Four places mould could be hiding in your kitchen and the steps you should take to stop it

Four places #mould could be hiding in your kitchen - and how to stop it #Cleaning

11/27/2021 1:35:00 PM

Four places mould could be hiding in your kitchen - and how to stop it Cleaning

MOULD can spring up at any time of year, but during the cold, rainy days of winter, it can become a nuisance in homes across the UK. In the kitchen, mould often hides away in certain high-risk areas. Where might it be growing and how can you tackle it?

In the back of your fridgePerhaps the most obvious source of mould in your fridge is out of date food and ingredients, which can be the perfect breeding ground for spores.However, it isn't just food where mould can thrive.Fridge drip trays and built-in water dispensers can also allow a perfect environment for mould if they are not wiped down frequently.

Ensure you are routinelyyour fridge, including wiping surfaces, getting rid of pools of moisture and clearing out old food.READ MORE: Mould can pop up in certain areas around the kitchen.(Image: Getty Images)Mould can grow underneath your sink, particularly if there are leaky pipes.

(Image: Getty Images)In and underneath your kitchen sinkFrom dirty dishes, especially if they pile up, to wet cloths and sponges, there are several places that mould can begin to grow in and around your kitchen sink.In fact, the kitchen sink is one of the most common places for mould to multiply simply because it is so frequently left damp.

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However, it isn't just in and around the washing area of your sink that mould can develop.Leaky pipes under your sink can also become a breeding ground, which is why it is important to routinely check.To prevent mould, regularly clean up spills and ensure you are leaving your sponge and dishcloths in a position where they can dry fully.

Also keep an eye on your sink caddy, ensuring it is frequently cleaned and drained.

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