Furious race row explodes over Gavin and Stacey as viewers demand it's removed

6/11/2020 8:30:00 PM

Furious race row explodes over Gavin and Stacey as viewers demand it's removed

Furious race row explodes over Gavin and Stacey as viewers demand it's removed

Gavin and Stacey critics are calling for the popular comedy to be pulled from telly streaming services amid a furious race row. The show, written by James Corden and Ruth Jones, features both a cha…

Some viewers are now calling for Gavin and Stacey to be ditched too.Only a valedictory tweet on Tuesday night alerted followers of racing to the fact that Lucy Normile’s training career had reached a sudden end.Image caption Neville Staple is a singer with the ska band The Specials Facebook wrongly removed a page about The Specials in what band members think was a mistaken link to racism.Why do you stay in the country? Nick Ferrari Since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month at the hands of police officers, millions of people have taken to the streets all over the world as we continue to fight for racial equality.

6 In series two, a character called Seth was referred to as 'the black fella' Credit: BBC Writing on Twitter, one person said: "With this whole cancel culture I hope @bbc now removes #gavinandstacey from @bbciplayer, @netflix @BritBox_UK."The show is misogynistic, racist, homophobic and guilty of fat shaming.Granite City Doc was her final runner, coming agonisingly close to providing her with a fitting send-off when beaten a length at Newcastle on Saturday." Another simply wrote: " If we're doing away with Little Britain can we also get rid of Gavin and Stacey? " Messaging James Corden directly, one even asked: "Wondering why none of your characters in #gavinandstacey were played by BAME actors? 6 The controversial scene aired in episode one of the second series "I can only recall one black character - threesome man with Pete and Dawn in one ep.Facebook said the accounts were"removed in error" and were reinstated."His race was the subject of several gags.“Realistically, it’s not enough,” she reflected on Wednesday.Not cool James!" The scene the tweeter is referring to is the first episode of series two, which aired on BBC2 in 2008.READ MORE: Nick Ferrari sparks fury after 'disgusting' comments towards Afua Hirsch amid race battle (Image: SKY) It's time to question the Government's Sage advice, says NICK FERRARI Nick and his fellow panelists were blown away when Afua questioned why we continue to glorify"hugely problematic" figures such as Winston Churchill, Cecil Rhodes and Horatio Nelson, who each have statues around the nation as a tribute to Britain's imperial past.

Characters Dawn and Pete, played by Julia Davis and Adrian Scarborough, are shown looking awkward while sat at a table in a restaurant.I’m never going to have the big numbers and the big-paying owners that you need, unfortunately."We were all about bringing black and white together.The pair have been unexpectedly stumbled upon by Stacey (Joanna Page), Gavin (Mat Horne) and his parents, Pam and Mick, played by Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb.6 The show regularly featured a character called Chinese Alan, who was not Chinese Credit: BBC After a pause, a black man emerges from the toilets and sits down at the table.Asked what she’ll do next, Normile responds: “That’s the worst of it, everybody’s been asking that and I genuinely have no idea.Pete tells the surprised group: "This is Seth."It was all about change - we've got skinheads, rudies." It later transpires that they had hoped to spice up their relationship by having a threesome with Seth.” Racing folk have tried to focus on the positives since the sport was allowed to return last week but there is a widespread feeling that some business may not recover, which Normile shares."Why do you stay in the country?" he asked, as Afua looked offended.

