Gordon Brown: UK could become 'failed state' without reform

Gordon Brown: UK could become 'failed state' without reform

1/25/2021 5:20:00 AM

Gordon Brown: UK could become 'failed state' without reform

The former PM warns Covid has exposed 'tensions' between Whitehall and the UK's nations and regions.

media captionThe Conservatives election win was not 'a signal that the country is at ease' warns BrownLast year sawrows between the government and local authorities over coronavirus tiers, with the Labour mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, objecting to plans to put the region into the strictest level of restrictions.

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Mr Brown says the future of the union depends not just on a "fair and workable" delineation of powers after Brexit, but also "broken" relationships being rebuilt.He argues that this will be achieved by rectifying the "economic and social inequalities"

recognised in the Conservatives' pledge to "level up" certain parts of the country - a drive that can only happen if regions return to being "vibrant centres of economic initiative in their own right".Mr Brown is advising the Labour Party on its devolution strategy - but has also held talks with government ministers including Michael Gove in recent weeks. headtopics.com

Government sources say they are focused on taking tangible steps to demonstrate the value of the UK.The idea of a fundamental review of the UK's power structures has been suggested as one possible way to counter support for Scottish independence ahead of May's Holyrood election.

But a series of polls now suggest support for independence is higher than support for the union - and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will demand another referendum if, as seems likely, her party - the SNP - wins in May."I believe the choice is now between a reformed state and a failed state," Mr Brown says, calling on Mr Johnson to set up a commission on democracy which would review how the UK is governed.

The Conservatives promised such a commission in theirmanifesto before the last general election.In his Telegraph article, Mr Brown suggests it would find that the UK needs a Forum of the Nations and Regions, citizens' assemblies, and a greater focus on the benefits of cooperation in areas such as the NHS and the armed forces.

His assertion that the "status quo is not working", who supports devolving more powers from Westminster but opposes another Scottish independence referendum. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Experts say the most effective way to prevent death is to prioritise people by age, not profession.

He'd know. But why does the BBC publicise the views of this economic and political failure? Is he part of the Jacob Ree SMogg reform gang or the Nigel Le Faragé tribe of English nationalists? Aren’t you supposed to journalists? Why don’t you ask why it hasn’t happened all the other times he’s promised it?

There should be a cross party government in future Well that headline caught me off guard! Is it not already? U.K. the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 That’s neither United or a Kingdom. 😳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺 Scotland an inclusive outward looking Nation. That wants Nothing to do with Brexit,, & Now Nothing to do with England’s Westminster 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Keep your £203+ billion Brexit Debt. Scotland’s morning on. indyref2021

It is Burns Night after all: (apologies to the Bard) Tae a Broon Yoon O wad some Power the giftie gie ye, To see yoursel’ as ithers see ye! It wad frae monie a blunder free ye, An' foolish notion: That ocht ye speil, Wad mak a difference, Tae oor 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 devotion! Who cares what Brown has to say. Bloody cheek from a yesterdays man and a yesterdays politician.

What do you mean could be ? 🤔😭😭😭😭 “Could become” sounds to me like future tense, so presumably he should have said, “Has become an even bigger failed state than when I was in office”. This should have happened in 2015. Could have been brilliant. I fear it’s too late now. But if people want to give it a go, proposition must include written federal constitution, constitutional court with equal representation from each federal state, & effective form of PR.

Bailing out the bankers with taxpayer cash was the beginning of the end for the UK. Our ruling class is completely unaccountable, no matter the scale of their crimes or the depth of their corruption. Well BorisJohnson is trying it’s hardest It is a failed state. Its failed those most in need, those that most suffer from injustice & racism, failed its constituent nations, failed to lead a world losing species & diversity. What are you saving it for? feels like your saving it for history & not the future indywales

Becoming? That ship has sailed. Discount gin! Join Craft Gin Club with this link and you will receive £16 off your first box!! With no obligation, cancel any time! (Link will give you a special code to use) Why doesn't he just fuck off? I like the enthusiasm of the could... 🤣🤣🤣😭😭 it’s already a failed state.

Could become failed state... I think we're already there considering the utterly dreadful state this country is in. When people voted Gordon Brown out all those years ago did they have an idea of how quickly the country would descend into... this nightmare. From the never elected, failed Prime Minister🙄

Yesterday's man rolled out yet again by the Tories as they did in 2014 in order to sway voters away from Independence. The VOW scheme concocted by the 'Better together' campaign and Brown's promises of DevoPlus were not fulfilled then and won't now. indyref2 DissolveTheUnion Thanks for the input. Filed under irrelevant.

