France passes law to bar unvaccinated from restaurants and other venues

France passes law to bar unvaccinated from restaurants and other venues

1/16/2022 10:22:00 PM

France passes law to bar unvaccinated from restaurants and other venues

France passes law to bar unvaccinated from restaurants and other venues

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Wow, I wonder who will be banned next? DEMOCRACY Even COMMUNIST China didn't have this draconian dictatorial law!! 😂😂 Unthinkable legislation. Well done SherylSandberg & Schrep, Please create Non-Binding Irrefutable Consensuses, where Entities query very many Citizens of very many Constituencies on very many things, at a Penny-Per, via The Operator, Displaying the Results on Convergence: A Map of the World.

For Global Pandemics, have the Governments tap the SWFs after HyperCapSoc to issue Tests and Vaccines and Enforce BYOD-Everywhere. Have WHO Order the Activation of Green Lantern upon X COSIs or CODIs (Causes of Sickness\\Death Indeterminable) via 193 Consensuses sent to NY. Track the L&L of Red-Dots to isolate Yellow-Dots based on their proximity to Red-Dots to Green-Dot Cluster. Green-Dot Statuses: Tested (Uncontestable) & Dosed Note: Purple-Dots (L&L From Out of Jurisdictional Range), are treated like Yellow Dots but ideally shouldn't exist.

Just as a reminder, after recent changes you’re considered to be “unvaccinated” there if you’ve had 2 jabs, currently 3, so by April you’ll need 4th and so on. Stick and carrot and making peasant chase it for the “privilege” of going out :) Just so wrong.

Antony Worrall Thompson says he believes in ‘freedom of choice’ around vaccinationsAntony Worrall Thompson says he believes in ‘freedom of choice’ after pub displays ‘anti-vax’ sign Then stay the hell away from the rest of us. He displayed this when he previously thought this freedom of choice included freedom of whether or not to pay for goods in shops… He is entirely correct that all should have a choice but people also have a choice not to use an establisment like that should they choose. Cant have itboth ways.

Serbian president slams Australia over Novak DjokovicThe unvaccinated tennis star will likely fly home in the next few hours, prompting his nation's leader Aleksandar Vucic to accuse Scott Morrison of playing politics ahead of an upcoming election. Get the jab and get over it.. All he needed to do was get the vaccine. Now it turns into an international incident between Serbia and Australia. Ridiculous-he should have just got himself vaccinated and all of this unnecessary garbage could have been avoided...

Djokovic leaves Australia after judges uphold visa cancellation and deportationNovak Djokovic has left Australia after judges upheld the government's cancellation of his visa and his deportation. The player was seen boarding an Emirates flight bound for Dubai from Melbourne just hours after the court ruling. Read more: If he really wanted to be a 'hero' he would have gotten his simple vaccination like everyone else had to. He is not special. now he can enjoy his 'moral' win while watching the tournament from the couch. What, no goodbye? Don’t mess with the Aussies

Antony Worrall Thompson denies being 'anti-vax' despite pub signA poster saying unvaccinated people are welcome is displayed at a pub run by Antony Worrall Thompson. He’s still an absolute whopper then? I’m pro vaccine but pro choice more. He’s not Anti-Vax you fools he’s just using common sense. Probably why you missed this BBC.

Antony Worrall Thompson denies being 'anti-vax' despite pub signThe TV chef, who opened his first restaurant in London in 1981, used to appear on the BBC's Ready Steady Cook. Pra*T! A group of coughing sneezing people with very bad flue are also welcome even if thay empty the pub🤣 Have you heard yourselves? This is why I don’t pay the tv license. 🖕🏻

Novak Djokovic detained again ahead of his final visa showdownNovak Djokovic has been seen returning to immigration detention after his visa was again cancelled, as top players took swipes at the unvaccinated champion. He's not the only one........... Everyone is tired of it. He is tired because Novak will SMOKE him on the court… anytime he wants