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Gavin Williamson under pressure to resign over A-level results 'fiasco'

Gavin Williamson under pressure to resign over A-level results 'fiasco'

8/14/2020 1:41:00 PM

Gavin Williamson under pressure to resign over A-level results 'fiasco'

Lib Dems say minister is ‘out of excuses’ and Labour calls for results system to be scrapped

Layla Moran, the Lib Dems’ education spokesperson, said Williamson should go because of the disruption caused when thousands of students were given lower grades than expected on Thursday.She said Williamson had “pushed ahead with plans which ignored teachers’ advice”, and she also cited previous blunders over free school meals and IT provision during the lockdown.

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“Gavin Williamson is an education secretary out of his depth and out of excuses,” she said. “He must take responsibility for his mistakes and step down with immediate effect. Our young people and our country cannot afford these blunders to continue into September ahead of a potential second wave.”

Ofqual, the exam regulator for England, designed the grades system around schools’ previous results, resulting in nearly 40% of grades assessed by teachers being downgraded by the statistical model.Private schools disproportionately benefited while pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds were treated more harshly, prompting the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to publicly intervene.

Students reported losing places at universities, while a string of college principals and headteachers reported results dramatically lower than past exam performance.Williamson has ruled out following the example of Scotland which on Tuesday scrapped the results produced by its statistical model and said it would use teacher assessments to replace the exams cancelled during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, called on the government to scrap Ofqual’s “fatally flawed” system.“Across the last 24 hours we have heard heartbreaking stories and the scale of the injustice caused by the fatally flawed results system has become clear,” he said.

“The unprecedented and chaotic circumstances created by the government’s mishandling of education during recent months mean that a return to teacher assessments is now the best option available. No young person should be at a detriment due to government incompetence.

“Time is running out. We need action in days, not weeks. That also means an urgent technical review of the standardisation model ahead of GCSE results next week. We need to end this fiasco.”He accused the schools minister, Nick Gibb, of “grossly misleading” students after he promised that any downgrades would be “by just one grade”. Figures from Ofqual showed that around 24,000 results were lowered by more than one grade.

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Tory MPs also criticised Williamson’s handling of the controversy and his abrupt announcement that students could use results from mock exams to appeal.One MP told the Daily Telegraph: “He’s clearly seen the chaos in Scotland and is trying to move to prevent that scenario. Instead he’s just made himself look panicky and incompetent. In short, he’s justifying his own sacking.”

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GavinWilliamson ofqual with educational apps and technology booming maybe there is a genuine increase of 15-18% in grades. Why assume teachers inflating grades by that much? For those students that win appeals but held back a year due to flawed system should be compensated 💰 Gavin Williamson reveals secret algorithms

Did anyone run a test on the model before the cycle. If so the mistake is sanctioned by an incompetent government. If they did it’s a mistake implemented by an incompetent government. A total balls up from beginning to end. What sort of people actually voted to have an ignoramous like this represent them in Parliament?

Our young people deserve better than GavinWilliamson. This ALevel fiasco (soon to be GCSE fiasco) needs action. Use this MP’s letter as a template / inspiration - keep the pressure on AlevelResults BorisJohnson Keir_Starmer BBCNewsnight itvnews Alevelshambles Well at least this time it'll just be down to plain old incompetence...

They used to resign. Now they get protection. GavinWilliamsonResign “Gp home, russia” Tory gobshites. Couldn’t be trusted to run a bath. ToryShambles He won’t of course - he’ll get promoted Isn’t it curious that Johnson, with a pathological need to be liked, running a populist government, isn’t actually very good at it, given he and his government are becoming less popular by the day? Maybe Cummings, who doesn’t give a shit what others think, wasn’t the best idea?

Go, go, go, Gavin Williamson! You cannot base this year’s students’ results on the results of past years fed into a computer algorithm. It is insane, pure madness! Students deserve to be judged on their own abilities not on those of others who might be of a different ability. Hell NO You just destroyed my daughter’s future by downloading her grades. She is now in mental trauma. She is so hardworking, talented kid. She didn’t diserve what you have imposed on her! The Scottish cared for their kids, you ruined our kids future! Why?

