France: AUKUS submarine deal has caused one of the gravest rifts among Western allies in living memory

France: AUKUS submarine deal has caused one of the gravest rifts among Western allies in living memory

9/18/2021 6:50:00 AM

France: AUKUS submarine deal has caused one of the gravest rifts among Western allies in living memory

France's decision to recall its ambassadors has dashed hopes on the on the UK, US and Australian side that normal relations with Paris would resume once 'disappointment' at losing out on the multi-billion pound submarine deal faded, Sky's Deborah Haynes writes.

And it will also be watched by rivals like China and Russia with glee.Theextraordinary diplomaticrebuke follows a decision by Canberra to ditch a French submarine contract for a new nuclear submarine partnership with Washington and London.Yet the French fury - conveyed in a communique by the foreign minister - omitted any mention of Britain even though the UK is clearly also in the firing line.

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Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player'AUKUS alliance will bring us closer than ever'Gerard Araud, a former French ambassador to the US, wrote on Twitter:"You can interpret the omission of the UK as a sign of conciliation or contempt. Your choice."

AdvertisementThe French move dashes hopes on the UK, US and Australian side that normal relations with Paris would resume once French"disappointment" at losing out on the multi-billion pound submarine deal faded.Their so-calledwas meant to be about bolstering the defences of democratic countries in the face of a growing challenge posed by authoritarian China in the Indo-Pacific and beyond.

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sky always seems to support our enemies commiecast Easy buy the better submarine no brainer If you look at the WWII it was the USA, UK and the commonwealth countries (Australia etc) that defended and won freedom for the world. The EU countries where and continue to be paper tigers, especially France.

In defense of the French…they are not very good in defending anything Maybe If a little more thought had of been applied then they perhaps could have included France in a 4 way alliance/deal this surely would have exhibited a more united western front to chinas belligerent & coercive behavior in the indo pacific? but I’m not smart like politicians.

Pissed off the French and Chinese in one go. Superb 🍺 Political theatre once again to distract from the burning pyres that are: Australia, USA, France and the UK. Same with every news channel now drumming fear over AUKUS going to war with China. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 awwww diddums 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Omg why are we bothered! France doesn’t and never has given a shit about the UK, they are a very, very selfish nation, always have been. If it wasn’t for the UK they’d all be speaking German…just sayin 🤔

Stuff the French we r always bailing them out. I reckon this is in retaliation after we've given them millions n they r still turning a blind eye to immigrants coming across the channel. France hasn't helped us for years so stuff em. Jealous much France?

Aukus pact: UK and US battle to contain international backlashNuclear submarine deal with Australia draws criticism from allies and China amid fears of conflict 🤣🤣 Biden demanding more Boris in the Pacific? Well that's only reasonable innit? I mean to say, China has such HUGE presence in the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

Why would you want to buy a Windows XP when you can buy Windows 11 Had the shoe been on the other foot, France and EmmanuelMacron wouldn’t have batted an eye lid at getting one over on UK. They’ve hardly been our best friends during Brexit! Bollocks to them, suck it up. AUKUS U.K. should withdraw its Ambassador in protest at France’s failure to withdraw its Ambassador from the U.K.

The comments under these articles are always a sad reflection on society and human beings. Cock waving from some of the biggest cocks on the planet. And so has your country not stopping people cross the channel... France throwing their dummy out of the Pram Australia realised that submarines can only go backwards ..

Goes to show we are better off out of Europe, we can now fix our own deals 👍 brexit works Will Aukus become Fraukus? Biden loves to spring shit on people doesn’t he…

'Implications' Theresa May suggests AUKUS alliance could lead UK into conflict over TaiwanFORMER PRIME MINISTER Theresa May has suggested the UK's new alliance with Australia and the United States could drag Britain into conflict with China.

Very good news, shortly france will join URSS. USA and UK must help africains countries trapped in francophonie curse alligator alliance to join the commonwealth if they want to give a coup the grace to France and franc CFA. To stop France plundering of africains minerais. France should asks themselves why Australia doesn't want them.

