Gove 'trusts common sense' on masks in shops

Minister Michael Gove says he does not think face coverings should be mandatory in shops in England.

7/12/2020 3:05:00 PM

'I trust people's good sense' Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove says he does not think face coverings should be compulsory in shops in England

Minister Michael Gove says he does not think face coverings should be mandatory in shops in England.

Media captionMichael Gove:"It's always better to trust people's common sense"Senior minister Michael Gove has said he does not think face coverings should be compulsory in shops in England, saying he trusts people's common sense.

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Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr, Mr Gove said wearing a mask in a shop was"basic good manners".On Friday, Boris Johnson said a"stricter" approach was needed so people wear masks in confined spaces.Senior government sources have said the issue is being kept under review, as Labour called for clarity on the issue.

Currently, face coverings are compulsory on public transport in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to help stop the spread of coronavirus.In Scotland, they are also mandatory in shops. Wales recommends masks but they are not compulsory.Who needs to wear a face covering in the UK?

However, there have been calls for the UK government to make its stance on masks clearer, following comments from Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday.Mr Johnson - who was pictured wearing a mask for the first time during a visit to his constituency - said:"I do think we need to be stricter in insisting people wear face coverings in confined spaces where they are meeting people they don't normally meet.

"We are looking at ways of making sure that people really do have face coverings in shops, for instance, where there is a risk of transmission."Also on Friday, senior Whitehall sources said the government was considering making face coverings mandatory in shops.

They said while no decision has yet been made, it is an issue that is being kept under review.Image copyrightNo 10Image captionBoris Johnson wore a mask for the first time as he visited a shop in Uxbridge on FridayAsked about the issue on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Mr Gove said:"I don't think mandatory, no, but I would encourage people to wear face masks when they are inside, in an environment where they are likely to be mixing with others and where the ventilation may not be as good as it might.

"I think that it is basic good manners, courtesy and consideration, to wear a face mask if you are, for example, in a shop."The Cabinet Office minister added:"Now of course the government at all times does look at the emerging evidence about what the best way to control the disease is.

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"If necessary, and if tough measures are required and as we have seen in Leicester, obviously a very different situation, then tough measures will be taken."But on the whole... it's always best to trust people's common sense."He earlier told Sky's Sophy Ridge On Sunday that wearing a face covering"definitely helps you to help others in an enclosed space". He also urged people to return to work rather than stay at home.

"We want to see more people back at work, on the shop floor, in the office, wherever they can be," he said.Coronavirus: How to make your own face maskShadow Cabinet Office minister Rachel Reeves said Labour would support mandatory face coverings for shops, as it"would inspire greater confidence and might encourage more people to go out and spend money".

"I think people are increasingly wearing them but I think some greater clarity from government about that, I think, would be helpful," she said."People want to do the right thing but they want to know what the right thing is. We already have it on public transport."

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Send out the Gove to say the opposite of what people should be doing seems to be a successful strategy! Is he talking about the same people that overwhelmed the beaches on the south coast a few weeks ago? Mandatory to wear one outside at all times here in Barcelona. UK should copy, especially in larger cities.

BBCPolitics you just don't bother questioning him on the science of wearing coverings They UK govenment are held accountable for absolutely nothing Is he real ? Trust no one. Well we can always have a second wave I guess. Its almost like this government only makes rules that only benefit them... Also you would think it wold be 'common sense' for a government who are paid to lead and protect to make masks mandatory.

Covid19 brought to the forefront every idiot that ever there was Simple confirmation. Put Gove on a bus without a mask with the cameras rolling. Like that idiot Douglas Hogg feeding his daughter a bun burger during the mad cow crisis (& I don't mean Thatcheŕ) Presenting liars as legitimate commentators. British media 2020

Idiot Good sense?! Mandate them on trains? People shouldn’t have to travel when others don’t respect the rules! This has to be enforced! Gove is a total plonker and champion procrastinator there are other more appropriate but less flattering 😷...... no Thankyou. Please can someone from this government make a decision....

This comment from Give proves the point that he is one of the people who don't care or don't take the virus seriously, and that is also one of the reasons why the virus is still here. Michael Gove is a fool and should not be allowed to stay in government.!!! Then, be prepared for the second wave and lock down again

Says a consummate liar who permanently wears a mask of sincerity. This virus is not going to die off & vaccine is 12 mth away. The antibiotics to help relieve symptoms maybe soon but this virus China has released is not going anywhere. It will stop ppl shopping in supermarkets & go online. As ppl with masks will not distance as feel safe. Yet those not masked r more aware to distancing & not fiddling with masks etc. And ppl with health issues including hay fever season.

