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George Floyd's death a homicide by asphyxiation, family's autopsy finds – live

George Floyd died of asphyxiation, family's autopsy finds – live

6/1/2020 10:52:00 PM

George Floyd died of asphyxiation, family's autopsy finds – live

Autopsy concludes cause of death was asphyxiation from sustained pressure, contradicting the county’s initial exam

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What else did they expect. The Episcopal bishop of Washington said she was “outraged” by President Trump’s Bible-wielding appearance outside a fire-damaged church, which was made possible when police used tear gas to clear a path for him. What happens to the people responsible for the original autopsy then? Clearly they're not fit to do their job.

BBCNaga What else was he going to die of? He couldn’t breath for 9 mins realDonaldtrump potus JUSTICE IS NOT LEFT OR RIGHT BUT A DIVINE AND OWN PRINCIPLE OF UNIVERSAL HUMANITY. “WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THE MURDER OF HATE OUR BROTHER GEORGE FOLYD” Racist Minnesota Cops Trained By Racist Israeli Cops. Hard to believe there is a more virulently racist group than US cops, but here they are: Israelis.

Minneapolis coroner has some explaining to do. Their ARROGANCE makes everything worse. They actually believed they could lie and everyone would just buy it. They need to be charged. Lying about cause of death is a crime, isn't it? PROSECUTE THE LIARS. Right I'm off for a new TV and nike's. It’s good that independent autopsy was performed -otherwise we would never known the truth ! The conduct and wrongness of previous autopsy need to be investigated !

dijalekticar Imagine what the riots would be like if there was an American embassy in America He died of murder Multiple conflicting autopsy reports may result in a reasonable doubt for a jury and may aid the defense case. I failed the exam. So I stopped believing my teacher and got myself evaluated by someone I'm paying money to

BBCNaga The next course is action - 1. Get Hennepin County Medical Examiner in front of a review panel, get all involved fired. 2. Get HennepinCounty Medical Examiner investigated & up on criminal charges. 3. Get Hennepin County Medical Examiner sued & compensate the family. PLS RT A positive development, but not “good” news. If they’d found he died from cardiac arrest or similar, it would leave wiggle room for that murderous bastard of a cop. We know he killed George and science has proven it. Now he just needs to be charged with the correct crime.

some people are literally braindead even if you show them the video or the autopsy finds they won't belive it. we literally saw 4 f**ing man sitting and one of them holding his knee on George Floyds neck. whoever thinks they didn't do anything wrong deserves the same treatment. If you don't like the first result, pay someone cash to find one you do like. That's what happened here.

Murder! Didn't the other autopsy say he died from a pre-existing condition? The media reporting he died after paramedics failed 2 resuscitate him & the previous autopsy is but a glimpse of the systematic racism on display for the world. They reported he died of underlining conditions to save that pig's bacon on a lesser charge of murder 3 It runs deep

Tonight is gonna be wild. 😔 It is evident from watching the video that George Floyd’s respiratory & circulatory systems were both being choked off by the hundreds of pounds deliberately compressing his torso & neck. The first report needs to be investigated for its apparent bias toward the police. So why did the state post-mortem say it was hypertension and 'possible' drug use. Someone lied and I think it's pretty obvious who that someone was.

I think he died of coronavirus Choking of the wind pipe and you would not be able to talk. The first autopsy was correct no doubt. The new line of attack will be “chief medical officer” for the county is white supremicist o wrong for police officer (after officers are sacked and one charged) 🤦‍♂️ So homicide - contradicting the initial get out of jail free card of “combined effects of Mr. Floyd’s being restrained by police, underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system.”

It’s a MURDER! BBCNaga Mr Floyd was dead at the scene. RIP,I hope his family get justice! hmm which is totally at odds with the official autopsy....................might need a 3rd involving several coroner's to get a consensus and closure That’s First degree murder then, no question. Obviously. No doubt the spin will mention athlete's foot as a contributing factor😒

Oh goody more confusion. Just what we need. 🤦‍♂️ What does this mean about the original 'official' autopsy? fuck 2020 sucks. Democrat party theory” Go to church and the liberal media will shout you down as a murderer spreading corona virus. Burn down a church they hail you as a hero and will post your bail”

UK government's silence over Trump's response to George Floyd death in US condemned by LabourRaab says it would be a 'media distraction' to offer thoughts on US president's comments Untrue. Try to save the UK first. Why do we have to get involved in other countries business So wrong in so many ways. What’s the solution realDonaldTrump? BlackLivesMatter AllLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd COVID19

Michelle Obama says death of George Floyd feels like 'a heartbreak that never seems to stop'Former first lady calls for people to ‘listen to those whose lives are different from our own’ Trump's America. He bankrupt at least 5 businesses, now he's morally bankrupting America itself. He's inflamed the situation and I can't blame people feeling like they have no options. They know this will continue and only get worse unless they resist. So true! 😏

Laughing teenagers mock death of George Floyd in US in sick Snapchat photoLAUGHING Brit teens have mocked the death of George Floyd in the US in a sick Snapchat photo. The post showed one of the yobs kneeling on his friend’s neck in the same way a police officer wa… They need a fucking smack They just ruined there lives just for a few views on snap. What jokers🤦‍♂️

George Floyd death: More National Guard troops sent in as US protests grow George Floyd : A man appeared to threaten protesters with a bow and arrow, before he was jumped on and attacked. He was later taken into custody. More here: Amazing...they are just like animals ! The only thing that will stop a bad guy a with bow and arrow is a group of good guys with their fists. 🤛 America has turned into the purge

Michael Jordan condemns George Floyd death and 'ingrained racism' of USMichael Jordan has released a statement on the death of George Floyd , calling out ‘ingrained racism’ in the United States Gutted that George Floyd can’t buy anymore sneakers..... A few who are permitted to live 👇👇👇

London police arrest 23 at Black Lives Matter protests over George Floyd deathThe Black Lives Matter demonstration on Sunday was organised after George Floyd died when a white officer held him down by pressing a knee into his neck. Hypocrites and morons. Did they forget there was a global pandemic on? 👀