The union is over. The writing is on the wall. Then why didn't you reform it when you were Prime Minister? UK government is not proactive at all!As we tweet the new strain is spreading in UK, JoeBiden has suspended all UKflights, Israel has completely closed its airports.Aus/NZ and Thailand has strict hotel quarantine rules in place.And UK is doing nothing!

Why does this relic still feel whatever he says is still relevant? Has little or no credibility. The union is dying Gordon. Time to wake up and face reality. He’s right. What a load of C***. The UK is beginning to resemble the old Austro-Hungarian Empire more and more every day. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Could Robert Burns knew his ilk. Ye see yon birkie ca’d a lord, Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that, Tho’ hundreds worship at his word, He’s but a coof for a’ that. For a’ that, an’ a’ that, His ribband, star, an’ a’ that, The man o’ independent mind, He looks an’ laughs at a’ that. This is up there with Cameron predicting World War 3 due to Brexit. If Scotland and NI left then rUK would hardly be a 'failed state' with £ worth 1 cent and riddled with drugs cartels and hyper inflation.

Says the man that was never voted Prime Minister by the British public! 😎 This kind of reform. Yeah thanks Gordon but a bit behind the curve here dear Everytime I see his name I just cant think of anything other than the stranglers lol nice to see labour rolling out the old guns...where Sir whatsaname It’s already a failed state because capitalism is still in use here and we have 14 million in poverty while others are billionaires. This is not a success.

Says the failed Labour prime minister 😂 Ha... 'become' Pipe down Brown yeah, no shit Better not to speak than to speak nonsense. All states are failed states. Maybe he should take a good look at who started the rot... We’ve heard this before. Every single part of our country voted to remain EU citizens. We have now been dragged out against our will by a Tory government that hasn’t won an election in Scotland since 1955. This is simply undemocratic. Time for Scotland to regain our independence

Reading the comments here , yes Gordon Brown isn’t perfect but what we are actually living through now is a Shitshow by a deranged Tory PM . One sold the gold cheap but this one is stealing taxpayers money and sharing it among his mates and colleagues. Boris Johnson hates us 🤷‍♀️ Any reform which doesn't start with proportional representation for Westminster is doomed to fail.

He saying what everyone clever enough to under economics is thinking 🤔. Nurse wee mr brown’s gone missing We failed over 10 years ago when the idiots voted for the Tories too late Could? Failed state already with the free roaming groom gangs turd The UK is already a failed state, enables by biased media like he emmm BBC. Controlling the media is a sign of fascism.

Too little. Too late. The whole thing is cracking up and it’ll be better when Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and the North are free. Westminster can carry on being Eton for grown ups, and the rest of us will thrive with governments that know who we are. He tried his hardest to make the country fail Sold all of our gold Signed the Lisbon Treaty without a referendum Raided the pension system

That happened when he was PM Could can be used for every outcome for every occasion Bring on Indy 2 Why is this ex utterly P.M and chancellor still poking his nose in? The man who secured the Brexit vote outcome by calling a woman who expressed the concerns of millions a ' bigot' Could? But he's desperate for Scotland to remain part of this 'failed state'. 🤔

For someone whom everyone is claiming to have no power , kudos or ideas. Mr Brown is certainly attracting a lot of attention .Hmm🤔. There's an awful lot of ignorance & band waggoning out there. That's good, coming from a failed politician Bigoted old woman. England and Wales will be a failed state. Scotland is off to pastures new and Ireland will reunify. That's the future no matter what Gordon or the Tories believe.

OperaSocialist We're already a failed state. The UK is already a failed state Not one mention of Brexit. Cos that’s got nothing to do with any of it. Failed because of his & Blair and their globalist crap. Jeremiah. The Land of Dope of & ToryBrexitfuent. Is a 'failed state'. He's right when he says theSNP dont support any level of devolution, they just want independence. They'll do anything to get it. Remember, as we approach HolocaustMemorialDay, SNP in WW2 prepared to support a Scot NAZI gov to gain it & asked Scots not to fight on allied side.

Federalist idea has some merits, but I suspect all that will happen is it will turn the SNP brigade into secessionists. WHO CARES what he thinks? He was the worst PM this country ever had, his fiscal policy left this country in so much debt, we are still feeling the pain of that. It is puzzling to think that the people of Britain rejected Gordon for Cameron and Clegg; a pair of self serving charlatans of the first order. Gordon gives his earnings mostly to charity, Clegg and Cameron are of course millionaires! I won't insult him by any Boris comparison!

