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Furious Dancing On Ice viewers call 'fix' after judges 'underscore' Lady Leshurr

Furious Dancing On Ice viewers call 'fix' after judges 'underscore' Lady Leshurr

1/18/2021 12:16:00 AM

Furious Dancing On Ice viewers call 'fix' after judges 'underscore' Lady Leshurr

Dancing on Ice fans took to Twitter to complain that Lady Leshurr was 'underscored' as she danced with skating pro Brendyn Hadfield for the 13th series of the show

Fans of the hit ITV ice-skating show were more than disappointed with the score awarded to the 32-year-old, which many considered too low.Although Lady Leshurr and her pro partner, Brendyn Hadfield, racked up an impressive score of 25 from the judging panel which comprises of Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, John Barrowman and Ashley Banjo, she still ended up being in the skate-off.

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While comedian Rufus Hound and his partner Robin Johnstone were awarded 23.5 and a 'golden ticket' despite taking a tumble during his routine, which fans weren't happy with.Many who claimed Lady Leshurr was their favourite celeb shared their disappointment for the score on Twitter.

One said: "@LadyLeshurr was by far the best tonight, was underscored and doesn't deserve to be in the skate-off! I hope them judges see sense next week and keep the Queen in.""#DancingOnIce is a fix this year!! How did Rufus get the golden ticket first [of] all? And how is Lady Leshurr out? What on earth lol," added another. headtopics.com

A third said: "Oh my God Lady Leshurr was insane whatttt.""Lady Leshurr in the skate-off what how???" penned a fourth.Another added "Feel that #LadyLeshurr was underscored due to the first lot being overscored! She was fabulous, best so far."

And: "Joe falls - joint highest score. Jason gets his skates caught in the ice - joint highest score. Lady Leshurr has a flawless performance - and ends up in the skate-off. Make it make sense please," said one viewer. Do you think she deserved a higher score? Let us know in the comments below.

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