Ghislaine Maxwell donated to hospital where Epstein victim was treated after alleged sexual assault

Ghislaine Maxwell donated to hospital where Epstein victim was treated after alleged sexual assault

Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew

8/17/2019 9:45:00 PM

Ghislaine Maxwell donated to hospital where Epstein victim was treated after alleged sexual assault

She was one of Jeffrey Epstein 's closest confidants, accused of recruiting girls for the disgraced financier's network of sex slaves.

Now the Sunday Telegraph can reveal that Ms Maxwell, socialite daughter of Robert Maxwell, made a charitable donation to a hospital where the same teenager was treated after an alleged sex assault by Epstein.Virginia Giuffre, who was once pictured at one of Epstein's parties with the Duke of York, has claimed she was taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital for treatment after Epstein sexually abused her.

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The Grooming Gang of Wall Street's. KTHopkins , Why you silent on this 1 , or your part of the Coverup team Lock her up!

Speculation grows Ghislaine Maxwell is planting appearances to throw the public off her scentSince the arrest of convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein last month, the whereabouts of his former girlfriend and alleged accomplice, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, has been the subject of intense scrutiny. So she won't be murdered in secret like Epstein probably. A dead sex trafficker More worried about her life than all those young girls?

Ghislaine Maxwell: The missing woman who may hold the key to resolving Epstein's crimesEpstein's longtime associate's whereabouts remain a mystery - but there is no doubt that her legal challenges are mounting Yeah, figured they'd have to kill her too. It's not done by any stretch of the imagination. There will be a lot more who have to die to protect the world's Progressive Ruling Class involved in this mess. Ghislaine Maxwell has been livng in Manchester-by-the-Sea for a long time. ewarren will do NOTHING. PrisonPlanet SaltyCracker9

Ghislaine Maxwell seen in public for first time since Epstein deathSocialite has been accused of conspiring with financier to groom girls for sexual abuse I wonder if Vegas is taking odds on how long Democrats allow her to live. It's going to be a blood bath as the world's Progressive Ruling Class clean up their mess here. I hear she gave 'em the strap-on first as a test before procured for the 'lads' ie old men At least we know she's still alive. For the time being...

Epstein prosecutors want Brit actress linked to paedo billionaireUS prosecutors want to quiz a British actress as a witness over claims she was part of Jeffrey Epstein ’s inner circle and worked for his ex-lover and alleged “madam” Ghislaine Max…

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Rats and raw sewage: Jeffrey Epstein jail blighted by 'horrible' conditionsThe Metropolitan correctional center is under fire in the wake of Epstein’s death – and critics say urgent change is needed Oh man. I wish they had treated him worse Poor widdle Pedo. Another reason why it’s not possible the guards fell asleep.