During the episode, however, Dawn and Pam refer to him as 'the black fella' while frantically circling their faces with their fingers.Meanwhile, another character under fire is 'Chinese Alan', who makes several appearances in all three series' of Gavin and Stacey.You try and make do and some owners have been amazingly supportive but the industry we’re in, yes, it’s our business, but it’s a leisure pursuit for a lot of people.a whole range of fans out there.6 Little Britain is among the shows already pulled from streaming services Credit: BBC In series one, 'Chinese Alan' arrives at Gavin's house ahead of his stag do.While Gavin and his pals, including Smithy - played by James Corden - chant "Chinese, Chinese", he walks through the door and declares: "Did somebody order a Chinese?!" 'Chinese Alan' is played by white actor Dominic Gaskell, who is not Chinese.“I think there’s a lot of small trainers that have been struggling along for years and this, unfortunately, might be the final nail in the coffin.It is believed the character supposedly earned his nickname after working as a delivery driver for a Chinese takeaway."It's all just assumption - I've not shared anything offensive, or derogatory and I openly condemn those who do share hateful messages..

6 Some Gavin and Stacey fans have defended the show Credit: Handout Not everyone is calling for the BBC comedy to be scrapped, however.” Normile leaves, she insists, with no bitterness or regret.One fan tweeted: "G isn’t really offensive." Another added: " Dear Head of the Softies Is Gavin and Stacey , ok?? They say Chinese Alan.I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time.." A third wrote: "I nbetweeners been took off air? next it’ll be gavin and stacey or something.We have needed those horses, we’ve won races with them.

that will cause serious protest." MOST READ IN TV & SHOWBIZ BEFORE GC Gemma Collins throwback snaps after star bravely revealed how she battled weight RICH LIST Love Island's multi-millionaires Amber Gill to Molly-Mae with £2m in the bank OFF AIR Inbetweeners axed from YouTube amid fears that offensive content led to complaints Exclusive Beckhams at war with MORE neighbours amid privacy row at £30m London home awkward choice Vanessa Feltz insists sex takes just 3 minutes - so choose family over romps HEARTBREAKING Kate Garraway is 'hoping for a miracle' for husband, says Susanna Reid cruel hoax Martin Lewis slams 'disgusting scum' announcing his death in cruel advert scam 'f**ked with me' Joe Wicks fans convinced he dropped the F-word during kids PE session 'you're not me hun' Christine McGuinness accuses fan of stealing pictures to catfish men DNA TWIST EastEnders: Kayden’s paternity twist explained as fans predict Phil is his dad This is not the first time Gavin and Stacey has faced criticism.Racing’s been very good to me for a long, long time.Last December, the BBC was forced to defend the show's hotly anticipated Christmas special Around 900 people complained to the television watchdog Ofcom.First look at the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special Topics.The highs outweigh the lows and we made a point of making sure we acknowledged all the winners because we knew they weren’t 10 a penny.

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How about DROP all this lunacy and change BLM to ‘ALM’. ALL LIVES MATTER!! This is really getting out of control! The world has gone completely NUTS!!! Keep the masses devivded is what it all seems to be to me Furious race row?!!! They mean 3 people who were bored, complained to them 🙄 Pfft clearly haven’t watched family guy....

WTF is going on with this crazy world 😡 This is actually retarded, people who want this removed are not well The world has gone fucking mad Absolutely disgusting political correctness gone mad . White chicks film is great you don’t see any white person demanding it be removed because two black guys play at two white woman . Ffs someone get a grip

Yeah 2 people have probably asked for this but the media love to exaggerate stuff, especially the Sun 🤡 just to make people moan about the BLM movement and the 'snowflakes' and it's worked perfectly Seriously In the words of the lady herself...

‘It’s pants’: Lucy Normile quits racing and fears other trainers will follow‘It’s pants’ says Perthshire trainer who decided her business is no longer viable, the coronavirus crisis being the final straw 🤢 I wish all sentient beings, including humans, peace and ease in life. That said, good riddance to horse racing.✌️ Can’t happen soon enough. Ending animal abuse and easing human’s addictive behaviour...What is not to love?❤️✌️Power to creating a loving and sustainable economy.

