George Floyd death: One of four officers charged is released on bail

6/11/2020 11:52:00 PM

Thomas Lane's lawyer says his client was only on his fourth day of training and tried to help George Floyd.

One of the four white former Minneapolis police officers who were charged over the death of George Floyd, a black man whose death has triggered protests for police reform and racial justice, has been released on bail

Thomas Lane's lawyer says his client was only on his fourth day of training and tried to help George Floyd.

Derrick Scott: Footage released of black man who died last year after saying 'I can't breathe' as officer said 'I don't care' Mr Gray also told the media that Lane was only on his fourth day on the job on patrol duty and that Chauvin was his training officer, whom he should obey.Floyd's brother tells Congress 'he did not deserve to die over $20' He is believed to have held down Mr Floyd's legs while Mr Keung held him down on his back and Mr Chauvin knelt on his neck.George Floyd’s life was celebrated at his funeral on Tuesday, with eulogies that honored him as a father, brother, athlete and mentor whose death sparked a global reckoning over police brutality and racial prejudice.George Floyd death: Nicola Sturgeon says it is 'hard to not conclude' Trump is a racist The president has tried to label violent protesters as"radical-left, bad people" engaging in domestic terrorism and has repeatedly invoked the label"antifa" - an umbrella term for leftist militants bound more by belief than organisational structure.

"What was my client supposed to do but follow what his training officer said?" Mr Gray said in a court hearing, Forbes and other media reported.Image: Derek Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter Mr Gray is reported to have told the Star-Tribune, a Minneapolis newspaper, that a crowdfunding site had been created for donations to Lane's bail fund.His death has sparked weeks of protests across the United States and in cities around the world including London, Paris and Berlin, focusing on police brutality against people of colour and racial justice.However, this has now been taken down.“But everybody is going to remember him around the world.Many of those joining the more than two weeks of protests have been calling for a ban on choke holds and other methods of restraint used by police.He said:"George called for help, and he was ignored.Police have also been criticised for heavy-handed tactics against protesters.Was aiming scanner.

Indiscriminate use of tear gas, flash grenades, and many incidents of police hitting protesters with batons have been recorded.He added:"It's my job to comfort my brothers and my sisters, [George Floyd's] kids, and everyone who loved him.City officials paid tribute on social media.Chauvin remains in jail in lieu of $1.25m bail.I have to be the strong one now because George is gone.The other officers, Tou Thao and J Alexander Kueng, remain in jail in lieu of $750,000 bail and charges each of aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.Brooke Williams, Floyd’s niece, delivered an emotional tribute describing her uncle as “spiritually grounded, an activist” who “moved people with his words”.Philonise Floyd: George cried out for help In Minnesota, pleas are not entered in preliminary hearings." The number two Republican in the Senate, John Thune, also criticised Mr Trump's tweet.

Lane's next hearing is scheduled for 29 June, and Mr Gray is planning to file a motion to dismiss the charges, it has been reported.Race and Revolution: Is Change Going to Come? Sky News will broadcast a global debate show on Tuesday night at 8pm - looking at the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter protests, and examining institutional racism and how we fix it.” “Lives like George will not matter until somebody pays the cost for taking their lives,” said the civil rights advocate the Rev Al Sharpton in his eulogy.If you would like to be part of our virtual audience, and have a chance of putting a question to our panel, please send your name, location and question to.

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One of four ex-officers charged over killing of George Floyd leaves jailThomas Lane's attorney is preparing a motion asking for the charges against him to be dismissed Those who can pay are okay. CobiJamesMartin How many violent looters have been freed using celebrity donations?

George Floyd funeral: crowds gather at Houston church to pay tributeFloyd laid to rest in hometown after killing by police in Minneapolis, as dozens outside service wear T-shirts reading ‘I can’t breathe’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ Never forget Trump ordered military police to violently attack peaceful American protesters Stop it now🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Crocodile tears.beforethecompopayout

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