Sorry the UK does not have good common sense. Time to wake up. Who listens to this duplicitous little weasel. Whos only aim is Tory leadership. Will you please stop with the mixed messages you're sending? People are confused and scared. BBCPolitics Facecoverings. It’s not rocket science. Did Gove not see the beaches crammed with UK people or, those on Black lives matter demonstrations recently, with the majority either not wearing a mask or, observing sociañ distancing? A lot of UK people are reckless & dim in their approach to covid.

Tough measures Leicester! BorisisaJoker If ever there was a case for wearing a mask its GOVE! doasisaynotasido He is a muppet Correct me if I am wrong but he is inside mixing with others. Double standards Have anyone considered the probable reason why the government kept delaying in making masks mandatory is because masks would stop all the 'big brother' facial recognition solutions they have access to all over the place, such as petrol stations and shopping centres?

Good sense hmm Bournemouth Beach? Soho ? Brighton Beach ? Illegal raves? He should not be in office ever again ! Once again our government fails to measure up to the standards set in Scotland . If we are treated like adults, most people will behave like adults. You won’t get 100% even if you make it compulsory. Blanket rules work for the stupid but most adults who can tie shoe laces can work out when they will benefit from wearing one.

Time for him to go. Tit I’m not sure there is much common sense in the country! What he's actually saying is 'I know people in this country are thick..' What a fluffer he is BBCPolitics Utter nonsense from michaelgove - face coverings SHOULD be mandatory in shops & other public enclosed spaces. They do reduce the probability of Covid-19 transmission between individuals. Relying on 'people's good sense' is crazy - clearly, too many people have no 'good sense'!

*Common sense* is looking both ways before you cross the road, dealing with the obvious risks you grew up with. A novel, poorly understood threat needs clear guidance based on up to date science, a behavioural understanding. People have shown themselves to be lacking in good sense. Make masks compulsory.

Has he been living under a rock....he clearly has no sense! Good sense.. English public.. What planet 🪐 you living on .. total arsehole mate.. 😂😂😂 Just goes to show how out of touch some of our politicians are. Obviously he hasn't been out shopping recently. You can count on one hand, how many people are wearing masks.

Interestingly Japan, who have a culture of mask wearing, are experiencing their fourth day of greatest infection rate increase since the pandemic began 🧐 Which England does Gove live in? You are only entitled to such a life and death opinion if you do your own shopping and catch public transport. Clearly he hasn’t been to a shop. Went out to the shopping centre today (wearing a mask) and there was hardly anyone wearing them. Don’t trust people’s common sense. It’s in short supply.

Common sense? Well Marlow is clearly collectively immune somehow, looking at the way people are carrying on here then Thank goodness for the common sense of the great British people... If I had a face like Gove, everyone around me would be telling me to wear a mask. Preferably plastic and one that covered the mouth and nose

Pretty sure if we get a second wave this fucking numpty will quickly blame people not wearing face masks Because we always seek important advise from self confessed coke users... Good let’s stick with catch it, bin it, kill it rather than the face mask catch it, keep it, spread it approach He does not think.

I don’t even see why this is even talked about, the government never mentioned mandatory face masks, it was touted by that muppet SadiqKhan and the BBC hopped on the back of a non story, again, to try to stir up bad feeling in the population scummedia Well said sir. My new face covering arrived today...can’t wait to use it in shops and GP surgery tomorrow facemasks ..

Quick story for michaelgove. In my local supermarket today a guy walked around puking everwhere. First in his hand then purposefully doing it all over the floor. Fuck knows what else he touched in there. People don't have good sense. They are disgusting fucking dogs Garbage BBCPolitics Pompous twatt

Moronic But common sense is not common. Why not make them mandatory and wait for more evidence. To add to this, to practice social distancing 1+ meters in London it’s not always possible. So yes we do need decision yes or no. Get a grip, the general public are selfish and stupid I agree with gove on this one, it shouldn't be mandatory, but it should be encouraged. tbh just saying 'wear a mask' probably hurts our numbers as people will believe that's how you beat Corona instead of practicing good personal hygiene.

It’s common sense I don’t: they gave this government a huge majority and have left us at the mercy of Conspiracy Theory. Yeah but he ain't the brightest bulb is he, I mean c'mon Trust in common sense? Unfortunately it’s not common anymore. The problem with common sense is that sense isn’t that common. Have you seen 'peoples good sense' in the shops Mr Gove?

PEOPLE DON’T HAVE GOOD SENSE. Like your government have? Michael Gove is an utter disgrace. A man who's not trustworthy, without scruple and lacking integrity. I don't believe a word he says. My astonishment is due to the fact that certain idiots deemed him fit for electing. michaelgove ‘People’s good sense.’ This guy clearly never sets foot outside his own front door!

Idiot BBCPolitics Gove has no sense! Common sense isn’t a thing, it’s something said by libertarians who won’t accept that it’s a failed ideology. Libertarianism is based on the fallacy that if everyone was left to their own devices, given the information, people always make the right decisions. It’s bunkum.