Nothing like the Scum rag to stir up tensions yet again. Gavin and Stacey is not being removed don’t fall for this rubbish... Things haven’t changed. They’re chatting absolute SHIT!! Cos I know for a fact nobody has been offended by Gavin and Stacey!! BECAUSE ITS THAT RUBBISH I can’t believe for 1 minute anyone watches that programme 😩😩😩by the way James Corden is a joker 👊🏾👏🏾

“Furious race row”...Easily offended mother of none, (5 cats though) wrote a letter. There are a lot of TV channels out there. I'm not keen on football & soaps I turn it over its not hard Then again the people complaining are trying to control others thoughts and that's a no no in the uk This is Britain & we have the freedom of choice unlike some other countries

Seriously have a day off 🤦‍♂️ This is totally getting out of hand for god sake- ( am I allowed to say god? - just asking for a friend!!! ) what on earth has happened to common sense and humour - people seriously need to get a grip this is bloody ridiculous - What a world I am living in now-glad when my time is up-so sad

not another one, soon there will be nothing to watch. I demand Hogmanay Shows are removed.

Facebook removes Specials page 'in skinhead row'Facebook wrongly removes page about The Specials in what band members think was a mistaken link to racism, after hundreds of pages linked with skinheads were removed That is the trouble with knee jerk reactions, a bit like BBC putting up the wrong Floyd photo. So Skinheads and the Skinhead culture is now being wiped out from history as well ? This is all now turning into a Left Wing coup. We can only hope there will be some retribution for those behind it and their attempts to change and even wipe out history. Pol Pot would be proud! This is going beyond parody now. People are thick at times.

mainstream media is a fucking disgrace. Oh fuck off and find something to do I see we've resorted to making up 'race rows' now to get the gammon angry. Well, it worked. Quick question about the person who tweeted James Corden directly. They were quoted as saying 'Why were no characters played by BAME actors?', then followed up with 'I can only recall one actor in one episode'. Already a contradiction! Did they not watch every episode? Ahmed?

No way should it be banned Literally nobody is demanding this. Too far..... Pathetic.....might aswell not have tv and films anymore .

Nick Ferrari sparks fury after 'disgusting' comments to Afua Hirsch amid British race rowNICK FERRARI has sparked fury among viewers of Afua Hirsch's The Pledge show, where he asked her 'Why do you stay in this country?' after she questioned why statues of 'problematic' British history icons such as Nelson and Churchill, are still glorified. The topic stemmed from the removal of various monuments of slave traders across the nation. A public apology and an explanation from him to the public as to why his disgusting comments were wholly unacceptable 😡 He is right ... if you do not like it here LEAVE! Fans ?

ayestawnie I wasnt a Gavin and Stacey fan but for fuck sake stop cancelling shit for having a bit of humour. I loved watching programmes like Kenan and Kel (where the white people were always 'geeks' or 'weird') Was I bothered about it? No! I still watched and enjoyed it. stopbeingsotouchy While I agree that James corden should be removed from sight - this is very flimsy grounds for objecting to a tv show. Are people really so easily offended nowadays? Don’t answer that, I think it would depress me to confirm it.

It’s just stupid things are on tv to make people laugh to make people see the real world to learn how to be and what’s wrong with the world in everyday life and dramas and comedy’s and documentaries and real life true stories is what is shown to learn from free speech to express This is getting stupid now no one complains about these movies So we might as well remove the movie’s WHITE CHICKS, 50 SHADES OF BLACK because they are absolutely offensive to white people or is that not racist because it’s about black actors pretending to be white people ?

They need to ban fresh prince of bel air then, although I think it is really funny and it doesnt offend me in the slightest they make jokes about white people from time to time, also every song should be banned with the Nword init, stop talking about racism and it wont exist Nelson Mandela turned into a saboteur to make his point of freedom and justice he was honoured by the way he brought people together but if you go in to his past he was a terrorist In some peoples eyes does that justify pulling down his statue

By viewers they mean about 3 Ahh... that will explain JKCorden summonsing all of his A-Level drama skills for that “heartfelt” opening to his show the other day. Getting in there first weren’t he, the sly bugger. You'll have a long time before I take on board any crap that the Sun prints. 96

