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7/1/2022 7:27:00 PM

'At what point do you just say 'Sorry. This is on the road to perdition'?' Labour MP Chris Bryant is this week’s guest on Full Disclosure with @mrjamesob. Listen in full on Global Player: | @RhonddaBryant

'At what point do you just say 'Sorry. This is on the road to perdition'?' Labour MP Chris Bryant is this week’s guest on Full Disclosure with mrjamesob. Listen in full on Global Player: | RhonddaBryant

He’s best known for his forensic select committee cross examination of cabinet ministers but the Labour MP for Rhondda lived multiple lives before reaching parliament in 2001. Originally a member of the Conservative Association at Oxford, Chris Bryant went on to become a priest before quitting and becoming a Hackney Labour councillor. In this remarkable and warm episode of Full Disclosure he speaks to James about his sexuality, religious beliefs and the state of politics under Prime Minister Johnson.

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RhonddaBryant mrjamesob Have just listened to the full interview. I laughed, I cried and I identified. Thank you. X mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Is no one going to talk about the ELEPHANT?. FordeReport mrjamesob RhonddaBryant You both got what you wanted. Own it mrjamesob RhonddaBryant mrjamesob RhonddaBryant A right wing faux liberal love in.

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Brilliant, just brilliant! What an interesting, likeable and reflective man with such a great sense of humour. What a shame that he doesn’t want to be Prime Minister, he would be fantastic! mrjamesob RhonddaBryant James you lost get over it! mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Is O’Brien drunk, why is he slumped like that in his chair?

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant I have no respect at all for RhonddaBryant but less for the Tory party. mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Worst thing done by a British government? Get yourselves a history book lads... mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Decency personified. Both men.

Deborah James' family's tribute in full as 'most amazing mummy' dies aged 40Dame Deborah James has died at the age of 40. She's survived by her loving husband, Sebastian Bowen, and their children, 14 year old Hugo and Eloise, 12

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Russians often say that...The Putin dictatorship became very real gradually...innocuous rule, followed by another one that logically followed on...then more patriotism, WWII cult, another innocuous rule, then foreign agents...then Nazis outside...THEN mrjamesob RhonddaBryant An extraordinary listen. Bravo RhonddaBryant 👏👏

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant There are very few UK politicians I have time for. But RhonddaBryant is an exception. The chance to sit and talk over a cuppa for 30 minutes with him would be great. mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Brilliant interview James he is so honest mrjamesob RhonddaBryant My first listen today to a Full Disclosure podcast. Fascinating listen. What a life you've had so far, with much more to come I'm sure.

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Lovely cosy chat with two people who enabled this Johnson government, talk is cheap you pair of C mrjamesob RhonddaBryant There was an alternative mrjamesob RhonddaBryant 2 people at the forefront of enabling this government into power by smearing jeremycorbyn mrjamesob RhonddaBryant One of the best hours I've spent at stupid o'clock in a long time...

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant He's brilliant, honest, intelligent, honourable. Definitely one of the last few good guys out there.

Tottenham reach '£60m full agreement' over Richarlison after club 'make attempt to hijack deal'According to reports, Tottenham reached a 'full agreement' with Everton over signing Richarlison after a rival club 'made an attempt to hijack the deal'. Says who ? Media full of 💩

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Unless your a millionaire your ducked. Welcome to 21st century🇬🇧🇬🇧 BRITAIN 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 mrjamesob RhonddaBryant 30 pieces of silver? Listened to this yesterday, absolutely brilliant! 👍👏 mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Now, we say it now … mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Problem is we no longer have parties driven by their traditional values. Whoever won in the main it appeared the ones in charge would make decisions based on those values. That’s no longer the case. Being in charge has now become about self advancement not of the party’s Trad V’s

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Hey James.. ever thought of interviewing Nick Farrari? mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Well said RhonddaBryant but you need to point out that it IS ToryFascistm and what would you expect from a party which is at it's core, and ukip. mrjamesob RhonddaBryant My MP halfon4harlowMP is a “pearl clucher” him recently voting in confidence with Boris is unforgivable.

RhonddaBryant mrjamesob You are amazing!!! Keep up the good work. mrjamesob RhonddaBryant 30k or 30 pieces of silver did he say? RhonddaBryant mrjamesob Chris Bryant would make a great PM…. Just saying

Tottenham reach 'full agreement' with £60m striker as 'final details' remain for Barcelona swoopFootball365 - Tottenham are closing in on a double deal, with Conte set to add a striker and a centre-back to his ranks.

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Are you all ready for the rapidly changing landscape 🇬🇧💋 mrjamesob RhonddaBryant RhonddaBryant your the bedt😀 mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Absolutely brilliant interview. Thanks so much both of you. mrjamesob RhonddaBryant It is truly astonishing that there are so many people still backing Boris Johnson. Its like they have tunnel vision and he can do anything he wants. Its bizarre.

mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Labour plan to help the robbing businesses who pay No taxes or avoid paying by using the tax avoidance schemed, it’s Unfair to the working people mrjamesob RhonddaBryant Bryant has got some front. mrjamesob RhonddaBryant This Chris Bryant? mrjamesob RhonddaBryant “Love you, Chris.” “Love you more, James.”

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Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection going full retro later this yearAtari 50: The Anniversary Collection is coming to Xbox this holiday — a true celebration of one of the founding fathers of video gaming featuring 50 years' worth of classic games, developer interviews, archive materials, and more. The inclusion of Jaguar games in this is wild! Don't sleep on how much fun Tempest 2000 is! A chance for Todd Rogers to set a new 5.51 on Dragster lol Even Atari ST games, wow. Sadly Dungeon Master is probably out of reach, it's ST's best game.

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- .Dame Deborah James has died at the age of 40, after her five-year battle with bowel cancer.Tottenham reach ‘£60m full agreement’ over Richarlison after club ‘make attempt to hijack deal’ Tottenham reach ‘£60m full agreement’ over Richarlison after club ‘make attempt to hijack deal’ Date published: Thursday 30th June 2022 12:53 - Tottenham reportedly reached a ‘full agreement’ with Everton over signing Richarlison after Chelsea ‘made an attempt to hijack the deal’.Tottenham reach ‘full agreement’ with £60m striker as ‘final details’ remain for Barcelona swoop Tottenham reach ‘full agreement’ with £60m striker as ‘final details’ remain for Barcelona swoop Date published: Wednesday 29th June 2022 10:28 - Tottenham have reportedly agreed personal terms with Richarlison, and ‘direct contact’ with Everton is ‘scheduled soon’.