German navy chief resigns over Ukraine comments

German navy chief resigns over Ukraine comments

1/23/2022 2:47:00 AM

German navy chief resigns over Ukraine comments

Kay-Achim Schönbach said the idea that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine was nonsense.

Mr Schönbach said on Saturday that he had resigned from his role "with immediate effect" in order to "avert further damage".He made the comments while speaking at a think-tank discussion in India on Friday and the video was later published to social media.

In the video, Mr Schönbach said Putin needed to be treated as an equal by the west."It is easy to give him the respect he really demands - and also probably deserves," he said.He added that the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014, "is gone and will never come back".

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Why did he resign? No more men of the word and honor left in EU? They started two world wars. What do you expect from them except WWIII? Here’s Putin’s playbook aparanjape Stop builder mafia PMOIndia narendramodi CMOMaharashtra AUThackeray BJP4Maharashtra BJP4India CPMumbaiPolice .Made 1000 of requests(got all proofs) from 10 years kids,me living in dark. Stop builder Samir bhojwani harassment Adani_Elec_Mum no electricity at home,inhuman

The last time Germany had a none aggression pact with Russia it didn't end well, for either of them. He’s right, Putin does need to be respected. Ukraine should not be part of NATO . Stay out of Ukraine it’s none of our business. He wanted out maybe? ❤ I sense something brewing. It's the same feeling I had in February 2020. Ukraine will be a catalyst

Really? Which one? 🤦 And the Germanic ambassador urgently called in Kiev.

Why would Russia invade Ukraine?Why would Russia invade Ukraine? For fun.. ⚠️👇🏼WATCH OUT!!👇🏼⚠️ Because JoeBiden said it was OK?

He is right. He spoke the truth. Putin Ukraine NATO And so he should. Germany have been far too close to Russia in recent times.

Royal Navy ship sent to volcano-hit Tonga as international aid efforts ramp upThe Royal Navy's offshore patrol vessel, HMS Spey, is set to arrive in Tonga in the next few days bringing water and medical supplies for islands hit by the volcanic eruption and tsunami

US embassy in Ukraine ‘requests staff evacuation’ amid war fearsReport comes as arms deliveries promised by Joe Biden arrive in response to threat of Russian invasion This is nothing more then patriot games. The Americans always running. Ridiculous. A narrative created so the US can claim a victory when Russia doesn’t invade. Still waiting for a believable reason why Russia would want to invade in the first place. Dear Mr. President, Dear Sirs US Senate, Congress, We kindly ask you to support Project - Alternative_Government ! It should be represented only by the new young generation - graduates of political universities, both in Ukraine and other countries !

Ukraine crisis: Moscow accepts UK talks invite amid fears Russian invasion is 'imminent'The latest diplomatic manoeuvres come after US secretary of state Antony Blinken met with with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Switzerland in a bid to avert a conflict on the border of the former Soviet republic, where Moscow has amassed an estimated 100,000 troops. Russia does, what Russia wants. Everything and I mean everything is part of a game of chess, this is purely a move by Putin that is 3 moves ahead of the rest of the world, and I am saddened that those who claim to understand him clearly don’t.

‘We are ready for whatever comes’: on the Ukraine frontlineIn Chonhar a blue and yellow flag marks the de facto border as Russian forces amass across a shimmering expanse of water kami siap hidup....siap kiamat.... makan uang vaccine dan penginapan.... Comparison between Russian & Ukrainian armies. Clearly Ukrainian army does not have a chance, unless the Ukrainian army will set a goal to cause maximum pain to Russian army same as Afghans did. Putin expects blitzkrieg -- he knows that prolong war will not ends well for him.