Global Music Star Assaults Band Member

Pakistani folk singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, an ambassador for an anti-violence charity, has been filmed attacking a band member during a US tour. The shocking footage shows Khan slapping and assaulting the man, dragging him by his hair and hitting him with a slipper. The incident has caused controversy and embarrassment for the charity and is expected to have an impact on the Indian subcontinent and Britain’s Asian community.

A global music star who is an ambassador of an anti-violence charity founded by King Charles has been filmed slapping and assaulting a band member. The shocking footage shows Pakistani folk singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – an ambassador for the King’s British Asian Trust which tackles domestic violence – attacking a backing singer on a US tour.

Khan, 49, who has eight million followers on social media, rained blows on the man with a slipper and dragged him around by his hair during the brutal attack at a hotel in Houston, Texas, last year. Last night he admitted the assault, saying: ‘He was my student and I hit him. He has no objection.’ The video, sent to The Mail on Sunday, will cause shockwaves across the Indian subcontinent and Britain’s Asian community and embarrass the British Asian Trust, which helps domestic violence victims and runs mental health initiatives across India and Pakista

Source: DailyMailUK