The AUKUS agreement is going to become the FAUKUS agreement... In 3,2,1... The good relationship with France is a blip. Historically France has always had poor international relations. Let them carry on alone in their own insolent world You mean, like when France pulled out of Nato? 🙄 What? And trying to shaft us over Brexit hasn’t?

France lost a deal to competitors? Now it starts crying? Laughable. France is making a calculated risk here, macron has gambled that trump will stand for re-election and win, who in turn will dump Britain and back France! That plus the disaster in Afghanistan Putting aside the little Englander Bexshite brigade, most decent folk in the UK will see this deal between Australia and Us as a stab in the back for France in regards to the subs.

Aukus: US and UK face global backlash over Australia defence dealThe nuclear submarine deal with Australia has angered France and raised fears of a war with China. “global backlash” China, the target of the pact, doesn’t like it and France lost a contract. Thats it. What ridiculous reporting More pathetic reporting BBC. 'Global backlash' ? Read your own story for god's sake!

Oh well. I don’t understand why it is “unacceptable behaviour” for Australia to in effect decide to award the contract to someone else other than France. Sounds like they both pitched and The UK and US pitch win with AUKUS, sour grapes? aukus Ha ha ha We all hate France anyway What a beautiful sight it is ... All these countries of so called NATO are just working as stooges just to maintain US's hegemony as super power.

The french are up in arms when it comes to losing money , but they have been stabbing England in the back over decade's but we don't cry like they do . The french have never liked the British , that is why I wouldn't go on holiday there if you paid me because there not friendly . Stop criticism. Do you think UK is better'? This is a country where covid was uncontrollable and many deaths could have been avoided! So no country is perfect!!!

Oh, please. The Aukus Frakas 회개와 거룩함 사역회 BUSAN RepentAndEscape 회개하여 휴거를 준비하는 자는 대지진의 지구를 탈출할 수 있습니다 Please check out my new video if you like nature and biking! Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Thanks!LOVE EACHOTHER! SHARE THE LOVE!

France recalls ambassadors to US and Australia after Aukus pactFirst time France has recalled a US ambassador in alliance dating back to American revolution It probably would have a bigger impact if they just banned Joe Hockey and Alexander Downer. I'm not sure if the other parties in this stupid show care at all. Lol

Whenever the US is involved its trouble and purely for US interests. France set to close the channel tunnel to the uk Always plays well with the French public when their leaders take on the USA. Especially when there's an election in the air and the President is polling badly. That can't possibly be wasn't Biden was going to the president to make all our allies like us.

Looks like the channel tunnel will be sealed up 🆙 French won’t put up with this madness any longer caused one of the greatest sulks in living memory u mean😁 Anyone reminded France of it's on/off a attitude to NATO over the years? No wonder it’s deplorable despicable situation Best to get over the sulking soon before Putin's and Xi's glee hangover sobers up.

France lost its $90 billion order for nuclear submarines to the US. As a staunch ally of the US in Europe, it is shameful for the US to do so. I hope the US will not let its Allies down completely

AUKUS deal may 'make Australia a target for a NUCLEAR strike'As part of a new three-way alliance with the UK and US, Australia will be given the technology to build at least eight nuclear-powered - but not nuclear armed - submarines 🙄 China is doing wonderful work, by Saber Rattling, they are making so-called Free World to spend more Money on USELESS weapon systems instead of human development, making countries like Australia, further damage their own society, while China is further improving lives of Chinese! What's the actual point in nukes. As soon as one is fired then it's literally the end of the world. US UK Russia China all have nukes pointing at one another. It makes no sense, everyone is dead if it goes off

The French have been stabbing the UK in the back for decades If France joins it be FAUK US

Martin Rowson on the Aukus military pact — cartoonThe US, UK and Australia are setting up a trilateral security partnership aimed at confronting China, which will include helping Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines This cartoonists art is repulsive. Everything I've ever seen by him is extremely ugly. Not only for the actual way he draws/paints, but also for where the inspiration for this art is coming from. Ive never seen him try to inspire hope, only throw shit all over everything. Meanwhile... Due to the classified nature of the work performed at Pine Gap, it is necessarily the case that relatively few people are briefed on its functions & very few are briefed on the most sensitive activities that are undertaken there. MartinRowson is always spot on