“On the whole, my view is we need to shift as much responsible from the government to the public so if things do fuck up, it ain’t on us” is what he’s trying to say If you look like a pleb, then you probably are a pleb, rite gov. I don’t expect anybody to come into my shop wearing a mask I do however expect you to respect the two meters and talk to me through our glass barrier if you don’t have enough respect to do that you will be shown the door I’m not risking my staff on the Ill mannered

Could it be that he is an agent provocateur, sent by Mel Gibson to destroy England from the inside? People’s good sense🤔🤔🤬🤬😷😷 BovarysComplnt He looks crossed eyed Good luck in trusting people’s common sense and good manners. One thing I’ve realised from this pandemic is that there are millions of nobheads in this country.

Have Ministers not worked out yet that many of the people who won't wear masks voluntarily are, probably, less likely to bother about keeping socially distanced or, possibly, continue with diligent hand washing? BBCPolitics To be fair Michael does consistently talk crap.Hey,he did guarantee teachers from the virus,more than the experts in science could do.

Then your a bigger fool than I took you for. Why is this government so spineless not to make them compulsory? Is it because they've run the police force down so much they know they couldn't enforce it? Not a fan of Nicola Sturgeon but she's made better decisions than our lot BBCPolitics Why bother having any laws? Let’s just trust the good old fashioned British common sense for everything. I’m sure that’ll go well.

The trouble is I’ve seen very little good sense from some people who spoil it for all. Witnessed a poor Homebase employee get physically assaulted for asking a man to follow the one way system it was horrific! How can you trust a public that put you in power? BBCPolitics Why is English Govt not being challenged on these appalling numbers of deaths? BBC hides them behind UK results, but the breakdown by each of Nations shows English Govt is failing badly. BBCPolitics bbcworldservice BBCnews BBCScotlandNews Marr BBC

BBCPolitics He should wear one full stop 😷 michaelgove really? Have you met people? If you had a modicum of common sense michaelgove you wouldn’t trust other people to have common sense! Gove another out of touch Tory. Life long Tory supporter to my shame, never again. Face masks must be compulsory or will you come and do my food shopping for me where the vast majority of people DO NOT wear a mask. You are putting me at increased risk check the science Gove.

Masks should be mandatory outside of the home, just like clothes are. There is no negative effect of wearing a mask, only positive WearADamnMask. It will be a key tool for us to get back to normal, with the priority being vaccines. Only then should we come out of lockdown. round and round we waffle ....

Any advice from this imbecile is best ignored. .michaelgove ... Peoples good sense? I have seen dirty mingers Touch their hair, mouths, pick their noses, coughing and spluttering then proceed to touch baked goods and fruit and Veg Dirty stop outs!...Mask and gloves whilst food shopping Is a must! I wouldn't trust the common sense of the British public. Remember Bournemouth beach

Good sense ? People ? Has he even been Asda or any other shop with people ! Come on now people are not going to do this!! They been told to wear on one busses and they take them off as soon as their on the top level in Brighton! Good sense ? Is he for real? 🙄🤣 BBCPolitics What weasel words from Gove, wearing a face covering helps protect other people not necessarily wearer. By not making it mandatory the government is making any upturn in the spread of the virus, the fault of everybody but the government. Because we didn’t follow their advice.

Exactly...too late trying to endorse sonethingnthey should have agreed on at the beginning. Proper etiquete against Covid_19 ?! Lol Stop trusting people. I’m always coming across people on buses not wearing masks and there meant to be mandatory. No. People = shit. 🙄 Talk about passing the buck So that’s why they have done guidelines instead of rules so they can blame us, like Boris blamed the care homes for the government’s ineptitude

MattHancock hardly surprising, since it's proved to be an unenforceable policy on public transport He trusts these covidiots as well! BorisJohnson michaelgove Conservatives UKLabour Good sense - no chance look what happened at the beaches they just don’t want to make the decision Another Trump BBCPolitics So those who protect others will wear them, those who don’t care about others won’t.

Govt should know by now people need to be showed or told what to do. This man is an utter 🤡 Says Gove who is surrounded by colleagues who have shown no sense or credibility! Sod off! Have you see. The good sense people have, just look at the beaches, pubs, parks and all the illegal parties and Raves 😣 ridiculous

How about criminals you don’t trust and yet you trust them with their good sense regarding horrible virus? What a strange view you have! The problem is that people will freak out as soon as they see a minority not wearing one. So it’s not freedom for everyone. People like domoniccummings ? I have an experiment. Lets abolish all speed limits on British roads & motorways & lets see how much common sense the public will show.