Why would you use algorithms for exam papers ? Things have really gone to the dogs when you have to use these tatics for exam results 🤦🏾‍♀️ tradasro He'll be elevated to the House of Lords. It's a Tory thing. shame! I thought Chinese virus was the worst thing had happened ! The Uk is now a regime , a boorish regime where poverty and regression ( the worst in UE) are the realty students teachers parents have been humiliated from the Uk gov . an algorithm to fires the incompetents

Yes please. get lost FrankSpencer must be sent home to Betty for this whoopsi! He should be sent to Siberia & take the rest of his Elitist colleague with him. That's Alan Partridge! But he won’t Resign? A tory politician in Bori's government, resign? This is not Lebanon please. Worse than Gove as Ed Sec. and that has taken some doing

Alice de Coverley and Matt Wyard of 3PB Barristers' specialist education team are providing rolling commentary on A level exam results, including information about the appeal process for schools and students. U turn now please ASAP GavinWilliamson ResignWilliamson To add insult to injury I am now told it will cost £83.65 to sit the A levels in October that were cancelled. The system has failed our kids and I feel helpless.

Why not award a grade for the Direction for Exams that Gavin Williamson wrote? NHS carehomes The fireplace salesman Cummings being vindictive - surely not ! Ideologically driven - Teachers being demonised as militant & lazy in the likes of the DailyMail over Coronavirus concerns - what a ' coincidence ' !

Is he the mock Education Secretary? Revert to centre accessed grades and then resign. Utter incompetence 😡😡😡😡GavinWilliamson WilliamsonResign pscoolestteache RESIGN RESIGN RESIGN Tories only upset because they couldn't find a way during the A level catastrophe to hand some more of our money to their friends

If he had a shred of decency he’d have gone by now. Shameless. A pressure Williamson can just laugh back at. SaraCo130813 Students - failed by the system NHS staff - failed by the system Patients - failed by the system Businesses - failed by the system Police - failed by the system BAME - failed by the system Economy - failed by the system Key workers - failed by the system ToryFail ToryShambles

It seems like a good idea though. GavinWilliamson give your status to someone who actually has a clue about the stress and pressure that’s been put into year 12/13s xox alevels2020 alevel21strike Make a U turn like Scotland. This government has robbed an entire young generation's future. Moderating and downgrading the A level grades is unjust and unfair! G. Williamson should be sacked!! Why is Boris afraid to sack incompetent people?

Government‘s an ass led by a donkey. GavinWilliamson should really go back to selling fireplaces..KNOB CandidePeel The real problem with all these yes men and women is they have never had a real job that required real life decisions that has consequences if you get it wrong Or ‘Gavin Williamson has moral responsibility to...’

As if he would😂 CandidePeel Just a small Prick amongst many bigger Pricks sack them all Put it right first, clean up your mess and then GO! Why? OfQual are responsible for the grading and had to deal with reckless teachers using grade inflation, that’s where the investigation, if any, should start. He won’t, this lot have no shame.

They should all resigned, so many fiascos bringing the country into deeper recession Prime minister Cummings would never accept his resignation (not that it will be offered). The post-truth playbook: lie, cheat, deny reality, but never, ever accept fault or apologise. Failing Grayling Mk 2. C’mon Frank - take off the roller skates.

Gavin Williamson was sacked as defence secretary after being named as the source of the Huawei leak. He is a liability and a useless toerag. They’ll let him take the flax for next week first, get that over with and then he’ll resign. I feel so sorry for all pupils who received A-Level results or those 16 year olds who are now increasingly anxious about their gcse results next week now. Absolute disgrace.

He is an incompetent. Has no capacity for empathy. How would he feel! He should be serving fries at a drive through but he may need training The traitor who leaked classified national Security information to commie China. Chris Grayling is waiting for the call! Also - it’s taken me a while - he’s Alan Partridge isn’t he?

Serial incompetent! Needs a promotion. LindsayWesker ‘It’s my way or I leak to Huawei’ (again) Sadly, he should immediately correct the grades for all those students that have been affected. I don’t believe in affecting the rights of people and keeping them down. No question!!! But who will replace? Same of the same?

