George Floyd death: Minneapolis police station set on fire during protests as Trump attacks 'thugs'

George Floyd death: Minneapolis police station set on fire during protests as Trump attacks 'thugs'

5/29/2020 10:16:00 AM

George Floyd death: Minneapolis police station set on fire during protests as Trump attacks 'thugs'

Tweeting about the growing unrest, President Trump said he could not 'stand back and watch this happen to a great American city'.

Demonstrators set fire to a police station as anger mounted after George Floyd died on Monday.In a tweet about the latest unrest, the president said he could not"stand back and watch this happen to a great American city".Video shows officer kneeling on man who later died

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He claimed there had been"a total lack of leadership" among the authorities as the violence intensified.He said:"Either the very weak radical left mayor, Jacob Frey, gets his act together and brings the city under control, or I will send in the National Guard and get the job done right.

Advertisement"These thugs are dishonouring the memory of George Floyd, and I won't let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!"

Image:Protesters set fire to the entrance of a police station during a third night of violenceMr Floyd died after a white officer, Derek Chauvin, was filmed kneeling on his neck while he was handcuffed, for at least eight minutes while arresting him for allegedly using a fake $20 note in a shop.

More from George FloydThe 46-year-old can be heard in the widely-circulated mobile phone footage saying he could not breathe, before paramedics are seen lifting him on to a stretcher and into an ambulance - he was later pronounced dead in hospital.Redacted bodycam video of arrest death

On Thursday evening, cheering protesters broke into a police precinct after the department abandoned it, setting it on fire and letting off fireworks, as violence spread across the US over his death.A police spokesman confirmed that staff had evacuated the 3rd precinct station - which covers the area of Minneapolis where Mr Floyd was detained -"in the interest of the safety of our personnel".

Driver hits George Floyd protesterVideo streamed live online showed people entering the 3rd precinct building, where fire alarms went off and sprinklers came on as blazes were set.The city's governor, Tim Waltz, called in the National Guard - which tweeted that it had activated more than 500 soldiers across the area.

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It said a"key objective" was to make sure fire departments could respond to calls, and in a follow-up post, it said it was"here with the Minneapolis Fire Department" to assist - but no move was made to put out the fire.Image:A man moves past a car on fire near a Target store during protests

Earlier, businesses across the Twin Cities area boarded up their windows and doors in an effort to prevent looting, with Target announcing it was temporarily closing two dozen stores.At one stage, police officers stood in line in front of a branch, trying to keep out looters, who were also smashing windows of other shops.

Protests have spread to other US cities, with demonstrators in New York defying coronavirus rules against public gatherings as they clashed with police, while some blocked traffic in downtown Denver.Multiple arrests at NYC protest clashesDemonstrations have also been seen on the streets of Los Angeles and Memphis.

Meanwhile, in Louisville, Kentucky, at least seven people have been shot during protests against the killing of Breonna Taylor, a black woman fatally shot by police in her home in March.In a statement early on Friday, police confirmed at least one person was in a critical condition, and said there had been"some arrests", but did not say how many.

"No officers discharged their service weapons," said police spokesman Sergeant Lamont Washington. Read more: Sky News »

Trump is wrong to say this about people who seek justice They are thugs. The george floyd incident was horrendous but how does stealing a 50’ inch tv from target help your cause? Thugs. What would you call them ScumMedia Blame the shops. It’s like a drunk taking it out on a bin Mindless criminals using the Death of a African American man to Riot and endangering people's lives and making people unemployed

Boiling down the life and memory of GeorgeFloyd to a chance to go looting and steal a new TV. Stay classy Minneapolis Why destroy other people's livelihoods by looting & breaking ATM machines in the name of justice for George Floyd...these protestors are gullible and pathetic and they should be curtailed as these demonstrations are not only focused on justice but other anterior motives

*looting and riots What did he call these lot? The devil can never go against himself. It's time to send in the chaps.This is anarchy pure and simple and government need to reclaim their position ..lively. Its ridiculous what's going on in America it doesn't matter what colour your skin is know one can't do anything right in a screwed up country without the police getting involved

Again, Trump demonstrates his profound unsuitability to lead the nation. He should resign now. It’s become a war zone,these rioters need to be subdued now with full military force It would be over in a matter of hours 🤷‍♂️ China should commit to protect African-Americans from Trump regime violence. They are thugs..burning down their own neighbourhood..they don't give a fuck about the poor man..chancers and leeches looting stores.. prominent people stirring the pot including IlhanMN who is encouraging the violence..

any excuse for riots, looting and stealing Have you SEEN the videos showing violence and looting? Most of those other are there to steal goods and nothing else, using the 'protests' as an excuse. PantsUpDontLoot That's promising, the police officers finally being called thugs. Let everything burn if it will put sense of the sanctity of life into their heads. Floyd's life matters.

Show those people that your life also matter and they are not the only ones created by God It’s started by racism, begin with Muslims now Black What a way to fight racism & honour George’s memory, than to burn buildings & steal a 65 inch TV’s 🤦‍♂️

Tear gas and angry scenes as protesters take to Minneapolis streets following death of George FloydVideo of black man held down in street by police officers sparked national outrage But they tolerate armed white men on the steps of the state gov building 🤯 blackLivesMatter White fat guys with full military gear 🙂 Black people protesting peacefully 🙃

Minneapolis police fire teargas at protesters after death of George Floyd – videoPolice have clashed with protesters on the streets of Minneapolis amid outrage over the death of an unarmed black man in police custody. George Floyd died after an officer knelt on his neck for several minutes Merchants of Black Death! You mean these are different protesters to the ones in South Carolina who lined up in their boats on the weekend to support Trump? PoliceBrutality in anywhere is intolerable. We should fight against it together. A similar tragedy happend a few weeks ago in HongKong. Cops kneeled on the neck of a South-asian, causing his death. But police chief insisted they were using approriate force and no one was fired.

Minneapolis police station set on fire amid protests over killing of George FloydMinneapolis police station set on fire by amid protest over killing of George Floyd Boston: Hey everyone! Watch us throw this tea in this river. Minneapolis: Hold my beer. Good job people!! STAND WITH AMERICA! FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

Carnage as 'looter' killed and fireball erupts in riots over George Floyd deathThousands took to the streets of Minneapolis as the second night of protests over the death of George Floyd turned violent with gunfire, several buildings torched and stores ransacked That's good idea keep it up

Police who arrested George Floyd 'should face death penalty,' says brotherWARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT Mr Floyd, 46, died after being pinned to the ground for around minutes by white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chavin. His brother Philonise Floyd has branded it an 'execution' At least for those cops concerned and watching...immediate JAIL for them all. He should get life the bully and never see the light of day again.

Protests erupt across the US in wake of George Floyd death – videoDemonstrators across US take to the streets after George Floyd’s killing after being arrested by Minneapolis police ICantBreathe Racism is tearing American society apart. The American government believes that it is possible to kill any black man on the grounds that the black man has slave blood and will not resist. The human rights of the black community have been seriously violated Enough America Many people can't breath