I do BBCPolitics Another piece of clear and consistent advice from Michael Gove. Do, don’t, possibly, maybe, always, never, wear, don’t wear, inside, outside, enforce, voluntary, unequivocal, ambiguous, rules, guidelines, advice, positive, uncertain. Hello, Goodbye. Thanks, Your Welcome. It was herd immunity from the start.

BBCPolitics People need clear messages! ‘I also believe in fairies’ British people are idiots. It needs to be the law. You can’t expect common sense from a country which voted Tory and to exit the EU. British people can’t be trusted. People don't have sense. I went into our local supermarket that was packed. People were social distancing-ish but shouting across the store to each other. Myself and one other shopper had a mask on. Make it mandatory, safeguard us.

Can he tell us why face covering should not compulsory for all and did he suggested that, the evidences has had from scientists? Just another way to blame the public when a second wave inevitably hits us. Government once again avoiding taking any responsibility. What a shambles. Shit this guy has a complete lack of common sense.

He should wear one permanently BBCPolitics Common sense says we shouldn't do Brexit, and definitely not so No Deal Brexit, but here we are. BestForBritain Well Gove you are on your own! You obviously don't shop near me. Not enough sense in this country sadly 😔 because they cannot police it... Spain its the law to wear it and they actually have a police force that does its job.

there is a pandemic, 50,000 people in the Uk have died and he is talking about wearing masks to be POLITE, yep further evidence that Gove has no grasp on reality This is why you aint getting Covid down You don't need one outside. Unless you have some nut-job coughing all over the place ( but they been doing that for years on buses,) then just put a bag over his head... But in shops and on buses you do...because people are disgusting fkers ...

BBCPolitics Gove ia a weasel who is clearly lacking a brain cell or two if he genuinely thinks common sense exists with the british people. Proven plenty of times its the opposite. Common sense is out the window across the UK. Anyone with a brain can see that 🙄😒 Have you met the British public? Surely the fact that Boris is PM is incontrovertible evidence that their common sense isn’t something to rely upon.

FFS, it’s a virus! Which is all but burned out. Flatten the curve they say, now this! A bunch of clowns. BBCPolitics 1,201,576 have signed the petition to get Cummings sacked. Keep it going and contact the Tory MPs, their twitter address is on-line. BBCPolitics Really! I guess you don’t go to supermarkets then. Where people cue nicely to get in then a free for all when you get in.face coverings mandatory and stop being weak

michaelgove is a bag head The plan is to divert blame back onto the people 😡 Prat Well done MichaelGoveMP somebody using sense What an insipid man Good. Ask us to wear in march and definitely. Ask us to wear just in shops, pointless. Not everyone has good sense. Some people are as thick as two short planks. They can pass on the disease as easily as a university don. That’s what rules are for.

'I trust people's good sense' 😂 and what exactly are you basing this on, Mikey? People's common sense ? Some people don't behave at all ! But let's also talk about some politician's CommonSense and ... behaviour ! 🤔 So if it goes tits up, it’s easy to blame the public. Great leadership.🤔 I always thought Michael Gove looks like a tranquilest puppet. Listening to this, it's clear who's arm, is stuck where.

That man has more sh7t coming out of his mouth than his ar53 h0l3. Been listening to Trump!! You politicians are bunch of numb heads 🤬, never know what is the best thing to do, you make big mistakes 🤨costing innocent lives and avoiding answering questions 🤬, so all of you go and f*** yourselves 🤑😡🤧😎

Good BBCPolitics Stupid man what’s he know about medical thing wear a mask for gods sake It's a good job we don't take anything you say for granted. Now leave the room and let the big scientific boys talk! Idiot! The first people to try for herd immunity now fail to recognize when a herd behavior will help.

Does he mean the same people all protesting next to each other and crowding the beach? Even the Government doesn't have common sense! BBCPolitics Just back from Tescos... 10% masks. The messaging has been so mixed it's not surprising. Govt has got the whole thing wrong. Just another example of weak leadership from our government. Sturgeon has run rings round Westminster with here clear instruction to the people of Scotland.

Come with me to my local waitrose michaelgove , not a lot of 'good sense' in evidence there, either amongst my fellow shoppers or indeed the staff 😠 Idiot. The public health messaging from this government has been disastrous from day one. This is the problem with a laissez-faire approach which sees some kind of English virtue in 'winging it'.weakweakweak

Face nappies all over the floor in my town today. Shows the sort of people that wear these filthy rags. People have no sense. Look at the people’s record. Boaty McBoat Face, Brexit, Johnson, gatherings. McDonalds, Lowest Common Denominator. A nation in decline. Is he on drugs again ?! This is a glib statement that has been pushed again and again. We trust people to have good sense unless we run of of KFC or loo roll.