Woman who 'double dosed' on lip fillers sees top lip explode eight months laterThe lip exploded five times, despite the fillers previously being dissolved. self mutilation Hope those were the only lips she put it in 🙈🙈🙈 And now it looks like herpes. 😷

Let’s ban everything and be done with it Pathetic My god next some idiot will be saying OFAH and dads army are racist shows .. I give up .. Oh get real When the Premier League returns, will it be a straight red card if a black player is fouled? Fake news 'Viewers demand' my eye. 🤦🏻‍♂️ This is madness I think you made this up

That’s it laughing is not allowed any more. Laughing has died. RIP Laughter and Comedy. Better not use the laughing emoji as someone might get offended😔😔😔 NikkiStix55 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I've heard about it but never watched it. I laughed as I can see this ending, with us all having to take a vow of silence and being bored to death.

'Central Park Karen pulled pin on race grenade’ that blew up with Floyd deathTHE black man who filmed a white dog walker calling police on him last month has said the woman “pulled the pin on the race grenade” that later exploded with the death of George Floyd. … True Who cares what this idiot has to say? He's relevant how? Because he goes around looking for a white person to harass so he can make a viral video and get 15 minutes of fame? Dont care about the statues and the bad attitude so much but dont see ANY of their community leaders trying to stop the rioting and violence. Truth is they dont want to be part of our society. Listen to any Drill music, their anthems, to know that

I'm sick of this.... I thought we were a democracy in this country. Since when did the view's of the minority outweigh the view's of the majority. Stop it now this is a tolerant country but you are now pissing me off. Remove MOBO awards now There are no bald men represented in the show BaldLivesMatter Ban shampoo tv adverts now!!!

Can we please have same uproar about 'white chicks' and 'white men cant jump' White face upsets me and white men refuse to be told cant jump! (Joking obvs...worlds mad) Oh my Gaaawwed....! It's fucking shit anyway Will you all get a life SNOWFLAKES , WHATS NEXT DADS ARMY OFFENSIVE TO GERMMANS?!?😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

People need to not read the sun No it doesn't

Netflix removes Chris Lilley shows amid racism row – but BBC stands by comedian’s N-word and blackface sketchesNETFLIX has removed several of Chris Lilley’s controversial shows from its platform that feature the N-word and blackface sketches – but viewers can still watch on BBC iPlayer. Despite both c… Yeh Sun ,when you going to put on the front of your papers the abuse now the police are getting from these thugs.Becoming a free for all absolutely disgusting.

Bloody ridiculous, we can’t change the past NikkiStix55 Omfg this is getting beyond ridiculous you are embarrassing yourself. who ever buys this rag needs to boycott it. What next coal miners.faces. What the hell, don't be so stupid there is nothing racist about Gavin and Stacey...Bloody sick of all this ...

Yes because it's shite Click bait best ignored Turn even try to imitate a Cockney accent ... ? Nation has gone stir crazy 😜 ffs Top quality journalism again from The Sun, trawl twitter to get ridiculous comment, then create an illusion of division thereby helping to drive hysteria. Well done, where do I subscribe?

Haha! Eating their own!!

Ok Viewers let’s demand it is reinstated Let our voices be heard Absolutely ridiculous! Talk about blowing things out of proportion 😡😡 Every show will now come with a disclaimer before it with regards the type of humour Oh fuck right off It would be interesting to see how many people actually complained when the programme was aired.

Wasn’t a guy called fingers in it also ? No need to bait now is there, there hasnt been outrage over this show Which viewers are these? Show me them Get a decent fire stick and you can watch what ever you want I watched love they Neighbor and the Desmond's proper comedy when people could have a sense of humour

This is getting really stupid now. 😱 Ban any program with that twat James Cordon in. Will we see these removed from all movie or tv channels now too 🤔 I’m highly offended by the white man can’t jump title. Omg people are now showing that they really are twats!!!! All getting so ridiculous now get a grip people the media are just trying to stir

Rather than be one of the sheep celebrity in this current fad of making an empty and needless apology for a character or show they've done in the past, one of these needs to stand up and say, get fucked, if you don't like it, no one is making you watch it. Curious who is demanding it be removed? And more importantly why are they so influential as they can't be many?

