Gary Lineker reveals he's 'VERY single' and has never been on a dating app

Gary Lineker reveals he’s ‘VERY single’ and has never been on a dating app

11/28/2020 1:14:00 AM

Gary Lineker reveals he’s ‘VERY single’ and has never been on a dating app

FOR the past 21 years Gary Lineker has been the smooth-talking and authoritative face of Match Of The Day. Albeit a tad too smooth for a few months following a spot of ill-fated Botox. The popular …

Thankfully, the Gunners couldn’t afford him.Gary says: “It was 1989, a year before the World Cup (in Italy), so I thought I was perhaps better off going back to England (after Barcelona). I quite fancied living in London, and Arsenal were the best team at that time.

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“I thought that would appeal, as they were a really good side. But (Gunners then-manager) George Graham was famously quite tight and they got nowhere near the required rate. Then Tottenham came along and, thank heavens, I ended up with them.”Quite.8Gary Lineker with a tearful Paul Gascoigne after his cruel bookingin the same game

Injury forced him to retire in 1994, following a spell in Japan, and Gary turned his hand to broadcasting. He has presented, brilliantly, Match Of The Day on BBC1 since 1999.In September hesigned a new five-year dealto stay at the Beeb, taking a 23 per cent pay cut as part of the broadcaster’s drive to cut the gender pay gap.

Gary remains one of the BBC’s top earners, and though he also works for BT Sport, he has turned down numerous offers from rivals and streaming services.He turns 60 on Monday but remains as fit and lithe as ever, thanks to sessions three times a week with his personal trainer Dan “and a pretty fast metabolism”.

Chatting over Zoom from hisand fresh from the gym, he is passionate about fitness and wellbeing.But a recent scare over— an increasing threat as men get older — has made him even more vigilant.8Gary urges all blokes to get tested for prostate cancer regularly

Credit: Getty Images - Getty‘CONSTANTLY GET CHECKS’Gary urges other men to get tested for a disease which affects one in nine fellas — but which retains a certain stigma.Gary says: “I have a full body check every couple of years and I did have one prostate scare.

“It’s important to get ahead of it and a lot of men, we sometimes think, ‘I’m all right’. We don’t want to see doctors.“But that’s a dangerous game. We are all a little bit scared of having something and I think it’s fair to share that. It turned out to be nothing with me but it’s important to get ahead of it. It makes it a lot worse if you catch it late.

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“It’s vital for people my age to make sure they are OK, to constantly get checks if possible.” Read more: The Sun »

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