Fortunes of world’s 10 richest men more than doubled in pandemic, Oxfam claims

Fortunes of world’s 10 richest men more than doubled in pandemic, Oxfam claims

1/17/2022 4:52:00 AM

Fortunes of world’s 10 richest men more than doubled in pandemic, Oxfam claims

Anti-poverty group Oxfam calls for governments to impose one-time 99% tax on world’s billionaires

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They desperately need a tax cut. 'the rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor' It does really sound like that money is far more contagious and infectious than that little critter of Covid itself!? 😷💰💵😷 If you ever wonder why all of a sudden we can't afford things that used to be seen as normal such as free education, affordable housing, a functioning social system, pensions that one can survive on or the continuation of free healthcare: this is why!

One day, when eventually they die, I guess they will take all that billions in grave with them. Until then, who knows how many people will die because of their greed. The World slowly but surely goes to Hell. There are known cases that fortunes of the investers in the shares of the companies have multiplied several times more than what they invested during the same period.

If Oxfam say it, it's not a claim, it's a statement of fact. Who told you to cast doubt and write 'claim'? We are supplying Medical, Surgical, FMCG & Solar Products at the least price to our customer's orders. we supply for all projects and Donations of companies & Trust's (NGO'S) up to $1 USD Billion. If any need kindly contact in cell:+91-9952887012, email: SSCSIPL18GMAIL.COM

And their employees still suffer as always 🤦

Better sick pay, testing and ventilation: Labour’s Covid plan to keep UK openParty aims to weaken Johnson’s attempts to take credit for handling of the pandemic with its 10-point strategy So they plan on treating covid and all that comes with it forever? So vaccine passports to travel, without applying pressure on other countries, forced costs for business, forced mandates and requirements for citizens, etc. forever? And they think this makes them win?

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What do we know about the 175,000 people who died of Covid in the UK?How the pandemic has affected people based on age, gender, vaccination status and ethnicity That most had comorbidities The rag doing what it does best. Looking back retrospectively. Just like the Starmer it sycophantically obeys What do we know of the 1,000's that die every time there is a heat wave? We are going to martyr them?

Glenn Youngkin bans critical race theory on day one as Virginia governorNewly elected Republican unveils sweeping conservative orders, including loosening public health mandates during the pandemic Disturbing and alarming - a dinosaur And your point is! That does not mean people will not recognize it or speak about it. In time our Antiquated educational system with be updated to reflect the growth of our childrens intelligence And there he goes, doing the cruel thing on his first day.

Shooting film Boiling Point in a single take was ‘zen’, Stephen Graham saysThe pandemic cut down the film's number of takes. How do I go viral so that I can sell my book to only 99 people in a pool of 290million. If you like short stories and can spare a little bit then help me out. I can't ask you to help me if I can't offer you something(my story) . Check out my pinned tweet if you can help😇