Goats take over empty streets of seaside town

With people staying inside because of coronavirus, the animals are providing 'free entertainment'.

3/31/2020 12:37:00 PM

A herd of goats has taken over a town centre - deserted due to coronavirus 🐐🐐🐐 They are eating hedges and flowers from gardens too in the Welsh seaside town

With people staying inside because of coronavirus, the animals are providing 'free entertainment'.

No guests, just goats at this hotel in LlandudnoA herd of goats has taken over a deserted town centre, eating hedges and flowers from gardens.Usually, the wild herd of about 122 Kashmiri goats venture from the Great Orme into Llandudno during bad weather.

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But town councillor Carol Marubbi believes the lack of people around because of coronavirus has drawn them down."They are curious, goats are, and I think they are wondering what's going on like everybody else," she said. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Herd impunity? You GOATA be KIDding me!!! What do they think their BLEATING game is? It's a good job they don't live in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, or they really would be the BUTT of the joke. Yes, (to foreigners reading this) that really is a place name. Could they come and eat my weeds, please?

You and Herd it’s yr new favorite thing 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Our goats wander all over the village must be related. Animals ignoring lockdown really gets my goat. They seem quite immuned While the farmers at home self isolating Inside Life. ThoughtProvoking 😂😂😂 The buggers are everywhere. They're taking over 😂😆😂

You’re kidding 😂😂😂 This article is the GOAT BAHHHHH..... Go on team. If all the species to replace us in the apocalypse Wouldn't have called goats Perhaps they’re after a baa gain in the few shops left upon. I for one am happy to share lunch with goats So it's true what I saw on Facebook, that Covid is a secret plot by the world's goat population to destroy humans and take over the world. I mean isn't this the Chinese year of the Goat?

They look a bit gruff to me. Love this ❤ Mysturji Lololl I love goats, good for them Shahidmasooddr 🙏 Youve just Goat to love them PeckAndrew You have to be kidding me😂 Cute though. A feeling of unease is now washing over the people of Ramsgate. alexandermilas 👆🏻 You might enjoy this 😂 Or they are brought in for dinner

OfficialSimon__ It's like Animal farm. The takeover has begun...... Why is nobody enforcing social distancing😂😂😂 🎶This town... ooooh ooooh.... is comin like a goat town....🎶 Are you sure it’s not an ISIS red light district You’ve goat to be kidding me, this is baaaad, Give it a few weeks of not being able to go the shop and they'll be free dinners

I hope they are 2m apart. Herd immunity Although i was upset at the time Iv'e had a soft spot for them ever since one of them ate my pack lunch i was carrying in a paper bag at a zoo when i was very little. All i was left holding was the top of the paper bag all the contents gone forever🤣🤣🤣 It's just kids messing about

gregjames not sure why I thought of you when I saw this, but enjoy. Animal news!! 🐐 Where humans depart, nature returns. This story is bound to attract trolls..... I know herding measures are in force but social distancing also needs to be maintained! Send them my way, the grass needs cutting 😎 The start of animals getting their planet back from the most destructive animal on the planet?

Hopefully they are immune. Good on them!! 😂 Goats do roam I HERD they are the GO-ATO guys annemberjess Glad to someone is enjoying themselves - Billy for them Mehn...see bush meat This town Ahhhhh is coming like a goats town. All the clubs are being closed down. 🤣 TheDanDavies1 😂😂 I hope the locals don't shag them

😊😊 The kids are a nightmare! Love this!! G.O.A.T Can they come and cut(eat) my grass? Always leave room in your freezer Your kidding me lol A trip of goats Sex slaves taste freedom yummy! The nanny state Can't people keep control of their kids during this crisis? Brilliant! Lovely...... they're only reclaiming what used to be theirs.

The goats are so ...... There will be ramifications.

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