Surely if Gove had not eliminated AS levels and course work teachers assessments might have been more soundly based. That a teacher grades everybody A*, A or B and then finds a U amongst their results raises as many questions about the integrity of the teacher as the moderation. The whole government are under qualified and should resign..

He shouldn't be an MP let alone in cabinet. Utterly ineffectual. Devoid of talent. An affront to the voting public who put their trust in their representatives to bring a bit of responsibility and cogency to the British political merry go round. Ditto the rest of government. I know of a private school which is changing their mock grade boundaries, because of pressure from parents. Parents are picking a past exam year with lowest boundaries and expecting schools to use them. Mock paper different. Private school fraud.

Wait until next Thursday and the gvse results.. Then he will have to. GlobalPrayers4SSRDeath Death In Cooper Hospital Divya Bharti (5 April 1993)- Manmohan Desai (1 March 1994),Parveen Babi( 20 January 2005), Kuljeet Randhawa( 8February 2006),Kunal SIngh ( 7February 2008),Jiah Khan(3June 2013), sushant singh rajput (14July 2020) ArnabGoswami

He’ll get a seat in the House of Lords for his sterling work trashing the futures of his parties class enemies. Good luck; Advisor breaks lockdown rules, resigned❌ Bung taking, fake expense claiming housing minister, resigned ❌ Money syphoning via no tenders health and trade ministers, resigned ❌ Alleged Tory rapist, resigned ❌ Blatant class fixing education minister.... Guess?

Downgrade his position. Reading the reports, it is STAGGERING that this could happen/be allowed. It's a level of bias and incompetence in exactly the place where lack of bias and proper competence shld be expected & delivered. And for our idiot 'leader' to describe it as 'robust' is a pure obscenity. Keir Starmer wants return to CAG, yet Labour Wales have the strictest Appeals Criteria of all the Nations & no Triple Lock. Welsh pupils are at a huge disadvantage. Universities are holding place offers open for English students to resit in Autumn and again, our pupils lose out.

What remains of (or ever was) the reputation of Fireplace Gav will soon be ashes in his own grate. What pressure? Only pressure is from the MSM, or using their recently and well earnt sobriquet, Scum media. But mummy, daddy i wanteddd A’s this isn’t fairrrrrrr! Don’t like the grades how about sit the actual exams later in the year. As i’m sure all the student have been studying

BREAKTHECYCLE and don’t vote Tory in the next election.. Another Conservatives fiasco no offence, but as humble & gentle natured as he appears to be, he is not fit for the job in that he is not particularly articulate for an education minister ok? sorry!! i don't agree with the civil service's way of getting people out of govt or other jobs though

A Tory? Resign? If anything they’ll give him a peerage and a raise! Ha. Ha. Ha. Nobody resigns over anything, these days. No doubt Gavin Williamson should resign along with other member's of the Conservative party who have been shambolic during this pandemic. But the reality is he won't, just look at what happened with Dominic Cummings 🚗. 🥴

You're jesting of course, in this government it's impossible to resign. Appearance is everything,, reality something to be ignored. no offence, but as humble and gentle natured as he appears to be, he is not fit for the job in that he is not particularly articulate for an education minister ok? sorry!!

He should be sacked ... AGAIN!!! What fiasco? Amazing how others see it so differently from the Guardian. Weaponising the Covid-19 scenario for their rather pathetic own ends. Get over it Guardianistas, you've another 4 years of this particular government. About as effective as an ashtray on a Norton Commando.

He won’t resign or be fired because of two simple words - Barnard Castle. Once they were able to sell that load of houseshit, they can do what the fuck they like with practical impunity. Resigning would be a more dignified departure from government than his last farewell! His spider just gets used to one office then it has to up sticks for a new location.

I just received email from ofqual who at present state they have no process in place for assessing appeals Vs mock results as excreted by Williamson's mouth. Aiannucci portrayal of politicians in the Thick of it seems chillingly accurate. Ha ha ha - the chance of any member of this government resigning is almost zero.