Haha, the dinosaur awakith, read he was in talks with Gove regarding saving the union. That's like phoning BawJaws for parenting tips..... It would be a massive mistake not to listen to someone who’s won as many elections as Gordon Brown ... oh, wait ... Could? Is. It already is a failed state. Big gordo promised a 'Federal' Britain within 2 years of a no vote in 2014 IndyRef. We dont believe or trust you & never will. Red & Blue tories 'Better Together' chums have never been apart

He has got brown in his name Like he was a Failed Prmie Minister. If only the UK had gold to back its deficits... You failed miserably, off you trot. Remind me again WHO sold off the UK gold reserve Change the could to has. you English haters will be tried for treason It certainly would have if Gordon had stayed in charge.

It nearly became a failed state under him! ..... says failed PM. Wr had that when brown was failed prime minister. A right useless git Says the W⚓ who signed the Lisbon treaty without ever being elected PM. Its alright, we can just sell our gold for peanuts.......... The UK = A one-sided abusive relationship and therefore already a failed state. Unequal and disunited. Here's to a more healthier relationship after independece. 👋

Gordon Brown not elected as PM and crashed the economy sold the gold at a bargain price. Failed PM and we are still paying for his actions, put him back in the box. Says failed politician ! Does he ever stop being a doommonger. Cheer up for God's sake. Get rid of Starmer and stop interviewing people who never really want the greed to stop.

And what kind of 'reform' would that be please? Maybe OfficeGSBrown could come up with a plan, perhaps he could call it the 'vow'. That might work... 🙄 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦄 indyref2 disolvetheunion What does he mean, 'could become?' It has happened. And how many days did he last. Couldn’t sort his sock drawer

Joint action between Sturgeon and Brown to distract from the Salmond fiasco. Nice try Gordon but we’ve heard it all before. The Scottish people can see through a failed politician - now it appears they have two to choose from. What a mess old Labour and the failed SNP! It is a failed state as reform hasn't happened soon enough, in part due to an arrogant 2 parties who have never accepted at their cost the need for PR. Also the lack of acceptance that in a union when big things are decided you need the majority of your parts on side.

Who? Give it a rest bbc. He's a no body. DefundTheBBC slownewsday It’s partly a failed state because Scotland was lied to in 2014 re the Vow. Then it was taken out of EU against its will. This Tory government couldn’t give a toss about devolution and giving more powers to local authorities. Why is this irrelevant hasbeen whose economic policies did so much harm being asked for any comment. He's a loser whose view holds no weight

Can't believe the audacity of OfficeGSBrown the man who almost bankrupted the nation, which we are still recovering. You and won't Blair should realise that no one cares about your view, it's value has long since diminished. It degraded under his leadership Why should we listen to him ? We've definitely reached peak. Unprecedented levels of incoherence in the replies to BBC account tweets

Where’s the gold chump? Gordon Brown who started the chain of failed PMs. We are in the midst of a pandemic that has killed 100,00 of our citizens and wrecked our economy. Any politician who has anything else on their agenda is a failed politician. A charlatan. They used to March the army out to sort these kind of issues out kings held a country that did agree on everything together through strength.

Well he certainly failed as a Prime Minister Oh look the Gold thief has been ungagged.... Already is. Has been a failed state for about 200 years now. That's why the only option is to LegaliseAssistedDying so people like me have a safe, humane and viable option out of a society we fundamentally disagree with and don't believe in

Better Together again, eh? nickeardleybbc why does no one ask Gordon Brown about his failed promises from 2014? Why does no one go there? Says one of the worst Prime Ministers in history. Become! It's a Ruinous midden now because of the Tory Westminster filth. DissolveTheUnion Failure, misery and hopelessness👍🏿

'Broonzilla now rallying the faithful to the defence of the Union from the pages of the 'Daily Telegraph'. A fitting end for the grotesque old ham. 🌩️👊🤪 ANYBODY who will pour out doom and gloom about the UK will always get air time on the EU sponsored BBC. didnt he sell all the gold on the cheap Nobody listens to you Brown. We can remember how awful life was and the mistakes you made, during your Prime Ministership

'could become'? Is Too late. Its a failed state already. I seem to think he was the failure Thanks Cameron. you mean it's not already? The Conservatives Administration needs to be assessed by law.. The virus is a killer, BUT the way the Government has handled it, needs scrutiny.. CUCKOO CUCKOO , from a non elected PM who would of never been voted in ,in a general election so your words mean nothing

Gordon Brown one of Blairs cast offs. Dislike Brown but completely agree with him on this. Never. 'Rule Britannia!' And what you do - sell more gold 😆👍 More like Little BRITAIN than a FAILED STATE. May be the difference is the Same. Who knows ! It's been a failed state since 1945 Just. Fcuk. Off! 🙄 Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect the healthcare workers. Hire MORE medical workers so they could have adequate rest. Else they'll all be get exhausted.

