Donald Trump, George Floyd

Donald Trump, George Floyd

George Floyd protests: can Trump deploy federal troops on to the streets in the US?

George Floyd protests: can Trump deploy federal troops on to the streets in the US?

6/2/2020 8:13:00 AM

George Floyd protests: can Trump deploy federal troops on to the streets in the US?

Outcome seems to hang on the interpretation of the 1807 Insurrection Act, which allows the use of active-duty troops for law enforcement

Speaking in the White House’s Rose Garden as a series of military vehicles rolled out front on Pennsylvania Avenue and military police and law enforcement clashed with protesters at Lafayette Park, Trump declared himself the president of law and order. But does he have the power to carry out his threats?

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Under the civil war-era Posse Comitatus Act, federal troops are prohibited from performing domestic law enforcement actions such as making arrests, seizing property or searching people, the AP notes.In extreme cases, however, the president can invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act, also from the civil war, which allows the use of active-duty or National Guard troops for law enforcement.

According to CNN, the law was most notably used in the 1950s to enforce desegregation. And later, in the 1960s, to address riots in Detroit. The Congressional Research Service said it hasn’t been invoked since 1992 during the riots in Los Angeles that followed the acquittal of four white police officers in the beating of Rodney King, it said.

In the Atlantic last year, when there was talk of Trump using this act for immigration enforcement, Stephen I Vladeck, a professor of law at the University of Texas, wrote: “The ‘Insurrection Act’ is an umbrella term for a series of statutes that date all the way back to the Founding, and through which Congress has exercised its authority under Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the Constitution ‘to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions’.

“The Constitution’s drafters understood that there would be circumstances in which local authorities were inadequate to protect the populace and enforce the laws, and so went out of their way not only to identify three circumstances in which troops could be used, but also to give the power to delimit those circumstances to Congress, not the president.”

One crucial Supreme Court opinion, Vladek noted, said: “Congress, not the Executive, should control utilization of the war power as an instrument of domestic policy.” Read more: The Guardian »

Only need reserves. Not even close to necessary. Lincoln did reparations Does FUCK YES answer your question for you? Trump's compass, which is calibrated on the basis of faith and religion, which is beyond human laws justify his actions. Hence the Bible! That is the core of America's split. The pilgrim fathers see their promised land evaporate. They are in agony and do everything to stop it.

You can protest, but you must stop all crimes! yeah add more fuel to the flame. great idea. He can do what he wants. He's the commander in chief. Buckle up - Soros is going down How about everyone read our Constitution and that will give you the answer. Please do in nyc !! Our governor and mayor are doing nothing while we stay home in fear. Police getting beat up stores looted ... churches defaced . realDonaldTrump we need help now !!

TrumpProvokes, populists respond, Trump declares MartialLaw. The direction of travel of this administration is horrendous, ugly, not to mention the encouragement to rogue states. No one should be fooled, this is TrumpFirst leadership, with echoes of Berlin1933 ... NO HE CANNOT It's illegal he should

Useful media idiots: Trump said IF. IF Why don't you go after the mayors and governors to work on that little IF problem and restore law and order and safety for their citizens You are EnemyOfThePeople He can do anything So did he invoke ? Also good article but can we just use the term uprising now DC - yes, For states he needs the governors request and permission PosseComitatusAct

realDonaldTrump is now fighting the American people. This so sad😪 Yes Congo health ministry confirms at least 4 new Ebola Deaths in city Trump can have his military dictatorship over my dead body.

Donald Trump urges 'weak' US governors to 'dominate' George Floyd protestorsThe US President was recorded while making a video call with state governors and law enforcement, accusing the leaders of being weak and urging them to 'dominate' the protests From his underground bunker Some day America will have a real President.

Trump threatens to deploy US military to crush George Floyd protests Donald Trump vowed to end violent protests across the country, threatening to deploy 'heavily armed' US military troops to cities even if mayors and governors object. The president spoke at the White Bring it on you fool Fu*k him. Plain and simple. They are sliding into dictatorship fast.

George Floyd updates: Trump deploys US military to 'dominate streets' - BBC News“I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers... to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults and the wanton destruction of property' US President Donald Trump says what happened last night in Washington DC was a “disgrace” Go back to your bunker America is worst now because of you These are a dictators words, unbelievable You didn't make this fuss about France

Trump supporters run over two George Floyd protestersDisturbing video footage shows a Jeep with a 'Keep America Great' flag ploughing into the young woman. showing their lefty colours as per Someone stands in the road and gets run over Trump fans running people over again 🙄

George Floyd protests: 1400 arrests as violence escalates in protests across USUS President Donald Trump says he will not tolerate mob violence during demonstrations over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Follow our LIVE updates from the protests across the United States: Come out with something sensible then. Your Police Force is corrupt, racist, and out of control . And so are some of the authorities and State Governors.

Trump criticised by Democratic mayors of cities with large George Floyd protestsPockets of violence, looting, and vandalism have marked nationwide protests over death of George Floyd it quit being about George Floyd 3 days ago. It's an insurrection, mainly fueled by Antifa She is like Obama.. They did nothing for African-Americans .. It is about time for such from a host of mayors that are as bold and brave as Atlanta's Mayor Bottoms is