The clusterfuck that’s GCSE results is still to come. Gavin has so much more to give. Not one of this inept Tory Cabinet Ministers will ever resign....who be mad enough to employ them? He needs to re-examine himself!! As he should be, but let's not kid ourselves that his replacement will be a beacon of fairness, common sense and educational insight oneresignationisnotenough

No chance; this is a government that never takes responsibility for it's failings and just 'moves on'. This is the most depressing set of ministers I've ever known in my lifetime. Tory voters: this is on you. Yes GavinWilliamson Go! You have been down graded and you are no longer wanted. See how it feels.

If they cannot get a alleged Tory rapist, an advisor breaking lock-down rules, a bung taking, fake expense claiming housing minister, a fund syphoning health and trade minister they have no chance with this one!! Physically impossible to please everybody with exam results when they are just spat out by a computer. Best way is to just sit the exams later but then it delays people going to uni by a year. Tough to see what they could be doing differently really.

Goodbye, intrepid soldier Gavin Williamson – here are your best bits! He put too much faith in Artificial Intelligence while not using his own. What if we just elected AI programs instead of people? Probably would be worse. First admit he is wrong. Fix it. Then resign. JennBridge The whole Cabinet should resign

Why should he resign? He's just delivered the ideological values of his leader. This cabinet is so loaded with incompetent sycophants, I'd wager that no-one will be sacked from this government. Looks like he was promoted beyond his level of competence. Not enough pressure! What an utter failure. Shouldn’t be surprising he’s a Tory.

I would prefer he fixed it and then resigned. Resigning and walking away is too easy ... Unfortunately the days of ministers resigning over their own fiascoes are long gone. He's more likely to get a medal.

Bright pupils risk being penalised by A-level results system, Gavin Williamson admits Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has admitted high performing pupils risk being penalised by this year’s A-level system as fears grow of chaos as students receive their results. Critics have All pupils at risk of being penalised by a tory government more interested in lining the pockets of its donors than in ensuring the well-being of the country. What would Gavin Williamson know about bright pupils? The likes of Gavin Williamson and Chris Grayling are proof of failing upwards... If I had to work with any of these Tories in a factory, I'd be worried they didn't have the minimum skills required to survive the day. He wouldn’t know a bright pupil if he met one.....

Gavin Williamson says sorry to every student over Covid chaos ahead of A Level results dayGAVIN Williamson today said sorry to millions of students after their exams were thrown into chaos by Covid – ahead of their A Level results tomorrow. The Education Secretary said he regrette… They would, they have a future voting problem! What the fuck are the government keep apologising for ? It is a once in a lifetime pandemic ! They tried to get the kids back to school but unions & labour councils said no ! Not safe ! Can some of these clever fuckers on tv come up with a solution for exams instead of blame !

Gavin Williamson's apology to school pupils unlikely to be his lastTory MPs fear drip, drip of bad headlines after minister’s failure to get to grip with grades issue Still struggling with forex trading or becoming A Profitable trader? I can help you invest in forex, without sending money to anyone, No need to pay for Signals, learn how to invest and generate income all by yourself. Inbox me for more info.

Bright pupils risk being penalised by A-level results system, Gavin Williamson admits Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has admitted high performing pupils risk being penalised by this year’s A-level system as fears grow of chaos as students receive their results. Critics have All pupils at risk of being penalised by a tory government more interested in lining the pockets of its donors than in ensuring the well-being of the country. What would Gavin Williamson know about bright pupils? The likes of Gavin Williamson and Chris Grayling are proof of failing upwards... If I had to work with any of these Tories in a factory, I'd be worried they didn't have the minimum skills required to survive the day. He wouldn’t know a bright pupil if he met one.....

Why the A-level results fiasco risks damaging Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ agendaWith former ‘red wall’ seats already in the cross hairs of coronavirus and a no-deal Brexit, Kate Devlin considers whether this latest impact on pupils from disadvantaged areas could return those seats to Labour I think it’s safe to say that under boris Johnson the country has levelled down although not entirely his fault Good ,I hope it damages the whole tory government. Hounds of hindsight will come to haunt them.

A Tory minister just warned about A-Level students being 'overpromoted' and irony is deadA-Level results drop today in England and it’s safe to say the system under coronavirus has confused many.  No one seems to be quite sure how their exams are being marked, with 35 per cent of results how many brain cells to this cabinet have? AskingForAFriend 😂