He wouldn't have said any of this if we were still in the EU. It was certainly a failed state when that pillock Brown was incharge Couldn’t give a hoot what this guy thinks. You’ll probably roll out Blair next. Selling all the gold and giving a ton of taxpayer money to banks you declared ‘too big to fail’ really didn’t help.

The only time the UK was in danger of becoming a 'failed state' was when this absolute Pri** was PM! Long before Covid there has been tensions Why is Labour always negative We have the same problem in the United States courts will not listen elected officials turn a blind ear The country is ready to fall apart

Iron jaw Gordon grinds his ferocious jawline to little effect as he is stating what most of us already know. The Union is up the swanny. Been going that way long time, way before Brexit. Bezmenov prophecy coming to the West. Failed Labour politician gets wheeled out by BBC to aid their anti-British sentiment. Yawn.

We are already. Thanks to Blair, Brown & the Cameronisation of the Tories. All major parties are liberal, progressive globalists. We have Blairite New Labour to thank for that. He should know. UK Gov,All afghan lefted behind interpreters for British forces will be targeted and killed as soon as Taliban get their locations,so if You want them to be alive than put all of them in this new scheme which was announced in 29-Dec-2020 and terminated interpreters as well

Has anybody told Gordon we left the EU yet ? Seven years ago he came out with the same claptrap, yet absolutely nothing changed. There have been ample opportunities to “Save the Union” and even recently we were told that England would rather have Brexit than the Union. Reap what you sow! What reform Gordon? More devolution? Bit like the answer to everything in the EU. The EU needs reform...therefore the answer must be more EU.

Failed Prime Minister talks more rubbish in desperate bid for publicity. GormlessClown We are already a failed state. Look at our pandemic response in comparison to the rest if the world Look at the levels of homelessness and deprivation of areas.. some of the worst in western europe. Our media is also defunct acting as an extension of the government

Hahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha. He tried his best to destroy the country. After all, when he left office, we all remember his note he left. “ There’s no Money Left in the Bank” You seriously think the people care a toss what this Hasbeen has to say? Gordon Brown for his next trick will make all this Gold disappear, followed by diesel Engines and finally the U.K.

Bro Let me tell you something about the UK, BBC, it already is a failed state Like it was when he left office does he mean Well, he did do his best to make this happen! Lol We will be a failed state because we failed to hold the state accountable. Has he been living under a rock? Tension amongst the UK regions has been exposed for decades by racist nationalists..

Failed in the way Gordon Brown failed? Are you being a bit slow.. 'could become 'failed state' It failed in 2016... Taking Back Control... No Red Tape... A Vet's Bill Required to sell Cheese, What a joke Gordon trying to make himself relevant, cause he never was when he was PM. A food for thought. CCP = 😆

Says a failed PM! 😂 As long as you keep making memorable tv series like GoldDigger Reform = The World Economic Forum's Great Reset agenda 'you'll own nothing and be happy' Sounds like Global Communism to me Never won an election. Never won a leadership contest. As Chancellor sold off gold at historical low value. Thanks for the advice Gordon!

Unhelpful as ever - a true leader doesn’t throw stones they think of ways to help Funny how failed PM's we have giving the advise they should have taken. Its already overrun with minorities ruling the place. Gov with a different agenda than the UK. Its like watching foreign news (especially when they are on). even NS is banging on about INDREF2/3; hello covid

Too late. It is. Nurse,the Gold guy is talking too people again. Stirring it up again. You had your day and failed. You are history let's keep it that way. 'could' is doing some f*ing heavy lifting there Devolution seems to have exacerbated existing problems so, naturally, Brown advocates more of it. We must be in good shape if the National Idiot things we’re in trouble.

Many taxpayers noted the duplication and how our taxes fund these 'tensions', bas business/people cut back it's time to ask should we scrap the GLA and Devolution? Failed union. State implies it is a country which it is not. Why haven't the Greek-Germans abdicated yet? If it does the blame lies squarely at the feet of Thatcher and her two prodigy Blair, Brown and the NeoLiberalParties they all led.

The UK is already a failed state! Remember when he sold all our gold at historic low rates? Surely Gordon, you’re a bit behind the times there . We have already arrived at that point, some time ago Personally I am quite happy for us to be all devolved if that's what each nation wants. Obviously I am ignorant of the problems it might cause.

World governments should start buying shares of automated production companies and made them provide cheap products to people. This is what governments should do to greet a high-tech era! Otherwise, high-tech will only create more irreconcilable conflicts! Then... run, OfficeGSBrown How are things with the capitol now?

become? we're a failed state because of lockdowns, borrowing, and endless wars thanks to creeps like this. Wow, thanks Gordon. Glad you're bringing the positive messages.