No!!! Leave it alone or shall we bleach our existences completely 🤦‍♀️ Seriously? So there’s a “black fella named Seth” and a bloke name Alan who may or may not be Chinese? So fucking what, it’s the exact same as Aussie Dave or cockney Pete or ginger mick FFS StopTheWorldIWantToGetOff Fucking snowflakes.

Ppl need to shut the fk up now. Soon we don’t be able to watch anything with a white person in it. Oh ffs this is getting ridiculous now Who was furious and who did they argue with 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Where have all these fairies come from? Lockdown turned everyone into nut jobs Now you are just being bloody ridiculous😡😡😡

BAN? This is where Ruth Jones needs to do a video dressed as Nessa simply saying 'Oh, Fuck off!' Get a feckin grip people ffs I find mosques offensive built in areas that we can’t get planning permission for a carport but tee et they build a huge building that does not go with the area. This country is a joke

So Chinese Alan worked in a Chinese hence the nick name Chinese Alan. Would it be offensive if he work in Asda and called him Asda Alan ? These people are raving lunatics. It’s getting like Nazi Germany. These idiots are in the minority. Stop it.

The way things are going all we have left is the crappy soaps This country is a disgrace! Literally fuck off at this point you will only be allowed to watch what the government says you can watch Seriously? It’s getting ridiculous now, what will be left to watch? It's getting pathetic now..🙄🙄🙄 This is getting ridiculous now. People are such a bunch of snowflakes. It’s embarrassing

staceylamps Why is that because there isn't a black actor in it.🤔🤔 Oh fuck off give it a rest going to far now becoming a joke 😠 Can people just not bother watching programmes they don’t want to 🤔

Can’t wait for JKCorden to apologise on this. White chics ? 👀 It’ll be blazing saddles next🤦‍♂️ Might as well ban everything on tv and cinema from beginning of time till now and start over The BBC started something now - they'll lose their popular shows and be left with their BAME documentaries that nobody watches. Luvvies beware - they want your head as a trophy.

Ridiculous 🙄 This is absolutely ridiculous!!!!!! It’s comedy!! No different from making a little joke of a fat person, ginger person, dizzy blonde, whatever.. comedy won’t exist soon. People need to get a grip!!! Going to have to dust the old DVD player out, at this rate the only comedy left on streaming is going to be erm... is going to be hmm.. there surely has to be some comedy that offends absolutely no one?!

People need to get a grip. People always take the piss out of welsh people. Do we care. No. We have a sense of humour. You can’t take Gavin and Stacy off. It’s a great program

Oh this is getting ridiculous now, we won’t have anything to watch soon getagrip Oh ffs when is all this going to end ? Makes no fucking sense. Who gives a shit. It a good tv show. Why is everyone cancelling every thing nowadays, why is this now a thing Seriously? Its comedy like the film white chicks its comedy.

Turn it in this is just getting silly now Such nonsense This is beyond ridiculous, stop it. If you don’t like a program’s content , change channel. For a laugh, I want it removed. Just to see James come up with another fake apology. This has really gone too far. Before we know it literally everything will be questioned. People need to get a grip

What about the film White chics Where two lads dressed up as white women? Is that being banned from everywhere? Oh get fucked! Getting stupid this now Oh stop this! Enough already! If you find something offensive then don’t bloody watch it! No one is forcing you too, people need to get a life and realise things were very different even 10yrs ago, Christ don’t let them watch Alf Garnett

That will be 'Only Fools and Horses' gone then.. I guess we will have no statue erected in place of all the ones taken down! Awwww snowflakes wat it removed piss off 🤡 way back to your 🎪 That will be 'Only Fools and Horses' gone then.. I guess we no statue will be erected inlace of all the ones taken down!

