 🤔🧐 Kasperln Gove and Mr Bean: Separated at Birth I'm getting ready for it. I'm practicing by visualizing sunlit uplands, unicorns flying around the blue sky and plucking cherries from the trees. That was a joke. I'm prepping for it by staying home, isolated. Coronavirus lockdown is brexit prep!

Get ready to get rid of the tory twats that lied and are still lying to the people. Remember the promised 350 million pounds PER WEEK that would be available just for the health service. Well bojo, gove, were is it.? Would you/could you/SHOULD you trust this person? New fresh one nation for the people F*CK 'US OVER Government SUICIDE campaign.

Will it involve guidelines on stockpiling? Time to start laying in supplies of food If you are one of the lucky ones able to afford to Disaster capitalism incoming GetReady Brexit “Bend over and take it” Bellends. God help us...with this pathetically poor conservative government you just know that it's going to end in disaster.

How much more of our money are this shower going to waste on this? 🤮🤮 Didn’t we get ready for Brexit a couple of years ago? Lol Did you have to use that discusting human being (apparently) as the main pic ? I thought we were ready..... Can we, please, rejoin the EU? I will answer:- Yes. Brexit and the referendum was wrong, stupid and idiotic.

Hope its better than The track and trace campaign The Covid 19 contract tender campaign The buy a dud satellite campaign The discrete Durham weekender campaign. And the condescending clap the NHS campaign. LMAO I forgot all about this terrible, xenophobic idea. Why waste more money on the disaster about to happen 😂

Look at that smug face. He is so vile. FFOKCUF! get oven ready, I thought we were all set, good to go with an oven ready deal and countries falling over themselves to trade with us is that not right? Just trolling us now he looks like a happy turkey who doesn´t know about Christmas Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to u the 'Get ready for brexit' campaign, from the same clowns who spent £12,000,000 on a track and trace app that never worked and won't work, let's not talk about Chris Grayling

You get ready for Brexit you halfwit. michaelgove Uh! I thought Brexit had occurred earlier this year. Surely this is 'Get Ready for a Non Existent Trade Deal, it ain't gonna be pretty' Time for another dose of English nationalism. Vote leave. Protect the Tories. Fuck lives. Gov: 'GET READY FOR BREXIT!!!' Businesses & Public: 'Cool. What's going to be changing?' Gov: 'Not a f***in' clue. know...GET READY FOR IT!!!' *repeat forever* 😒

Is this for Liz Truss's benefit - she doesn't seem sure that the government are ready for Brexit. What time to have so many incompetent people in charge! Get Ready to Die in a Ditch I thought Brexit had been done!? That’s what we were told in January! never was there an Aberdeen 'loon' more hated 🤣 'Go out and spent at restaurants' 'We're about to drive ourselves off an economic cliff, so get ready!' These are two conflicting statements. Brexit means people should be saving as much money as possible in preparation for the economic shock we know is coming.

'Get Ready to Get Brexit Done' We don’t want it. We don’t want Brexit We don’t want Boris ToryCovidCriminalMismanagement ToryBritain Welcome to the music I hear every time I see a still of that person, Omen was a helluva movie. Anything from the government with a slogan never works. I bet Cummings is behind these phrases they keep coming out with.

Again. There's a face you'd never tire of slapping. Hard. 🤮 Brexit wrecks it! What are we getting ready for? Boris has already done Brexit - the tea towel says so 👇 lisaocarroll Begs the question 'What's the point negotiating with EU if govt is telling us now what is to happen!' Bloody farce! shunt it be the oven deals ready for brexit campaign

In 2016, the UK was told it could get cheaper produce outside of the eu & its right. Mercosur a EU_Commission FTA was agreed, but Austria blocked it, Ireland/France would have done the same, not on welfare/standards, but price. Now the NFUtweets trying to do the same thing The last one was a complete waste of money.

How do you want to get ready for something which already happened? It’s like entering a train but the train is already gone so you fall on the track. It literally makes no sense. How dumb is the British Government? I can’t anymore lmaooo 😂 😂 😂 Should be pretty easy given that all the changes will be positive (according to Gove and Johnson) this should be a peace of piss

Hey - any more pizza recommendations? Get Ready for Brexit.....and Die Go for a drive How many millions wasted here Nooooooooooo....., This should be good Have we decided what Brexit is exactly this time? I feel like I’m being teased every time. How about bollocks Good luck with that 'The government is set to launch a multi-million pound “Get Ready for Brexit” campaign' Ahhh UK, you're hilarious...

Justice league launches new 'Get Ready for joke' campaign He has noticed that Brexit isnt even in the top 5 points of the EU anymore ? .. Brexit was and is the die hard dream of the wealthy and corrupt elite that enticed the dumb folk to vote for them. We all know how successful the last £46 million 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign was....

Thursday briefing: Brexit – we're not ready, trade secretary warnsRegime risks smuggling, invites WTO challenge and leaves Northern Ireland status in question … eating out on a mini-budget … Clacton Pier stretches ahead Don’t tell us, tell the blonde idiot in charge. The absolute cheek of it. No doubt this is our fault too. No sh*t

Brexit plans could face international legal challenge – follow liveFollow all the latest developments Sounds like another boris mess up COULD ...... I have zero doubt this is the plan, and has been for months. Brexit is in the hands of postal ballots! ~ Place yer bets! 1. Trump 'loses'; 2. Biden = 'No trade deal!'; 3. BREXIT CANCELLED (again-again-again). tories globalists theatre

Liz Truss is suddenly worried about a Brexit deal – but for the wrong reason | Jill RutterThe international trade secretary fears the UK may fail to comply with WTO rules. But the real issue is trade with the EU, says Jill Rutter, a senior research fellow Floyd's murder was carefully prepared ... aimed at moving the American street ... and to relieve pressure on China ... Is Chauvin a member of a left-wing secret organization !! .. serving on the ground (Russian-Chinese) interests !! .. Does this now make her part of 'project fear ' ? She really should be incredibly worried about her largely agricultural industry employed constituents in S.W.Norfolk the vast majority of whom have voted for her giving her a safe seat for years.

Brexit riddle: How hidden phrase in Irish border solution revealed real fear for EU tradeBREXIT trade talks are taking place at breakneck speed this month, but an Irish commentator has pointed out that there's one key problem which has not been focused on yet - how the Emerald Isle is going to transport goods to the rest of the EU post-Brexit.

Trade Secretary says Boris Johnson’s Brexit border plans vulnerable to smugglers and WTO challengeTrade Secretary says Boris Johnson's Brexit border plans vulnerable to smugglers and WTO challenge Are the Tories in on that already? Yeah but has the Rt Hon lady remembered to insert some papers in her file for this photo op? MushyMelbowHead Seems like the UK is becoming an Eldorado for the bad, the ugly, and the untouchable ones...

Brexit panic: Why Ireland’s fishermen fear ‘unmitigated disaster’ as trade talks stallBREXIT talks have been accelerated this month as the UK and EU rush to find an agreement before the end of the year - yet, Ireland reportedly fears the negotiations have not addressed the crucial matter of the nation's fishing waters.