I’m in Thailand, everyone wears a mask, it’s not compulsory but people use their good sense and does. Very civilised. He thinks it would be sensible to wear masks inside when mixing with others and when ventilation may be poor. However, masks are not necessary in schools. Can anyone explain this? michaelgove GavinWilliamson wgmin_education

Completely agree frankly they should be voluntary in all environments. Get rid of masks soon. So Gove is hoping to give people a sense of what is wise. He's not an expert, heaven forbid, but he's hoping common sense will prevail. It's a bit too on the nose that he's doing the work of a puppet while looking like a coked-up Parker. Thunderbirds are all for show.

This is ridiculous and as usual poorly understood. The pro-mask people think it will inspire confidence and revive the shops but they seem to forget the many that do not want the inconvenience of wearing a mask so won’t go to the shops but shop online. That’s because he has no chin to hold it in place!!!

If you make then compulsory they would have to admit we have a Covid-19 issue. MP's companies have not made enough to sell to us at an inflated price; then; when they have cornered the market; it will be compulsory; everywhere. Experience of Asian countries counts, but complacent Brits are never willing to learn from them

Still not following any science then and btw nobody regards what Cummings says as a science He needs to come shopping at our local Tesco_Epping marksandspencer Epping then!! 😷😷NoSocialDistancing SaveLives protectothers Wasn’t gonna wear a mask anyways 😂🖕 BBCPolitics He’s speaking! He must be lying!

Ah, the great British common sense, you mean like this? ' I trust people's good sense ' Yet again, blame the people. Slimy weasel. MaskUpSaveLives JohnsonKleptocracyOut Well, that's some good news, I suppose. But really, when you apply more than a couple of brain cells to the situation, you should be able to see that most of this mask wearing stuff has more than a touch of the Mad Hatter about it. For common sense see:

Spoken from a studio wearing no mask... Hahahaha Bollocks thank you General public have no common sense when shopping... One way system, they go the wrong way... No touching items unless to be bought signs, they touch everything... No entry signs, people ignore or 'don't see'... When shopping the only people the public care about is themselves.

Like trusting people’s common sense has been successful so far? Some leadership and decisive decision making is what I’m looking for from a government. The government hasn’t any “ good sense “ and they expect the public to use theirs. Wish we could trust him Bedwetters in meltdown after this! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Well there was no good sense in Tesco just now!! Walked out as people were appalling! A massive victory for the truthers and failure for the bedwetters. I can’t wait for the first person in a shop to tell me I’m bad mannered! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Say what you like about Mickey, you can trust him to put personal ambition ahead of cabinet loyalty. With the bloviating quockerwodger on borrowed time before Tory grandees ditch him, Mickey has to get distance from the current decisions to help his leadership bid in January.

BBCPolitics 'I trust people's good sense' Has Gove actually ever MET a person? BBCPolitics Then he’s highly unobservant. The Great British Public are relentlessly ignorant. Hardly any masks seen on my local beach at all. Better to stay indoors at the weekend and read Gothic literature. He's saying this because 1) they want herd immunity and they can say 'we told you so' when second wave hits. 2) He never goes in a shop and has no idea what it's like to work in one... Common sense goes out the window when public customers enter shops. Signs ignored frequently.

Absolutely. People with common sense! 🤣 Every beach on a nice day, every city with demonstrations! Illegal raves and gatherings! Common sense is a wonderful thing! 🤣🤣 Bloody idiot The general public have no good sense....after all, they voted you lot in!!!!!! Been to the garden centre and pets at home today, we wore face coverings, surprising how few had them, many who had them on was pulled down under the nose! 😷

Wear a mask nope.all advised no gloves, don't touch unless your going to buy,use sanitizer as you enter shops etc.dont travel,dont go near loved ones,no,don't,no,don't,no,don't.why not hell tell us truth,what we can do,where we can go etc ppl sense, ha ! there is none The British people don’t have common sense as ably demonstrated on beaches and in pubs. If government doesn’t legislate, masks will not be worn.

Because clearly he works in retail. Customers are behaving like it was all a dream! Idiotic! If you have to wear them in shops then you will have to CLOSE pubs and restaurants as it will be a challenge to wear them there but you spend more time there and are a lot closer than in a shop, you will have double standards again !!!!

10DowningStreet Gove is a moron, lies and deceit is all he’s good for. They could not organise a piss up in a brewery if someone supplied the glasses and left the beer taps running. A disgraceful Party who have presided over an estimated 65,000 virus deaths, most of them, their voters The government need to remember.. we are watching, we are taking screenshots, and we don’t forget easily.... yesterday BorisJohnson says wear face masks in shops... and work from home where possible....but today michaelgove is saying don’t wear face masks and go to work!

