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Gangs ruining uni students' lives with money laundering Bitcoin and fees scams

EXCLUSIVE: Gangs are ruining uni students' lives with money laundering Bitcoin and fees scams

10/17/2021 11:40:00 AM

EXCLUSIVE: Gangs are ruining uni students' lives with money laundering Bitcoin and fees scams

Campus cons alert as students launder crook's cash and gangs rip off fees - the National Crime Agency has warned students as crooks use girls to find recruits at campus parties in exchange for Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Freshers are letting gangs pass money through their accounts in return for drugs, designer clothes or cash.Some gangs use girls to find recruits at campus parties. Others are lured on social media with fake offers of earning up to £1,000 in deals on Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

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Students hand over bank details, allowing payments in and out. But it is money laundering, carrying up to 14 years in jail.In a second scam foreign students are offered a 10% reduction in uni fees. Money is paid to a rogue middleman, who “pays” online with a stolen bank card. By the time the payment “bounces” the agent has vanished, the student has lost thousands and faces being kicked out for non-payment.

For more of the news you care about, straight to your inbox, sign up for one of our daily newsletters here. Some parents have had to use life savings to bail children out amid threats from villains.Universities have issued warnings, with King’s College London declaring on its website: “This kind of scam will not only see you lose money, but you also risk imprisonment and an end to your university degree.”

The National Crime Agency has been showing a film called Crooks on Campus – featuring real fraudsters – to hammer home the message to students. Lancaster University’s Dr Nicola Harding said: “It is essential viewing for all students, staff, friends and parents”.

In the past three years, £60million has been blocked from 88,000 accounts over suspected money muling.The cash finances crime and even terrorism. In one case, in Yorkshire, a bank seized £170,000 from the account of a student.Mule Student Ben, 18, fell for the money laundering scam in Yorkshire after a pal said he had made £6,000 from it.

He says: “I gave my card, pin and online banking login. A guy put money in. A week later he told me to withdraw £2k. Next day I took another £2k out. The third time the machine kept my card.“My account was frozen. Months later I got letters from other banks. This guy had opened four accounts, taken a loan and two credit cards out. It has destroyed my life. I am blacklisted.”

Victim Lee, living in London, lost £22,000 to a conman. He said: “I came to the UK on a student visa from China“There was a chat group, this guy was saying I could receive a 10% discount, £2,400, on my fees. He sent me a bank number, I transferred the money.

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“Everything seemed OK. Then the university told me there had been a problem. The fees had not been paid.“And unless I paid in two months I’d no longer have a place. I don’t have any money. I’ve lost everything and feel like I’m a failure to my family.”

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They themselves are managers of their lies. They visit other countries with the money taken from people. But there is also God They skillfully lie to people about fake concert tickets, fan forms, bitcoin on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Then they give the money to their friends and live with their lies without working.

I still can't believe that real account manager exist I am so happy trading with lisabryant025 i never took her serious because I taught she was a scam like others until my first withdrawal of $8500 within just one week of trading! I am so grateful to her and i can't keep this They also lie to people on Instagram, Twitter Apparently the manager teaches them to lie students as well.

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