STOP ....... these people are bloody morons if you don’t like it don’t watch it very simple This world is fucking embarrassing!! stop this shit man

DrillClarabelle Seriously? People need to get over themselves. There are many serious issues that need to be resolved - this isn't one of them. There will be no programmes on the TV at this rate ,come on people get bit of common sense 🙈 This getting ridiculous. Loved by millions who take it for what it is intended to be. Intention of action stands in law!!!!!

What viewers? Knew it! 🤦‍♀️ If it offends you there’s a simple solution! Don’t watch it!!!!! OK.. Love thy neighbour.. Till death us do part were blatantly rascist.. However a totally different era.. People have moved on and the shows being pulled to me is totally ridiculous.. If you tried hard enough you could find fault in most programmes..

He is a black fella tho whats the harm in that Cancel the racist JKCorden Get a grip people! There will be nothing left to watch at this rate!

I don’t want to watch ppl I cannot associate with. Why don’t they create their own content that fits their own culture and ethnicity? Probably because it is about control. This is an award winning show. It's referencing to real life is ground breaking and very funny, the viewing figures last December confirmed it's a loved show by millions of people.

FFS. This is why the BLM movement will fail. It’s been taken too far to the ridiculous now. People are starting to revolt rather than support. It’s their own undoing. How ridiculous!!!! They'd all shit them self's if Alf garnet was on.!!! It's getting silly now, what about the film 'white chicks' that's played by 2 black brothers, dressed as white women

Shall we all just throw our tvs out now then Might as well going to be nothing to watch soon!!! 😂 absolutely ridiculous honestly everyone can be offended by anything nowadays if we look into things too much they’ll be nothing left! Tell you what, just close all the channels down...... TheCosbyShow FreshPrinceOfBelAir Empire the whole of BET channel. MOBOs and every single station in Africa. If this country is soo bad, why do 100s/1000s flock here yearly? We are the greatest most gracious generous nation on the planet.

But...but but they are luvvies, so it's ok, you cant ban them . We can watch The Cosby Show, The Jefferson’s, Everyone Hates Chris & maybe Different Strokes. The rest of TV apart from that offends me due to its bias

What has this country become it’s ridiculous!! People are pathetic I want I want I want... what about what everyone wants. Some people just want to watch a god damn funny TV programme!! Why are people only now complaining about Gavin & Stacey and Little Britain regards unPC words and sketches? I just can’t remember anything being said when these shows were first shown in TV littlebritain gavinandstacey

We must get a grip of ourselves and try and bring a bit of common sense to the discussion Get a fucking grip What can we watch that doesn’t offend? A painted wall drying as long as it has all colours available. This is getting bloody ridiculous now 🙄 Good lord, nothing is sacred anymore... Where as the right to choose gone, civil liberties!!!

Let’s just shut everything down shall we

I was that furious viewer It’s crap anyway The world has gone mad Oh fuck off now ! How comes it’s took this long know one as said any thing for years now you want to bow down to this do you want people to go back to the Stone Age we’re there is no tv Like most normal people I find this cancel culture ridiculous. The only good to come out of it is the millionaire comedians being banished from our TVs are the wokest twats of all. The delicious irony. JKCorden

Enough is enough, ridiculous People can fuck off!!! Leave this treasure alone It's amazing how a few months of lockdown has made everyone mental! i am offended by anything that doesn't show the world as i want to view it, can you have it all removed please

Burn everything! This is all ridiculous but in this instance, having that fat wanker removed from our screens is no great loss! Lol Hillarious. Love to see what Corden says about this. Will organisations please stop capitulating to a handful of woke idiots who know nothing about the world!!!! This is overkill. Soon we will not have any television to watch

Who are these fu**ing woke viewers? 'some viewers' Nonces you mean