Good sense from the same folks who voted for Brexit? We're a free and allegedly intelligent society.. Do we need MPs to be telling us everything we should do.. If based on your belief wearing a mask will help then do it... Don't let the media BBC Sky Ch4 tell you what you should be thinking. BBCPolitics He makes my skin crawl

Even if it may help by a small percentage why wouldn’t you! This man is a fkin clown.. 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 Hey, you got ratioed: 1.48 at the time of this response (251 replies, 170 likes). BBCPolitics Here's a wee reminder of just how vile & nasty dear little Gove really is, comparing Prince Charles to Hitler is bad enough but how about mocking Princess Diana's suicide attempt.. great leadership material eh..? marr

I’ve worn a mask every time I have had to go out since early January. Until there is a vaccine, I will more than likely continue to do so. Needs to go in asda in Newark. Not a soul in a Mask usually. Ignore one way, ignore hand sanitiser at entrance. Chaos. Only went in as doctor sent prescription to pharmacy. Not going back. No commonsense at all

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🧐 The country proved it does not have good sense when it elected this immoral, incompetent government Just look at people getting in public transport they are not wearing them even when it's law to wear one . SO TRUST THE PUBLIC TO BE SENSIBLE WAKE UP GOVE Stay at home and shop online. BBCPolitics 'I trust people's good sense'

This is how you let a disease spread, and blame it on the public We all know ppl are dumb, I think all weve done since this started is prove how dumb we are 🖕idiot It’s common decency to wear a face mask in shops to protect others and yourself. The science is basic - we know coughs and sneezes spread it, face masks reduce the chance of that. Nor is it a big deal to wear one until we’re out of this so we’re not going in/out of lockdowns

So nothing from pig face on the 750 million being spend on a brexit border the country wouldn't need. Finally some good sense, I expect fakenews spreader BBC will go to war against this appeal to freedom He is clearly trusting the person who looks to have injected botox in his forehead and fillers into his cheeks...wouldnt want a mask hiding his new look 🤓

michaelgove passing the buck for murdering 70K people There wasn’t very much good sense going on in my local Sainsbury’s this morning I was def odd one out wearing a mask and almost felt uncomfortable for doing so 😳 Fail. Trusting people’s judgement doesn’t work here in the US... / Well Micheal Gove ! World History proves that you are wrong to “Trust People’s Good Sense” !!!

Verify your claim with WHO Hallelujah! Thank God common sense has prevailed, the is absolutely no need to force people to wear masks, especially given there is a lot of debate over their effectiveness for members of the general public. What good sense? make it law outside of your house WEAR A MASK The numbers have fallen. Most people aren’t ill. Numbers are very small. No mask wearing

COCAINE-RAVAGED michaelgove He would even sniff coke with facemask on. The man is still on it. This government of BorisJohnson is still on cocaine ToryDrugOff FaceMasks mixed messaging FFS. *rushes to beach and shits in a burger box* It's the law here. The next day, everyone is wearing them and it's just totally normal (actually kind of shocking to see someone without a mask now). It's also a visual signal that we're all in this together. It's 100% positive. There are no drawbacks to wearing masks.

So is he saying 'good sense' IS to wear a mask in shops? And if that is good sense, why doesn't the government use that same good sense and make it compulsory? Stop abdicating any responsibility - you're the government! BBCPolitics All this wishy washy libertarianism from michaelgove - lots of words, lots of pointless rhetoric to say absolutely nothing.

So, let's not have a law against murder. I'm sure we can trust people's 'good sense'. If people must wear them, it becomes normal very quickly. Give them a choice, and it will always be controversial. If only half wear them, you're not doing what you can. It's as if only half the houses blacked-out their windows during the bombing of London.

BBCPolitics STILL determined to kill us, despite already having killed tens of thousands Not a lot of common sense in the local supermarket here That's the same people who used their 'Common Sense' to vote Brexit? Vote in this Government? And descended on beaches in their thousands during a pandemic? Yeah, trust in those folks!

Hear, hear! Lets go! Typical Tory government Gove will do as he is told Cummings is the boss foolishness beyond belief wearamask everywhere if you care He's an idiot. Johnson is an idiot. Zero clarity on anything. Wishy-washy, ill thought out and contradictory statements. With no mandate, most people - as has been seen over the last week - will just plod on as if the pandemic is over.

UKGovernment Psyops There is no common sense in the air, therefore better compulsory and with penalty if people does’not comply. Money (and not health) makes people find sense to everything. Yet again from this government mixed messages,yesterday alleged message may have to wear them,today use common sense ( so they can blame the public), what will be tomorrow 🤷‍♂️

Don't wear seatbelts folks, I trust in your good sense. Not only are they proven to prevent the spread of the virus, but wearing a face mask acts as a visual reminder that things are NOT normal, and to remind people to distance and hand wash . It’s a small ask . BBCPolitics Good sense 😄😄 BBCPolitics Fascinating how the ranters, ill-informed, anti-all-authority brigade get going. They have far too much with their furloughed time. Many of the responses are anti-social media at its most irrelevant..keep up the good work, as no one is really interested in anti-tory bollocks.

