Frank Drake believed that the universe had to contain other intelligent beings

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Other scientists might have been depressed by the lack of progress he experienced in his search for extraterrestrial intelligence. But he was not cast down

was the number of detectable, intelligent civilisations in the Milky Way galaxy; to get that figure, you just multiplied the factors together. R* was the average rate of formation of stars in our galaxy: between one and ten a year, he thought.

This was not really an equation, but a thinking tool. People called it pure speculation, but each phenomenon had taken place in the universe at least once. It became so famous that it featured on. Of course, most of the terms had no known values. But the truly troublesome one was the last,, which was the average length of time a civilisation might be detectable. That was quite impossible to say. The figure he usually threw out was 10,000 years.

Despite the imponderables, he and his colleagues started searching. On the very first day of the experiment a regular pulse, eight times a second, was detected from Epsilon Eridani—but it turned out to be rogue radar from a passing aircraft. More than 100 other initially intriguing signals were seen, but all were probably artefacts.from the 1970s, but no proper programme until the 1990s, by which time Congress was losing patience. In 1993 it turned off the tap.

If faraway intelligences did not get in touch, they might perhaps be nudged to respond to messages. In 1974 he sent the first interstellar message from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico towards13, a globular star cluster 25,000 light-years away. In simple binary coding, it described where the message was from and what humans were like.

Other scientists might have been depressed by the lack of progress. It did not speed up even when new telescopes could produce reams of data in seconds, rather than months. But he was not cast down. His work had become part of an entirely new field of interdisciplinary research, astrobiology. Besides, his star-gazing on Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani was like buying two tickets for the lottery.


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Ethnocentricity. Learned about it in nursing school. Really spun my head around when I realized I’d never considered it.

It would be funny if he feels this way, but also his real name is Francis Drake.

It happens to great men. They are always ridiculed by those who don't see the light they see. His Sterling example emphasizes the importance of never giving up.

Life in other planets in the goldilocks zone may well be similar to ours

Perception should be the least of concerns, rather if we (or they) have learnt from past mistakes when finding new lands 😕

I’m pretty sure there’s no intelligent life in the Universe

At a lot of people who get excited that there must be intelligent life elsewhere has probably not thought of that even if there is, the chances that it will be any other interaction with them than us listening to their broadcasts has not thought about the distances involved....

TheEconmist: Look at our planet's, satellites and the Milky Way in all that the EARTH 25,000 miles in diameter supports life! This alone tells you that we are alone in the UNIVERSE as the data is exact for us to exist which is scary. Why I do not know?

“Had”... obvious!

would be too naïve to think humans are the only intelligent life in this universe

And true it does.....

We need to find it here on earth first!

Hopefully they are more intelligent than the humans on this planet

Perhaps intelligent extraterrestrials are observing the Prime Directive.

Now it’s the time to stand with the people in Iran against the brutal regime that murders innocent civilians every day. مهسا_امینی OpIran

Moon king lol

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