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Freddie Mercury: Mary Austin spoke to fans outside Queen star's home with heartfelt plea

Freddie Mercury: Mary Austin spoke to fans outside Queen star's home with heartfelt plea

11/24/2020 2:07:00 PM

Freddie Mercury : Mary Austin spoke to fans outside Queen star's home with heartfelt plea

FREDDIE MERCURY's ex-girlfriend Mary Austin made a beautiful speech to fans outside the Queen star's mansion on the anniversary of his death and called for a proper London monument to the music legend.

for details of your data protection rights.Freddie died on this day, August 24, 1991. His extraordinary legacy is as alive and flourishing today as when he strutted across the world stage four decades ago. The movie Bohemian Rhapsody and the revitalised Queen with new frontman Adam Lambert are keeping the music, the magic and the man himself alive. Freddie left his London home and the bulk of his fortune to Mary, who still lives at One Garden Lodge. Watch her give an emotional tribute to the man who called her the"love of my life."   

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Related articlesFreddie Mercury LAST photos smiling in his garden: The perfect memoryFreddie actually split up with Mary in 1976 but they remained devoted to each other for the next 15 years until his death.He dated a succession of men, spending his final years with the Irishman Jim Hutton, with whom he lived at One Garden Lodge – along with chef (and ex-boyfriend Joe Fanelli) and PA Peter Freestone.

Mary had two sons. Freddie was godfather to her eldest, Richard, while she was still pregnant with Jamie when Freddie died.On the first anniversary, Mary came outside the garden gate of her new home to share in the fans' grief and mourning and reveal that she still felt like she was in the room with Freddie as he lost his battle to live. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

READ MORE: Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin(Image: GETTY)Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin in 1977: Still close the year after they split(Image: GETTY)Freddie Mercury: The FINAL woman in his life 'They were in love'Freddie died just before 7pm on Sunday, November 24, 1991. Although she had visited every day throughout his illness, Mary was not there at the time.

She rushed straight over and also took on the duty of telephoning his parents and sister with the sad news.A year later, the West Kensington mansion was her home but had also become a place of pilgrimage for Freddie fans from all over the world.Mary was filmed when she came out to talk to them.

She said:"Today I think I was still with him and I didn’t leave here until about one (in the morning) last year, and so for me, I’m still there holding his hand…."It won’t be until about seven this evening, when I received the phone call, that it will hit home."

Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux(Image: GETTY)Mary was supported by the partner of Joe Fanelli at her side. Asked how she was coping, she replied: “The same as any one of us, I suppose. You guys have found it hard, haven’t you? We all know how we feel so at least we can empathise.

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"It’s great, it’s wonderful that you’re here. I’m just so sorry that there isn’t a memorial or somewhere for you to pay your respects."Asked about where she thought a memorial should go, Mary replied: “I don’t know. I just wish there would be one somewhere."

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