I take it we’re scrapping seatbelt and speeding laws? I mean, it’s always best to trust people’s common sense. The fact that he trusts people’s good sense shows this man has no common sense. Madness BBCPolitics For an organisation that is so incredibly biased & out of touch you seem to be suggesting that it should be mandatory and enforceable. Oh then you can highlight the horrible police issuing fines for none compliance. Your all about the collective and not individual responsibility

They don't want to discourage spending. Unbelievable- Who put these people where they are? People in this country lack sense and therefore this should be compulsory Hahaha what an utter wanker America has noted how much better Scotland has dealt with the virus than Westminster. Has he ever been to shops himself since lockdown measures has been eased? In my local area, people are acting like the pandemic has never been existed.

BBCPolitics Translation- even though it's probably the most dangerous activity - keep the pubs open. People's good sense? Some of those people crowded beaches. Some did the Conga. Not too much good sense out there. Make masks mandatory in public places. Face mask or ventilator? Are any of these Tories singing from the same hymn book, or are they all making it ups as they go along. 73 new virus cases in a Farm near, I think Malvern

That is enough to make me wear a mask. I think he is wrong. Wearing face covering in close proximity to others, such as shops gives confidence and would get so many more people out spending and just enjoying life. The government needs to stop pussyfooting around over this. Constant flapping. Just make it mandatory already and lets get on with putting our lives back together

Gove is an idiot and uses every opportunity to prove it. There is no common sense in the air, therefore better compulsory and with penalty if people does’not comple. Money (and not health) makes people find sense to everything. BBCPolitics They want people to go back to offices so they can start also spending money again in shops during the day and after work. If you’ve been working at home, it is likely you’ve been doing longer days and have increased productivity. Only reason for this is the above.

Whish Marr had an adjustable 1 a bit like a Burka BBCPolitics Where are these people living?! Without meaning to be disrespectful, get your head out of your arse michaelgove - there is no such thing as common sense. BBCPolitics They use phrase ' face coverings' as they failed to provide masks for everyone like other Countries have.

Most have common sense, some don’t care, some don’t believe there is a pandemic, some think it’s over, some think they can’t be asymptotic carriers, some don’t think they are at risk, some will keep spreading it to all those who have common sense.... 😷 Ok Mr Gove ignore the science He also probably thinks seatbelts, helmets for motorcyclists and speedlimits shouldn't be compulsory, plus also asbestos should be re-introduced as insulation. This bloke is an absolute liability.

The so called good sense of British public voted in this bunch of crooks and cheats, voted to leave our biggest trade partners for a worse deal KeepCalmAndGetInfected 'Trust good sense', what you mean is 'we have no way in hell of policing this at all as we know full well 50% of the public are selfish idiots'

He obviously hasn't traveled on TFL services lately, nor has he walked through London. He's a daft, evil man who refuses to take any responsibility and positions other as the fault of the spread. Honestly, his blindness and stupidity are exhausting. And the BBC spreads it. He needs to go into a supermarket, noticed for the pass 2 weeks there’s been no queue at mine - reason being they are letting more in. Plus still a lot out there who doesn’t understand the social distance rule😷

They. Don't. Have. Any. It needs to be compulsory. WearADamnMask Seriously?It's obvious he doesn't get his shopping in. Odd looking fucker Why would you trust people’s ‘good sense’? I see very few people wearing masks. Amazing how many people think threats of extreme violence against strangers because they aren't wearing a mask is acceptable.

Trust people’s good sense🙄🙄🙄You’re an absolute twit Michael 😷😷🤬🤬 HE'S ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!! THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENTIAL EXPERTISE for masks BEING OF LITTLE TO NO USE & BEING DANGEROUS TO HEALTH FAR OUTWAY ANY 'SUGGESTION' THEY DO ANY GOOD! THAT'S FACT NOT THEIIR SCIENCE FICTION!!! I wouldn't trust Dominic Cummings' good sense. A bad example to us all.

It's a pity that the Government don't have 'any common sense' Your mixed inconsistent message approach is the root of the issue. and in reality, large chunks of the population have zero common sense or point blank refuse to wear them. Next. Against all the evidence, he trusts people’s good sense. He’s taking the disingenuous, cowardly, hands-off stance.

It's compulsory in Germany Countries have laws & regulations because people don't always do the right thing. Has he not been paying attention to how well 'people's good sense' has worked in America? Don't be us! Good sense and British public isn't a compatible result. We have seen the lack of good sense at demos, protests, pubs. So, sorry, I CAN'T BUY INTO YOUR FANTASY POLITICS, Mr Gove.

