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Dailymail, Sciencetech

Giant comet is set to light up the night sky in April

Comet FIVE times the size of Jupiter is set to light up the night skies in April

4/1/2020 6:41:00 AM

Comet FIVE times the size of Jupiter is set to light up the night skies in April

The exact size of the rocky icy core of the strange comet isn't known but is likely only a few miles across - but it has a much larger atmosphere, as seen in this image taken by an Austrian astronomer.

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JenniferEvette6 Oh, it’s the daily fail. Go figure the science writer is garbage. Does comet collisions kill viruses or bring in new ones? Idjits. The whole lot of ya. Wtf Sign of coming days My God 5x the size of Jupiter? Is it the sun? Make a wish 🙏🏻 Sounds pretty❤AF (as fuck or April fool. U pick) Comet? Traveller.

DeltaTrader4 Great.. just what we need! April fool remindmetweets April 25th We safe It should be amazing if it is bright as expected. It could also disappoint. 5x Jupiter, isn’t big to call it a comet? And it's April 1st. Nice try! Why is it green? Doth it foretold of the coming of the old one? They found the cure for coronavirus in the sky

That’s a big one alright. Great, I’ll clear my schedule and get ready Probably five times the size of Uranus. Anything FIVE times the size of Jupiter is not a comet. It's a 'super-Jupiter' planet. Large to write coherent, correct English you limey hacks!!! By Jupiter I don’t believe it! Rubbish9999 More Project Bluebeam dogshit..

If it’s 5 times the size of Jupiter it’s a star, not a comet. 1 April 😂😂😂 Five times the size of jupiter.... It's not called an asteroid its called a giant planet.... Happy April Fool Here we go, GoT_Tyrion . Bring it on! COMET OR SOMETHING ELSE? just passing by to our planet? Ah the second coming 5x the size of Jupiter?...And in other April fools my schlong is 5x the size of a bull elephant’s.

AprilFoolsDay or he's back Is it heading for earth? Happy fools day!!! Cool○○○ Wahhhhhhh😃 About fucking time too Surprised it hasn’t been named the Corona Comet yet. 5 TIMES the SIZE of Jupiter? That’s terrifying. kuku27 People are in self isolation, makes no difference. April fools We have been fooled many many times with such promises of never before celestial spectacle and showers etc. Have never seen one in reality since Haley's comet

no comet is five times the size of Jupiter. that's physically impossible. do you mean 5 times (possibly) the brightness of Jupiter from our point of view? please get better writers. ALHAMDULILLAH Hoping it hits us soon

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