Make your own minds up!We’re not interested in civic duties or responsible leadership - this aspect of government isn’t why we entered politics in the first place. We’re here to consolidate our untouchable Tory oligarchy & transfer as much public money to private capital. Easy! How does an ex journo not realise there’s no such thing as public good sense? Does he no longer read the news?

People voted for these clowns. Not a lot of good sense going around tbh Well he can just Fork off the snivelling shirt. If there’s so much trust in people, is he going to abolish the laws? Jesus people in England won’t be happy until the government legislates when and where you can speak. An entire country of lemmings and sheep. So so sad.

If ever there was a face that needs a good punching that is it. Face masks are uncomfortable & a bit of a pain but preferable than the ones in an ICU bed.... WearAMask Trusting peoples common sense is like saying you should trust Michael Gove who is renowned for his penchant for not telling the truth. You can't make this stuff up! 🙄

aka 'We want to be able to blame you if it does tits up again' This is why I can't go to the shops to buy food for my very specific diet and have had to ration my food and wait on average 3 weeks to catch an online delivery slot for fresh food! People here believe the virus is fake or God is protecting them and it's whittling away my sanity

I think we are looking at the next one of BoJo’smen to test positive for COVID19 Gove probably isn’t being careful during this pandemic. DENIAL IS NOT AN OPTION TO A PANDEMIC Nit Not this again! Now We're definitely heading towards the iceberg in more ways than 1! BorisJohnsonMustGo Marr BrexitShambles

I don't ever want to slap anyone weaker than me. But, when it comes to Michael Gove, I'll make an exception. BBCPolitics just walked through a busy shopping street - and 95% of people walking in and out of shops with no masks. he says from his secure location. He trusts people’s good sense? Laughing my fucking arse off 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Bit of advice Gove, never ever give the British people the choice of using their common sense. Pob faced buffoon. Another swerve of any responsibility by this atrocious government. why haven’t shop workers been wearing them all this time ?honest question A plasticine faced integrity vacuum. About 3/5% wear a mask in my local Aldi....!

If it's good manners why aren't those two wearing masks? 🤗 Gove is not helping. Wear a mask and save lives. It’s that simple. Is that the same good sense that saw thousands crowd streets, parks, pubs and beaches? Why public transport but not shops? I still witness people coughing and sneezing all over items in the supermarket.. is this common sense michaelgove

Splinters from that fence he’s sitting on must be a little uncomfortable! Coronavirus likes this... Lolz But good common sense would be to wear a mask in shops? BBCPolitics Plus, you abdicate the Govt from any responsibility . 'Trust people's good sense' is code for 'the government won't be to blame if this goes wrong'.

Michael Gove permanently looks like he’s just farted and is hoping nobody has noticed Good Should masks be worn in shops ?

Coronavirus latest news: Michael Gove says face masks should not be mandatory in shops in EnglandMichael Gove has said that face masks should not be made mandatory inside shops in England because "it is always best to trust people's common sense". English common sense in a nut shell in your country, if you want to sell my products, make money, contact me, strong people, small home caravan, boat, motor surf, nice cheap products Face masks cannot lawfully be enforced inside private spaces: that would be equivalent to erasing 400 years of constitutional rights in the UK.

Face masks in shops will not be mandatory in England, Gove suggestsMinister’s comments spark confusion over government plans to stem spread of Covid-19 Because using common sense has worked so well in America. Idiocy Only a matter of time then before their inevitable U-turn. They are so shockingly inept.

Face masks should not be mandatory in shops, says Michael Gove – videoOn Andrew Marr show, chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster says he trusts people’s good sense Praise the Lord Are at shop spreading risk of virus will be deactivated ? Be avoid all these types of hypothetication. 'I don't believe in condoms either'.

Face coverings will not be made in compulsory in shops, Michael Gove saysFace coverings will not be made in compulsory in shops, Michael Gove says – insisting: “I trust people’s good sense.” Boris Johnson had hinted at copying Scotland by introducing the rule, but his key Blimey. He's finally said something to agree with. you've got 'in' twice in that sentence and it makes no sense the first occurrence

Coronavirus latest news: Michael Gove says face masks should not be mandatory in shops in EnglandMichael Gove has said that face masks should not be made mandatory inside shops in England because "it is always best to trust people's common sense". English common sense in a nut shell in your country, if you want to sell my products, make money, contact me, strong people, small home caravan, boat, motor surf, nice cheap products Face masks cannot lawfully be enforced inside private spaces: that would be equivalent to erasing 400 years of constitutional rights in the UK.

Face masks should not be mandatory in shops, says Michael Gove – videoOn Andrew Marr show, chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster says he trusts people’s good sense Praise the Lord Are at shop spreading risk of virus will be deactivated ? Be avoid all these types of hypothetication. 'I don't believe in condoms either'.